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The Bush Life
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Where's Winter?

OK, I went to bed last night with a small fire burning in the wood stove. It was very warm in the cabin, so warm, I didn't need a blanket at all. For some reason it bothered me enough to get up and walk outside to check the temperature. Yikes! 38 degrees and here it is November. Came back inside and layed down again and thought to myself, I'm saving wood. Normally I wake up a couple of times during the night to stir the embers and add a couple of sticks of wood to keep it warm through the night. Not last night, slept right through until 7:15 this morning. When I woke up, the stove went cold and it was still warm inside. It was still a bit dark, I made my coffee and listened to radio for awhile.

At first light, went out and checked the temperature again, I couldn't believe it

In case you are wondering, yes, those are raindrops on the thermometer, it must have rained during the night sometime as the ground was wet this morning.

Except for this picture, this is the only indication that Winter may be here.

Otherwise, you would think it's early Fall by these morning photos.

OK you lower 48'ers, we demand our Winter back, lol.

This is nuts, here we are approaching mid November and no snow. This poses a problem for people who live remote traveling out and back to their cabins. No snow for snowmachines or dogsleds and even if some of the lakes are frozen or partially frozen, planes can't land or take off on them. Which is why living remote, you have to make sure you had gotten enough supplies to last at least 6 months.

So, here I am writing as I sit at my table looking out at the blue sky with the sun shining bright and beautiful clouds passing by. It is kind of kool. Watching Youtube is a whole lot better than using my phone.

By the way, last week I forgot to mention that a friend had given me a snowmachine along with a cover and brand new windshield  that isn't running and another friend used her trailer to take it to my cabin. They both are people who follow my Blog so, I'm not sure I can give their names out because, I didn't ask for permission. I want to thank them immensely, it is a very kind gesture.

So, that's it pretty much for the time being. Take care


M. Silvius said...

Winter will be there soon enough, no need to rush it. In the meantime you can do a bit or wrenching on the snow machine and get it ready for winter.

John said...

Hi Michael, not soon enough for me. Hope to get it running.

KC said...

John, you sure have been busy! Isn't it great to be able to use your computer at home rather than drive to the library!
(Been there done that!,) Now you can look up schematic drawings and parts list for your snow machine while you are working on it!! The weather is just not like it use to be, it was 74 here today should be in the 30's. Have a peaceful day this Veteran's Day and Thank You. KC

simplyfree said...

Hi John, Yes without snow it must be hard for the remote villages to get in supplies.
Here today it was 9C. Rather warm for November.
Nice of your friends to give you that snowmachine. It will be great when you get snow but until then you will have something to tinker with too. Great friends indeed!

John said...

Thanks KC, I wish you a good Veterans day as well. It is nice to have the Internet at hand.

John said...

Thanks Carol, I really don't care for this warm weather, it is a burden for me but, it is what it is. I pretty much have it figured out, I have a friend helping me with it.

CottonLady said...

I will GLADLY give you back your Winter, John!! Got down to 20* last night and now tonight it is to be 13*! We're not to get above freezing for at least 48 hours, either!!! Just too cold for November for my area! Hope you get cold and snow soon. Great pics, too.

Yay, on the snow machine!! And for good friends, too. So glad you are able to stay at home and sit and drink coffee while on the computer...great, isn't it?!

Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service! Blessings!


John said...

Hi Cotton, Thanks, as I write this, it is 8:10 pm and 40 degrees. This weather here is crazy.

Washkeeton said...

I don't mind if you use my name. I still like that ramp. LOL Ive been home for the past week or so. Decided to see if I bounced on concrete. I dont. Im getting around slowly. Life is good.