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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My weekend

  Not a whole lot going on, Saturday was a slow day so, thought I would make soup.  The best name I can come up with is John's Italian soup.

Cannelloni Beans, Italian sausage, celery, carrots, onions, diced tomatoes, garlic, parsley and Italian seasonings.

It sure taste good

About 10:40 a.m., the Sun started coming up

Showed promise for a decent day. Been awhile seeing the sun.

Decided to take some junk to the dump and on the way back, stopped at Kashwitna Lake. Denali was out and looking very Majestic

Kashwitna Lake, icing over

This morning, Sunday, I took a trip to town to shop and took some interesting photos on the way in and back.

The mountain in the background is "SLEEPING LADY"

That's it, hope you enjoy the photos.


Evano said...

Really did enjoy the photos!
Keep on blogging.

John said...

Thanks Evano,

simplyfree said...

Hi John, Your soup looks good as always John. I am a soup lover too especially on a cold winter's day. Your photos are great. What beautiful snow covered peaks. I do see a little snow around on the ground. Do you usually have more for this time of year?

John said...

Thanks Carol, we usually have 3 feet or more at this time and colder weather. Things are changing.

KC said...

Hi! I haven't had much time to comment lately, but will for all posts here! I've been watching your posts and always glad to see your Picts, the clouds and the mountains are beautiful. Glad to see you have a large wood pile, it looks like fairly easy splitting, it keeps you warm when you split and then when you throw another log on the fire! The soup looks good, and the breakfasts too! I hope you are doing well and have a Happy Thanksgiving! KC

John said...

Hi KC, really nice to hear from you. I enjoy taking photos. It's very good wood, some pieces are really big but, easy to split if you know how. I'm doing well for a guy 67 years old. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.