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The Bush Life
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I have finally got smart

 Hi everyone, as you all know, I generally have to travel to the local library to use their Internet signal to post on my blog. The more I thought about it, it's a real pain. When it's cold, I have to get up early start the car and let it thaw out, then, I have to drive 12 miles one way to get there. The temps can be well below -20, 30 or more and that is not a whole lot of fun, not to mention the snowy and/or icy roads. It's a real pain.

  You also know that at the cabin, I have been using my phone for Internet access which takes a real toll on my eyes and typing those little letters can be a pain in the you know what, lol. So, this morning I was trying to use the Internet and the signal kept going in and out because of the weather. Well! That was enough for me, I came pretty close to throwing the phone against the wall. I didn't, I kept my kool and said to myself, there's a better way. I sat down and drank a few cups of coffee to settle my nerves, then, got dressed and went to town.

  When I got to town, I headed straight to AT&T and purchased me a MiFi for my laptop at home. I felt so good, I stopped at Burger King and got me a Big Whopper, double order of large fries and a Diet soda. Mmmm! It sure was good. Headed home and set it up and yes, I am composing this post at home on my laptop. The MiFi itself costs $147 and the monthly bill is $60. Do I think it's worth it? Yep, sure do.

  I feel it's going to calm me down, save me gas running the car to warm up and driving 24 miles round trip. I can sit here comfortably and not have to sit among a lot of people and I can drink eat or whatever I want to do while online. I wish I had done this a long time ago. I feel good as I type this post.

  I am adding a few photos I took this past week.

Working on the wood pile

Breakfast this morning, powdered scrambled eggs, bacon and fried potatoes

My laptop working in the cabin

This is the little Gizmo I use for the Internet and I don't have to keep it connected to my laptop. Has WiFi
Anyway, that is what's going on for now. So I will be able to post more often.


M. Silvius said...

Good for you John, That way even on bad weather days you can be connected to the world. There's a lot of good movies to see on line as well.

John said...

Thanks Michael, that is a good point. Who wants to travel in sloppy weather.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more posts from the great white north..!!

Bigfoot in TX

John said...

Thanks Bigfoot, in the works

Tossing Dirt said...

Amazing what little wonders can do for your sanity! Glad to hear it works well.

John said...

Thanks Jay, it does make life just a bit easier

CottonLady said...

Yay!! That is great news that now you don't have to go out in bad weather and can still keep us posted! Enjoyed your pictures, too. Your meal looked yummy!!

Even if you don't have much news, we always enjoy your pictures! Love the pic of the brown bear you have on your header. I spent some of my time on hot days here watching the brown bears catch salmon on the cameras that Explore set up for us to watch on the computer! Was fun to watch.

The Polar Vortex is to come in here in NW Texas tomorrow night, so am battening down the hatches for that. No snow, just bitter cold winds and temps in the 20's here. I know....we Texans are pansies, not like you hardy Alaskans!! :)


John said...

You are right, it will be much nicer during crappy weather to be able to stay inside and use the Internet. The weather here is very weird. No snow to speak of. Hang in there

Penny said...

Who says you can't live off the grid and still live in the 21st Century? I really take advantage of my laptop for entertainment like reading blogs and watching movies because tv is so worthlessly not entertaining. Good for you for making the leap! (And good for us, too, as we might get to read more of your adventures this way.)

John said...

Hi Penny, thanks. Good to hear from you. I'm giving it a try and hope I don't get bored with it. Keep checking in.

Debbie Schreib said...

how wonderful! I know I love feeling connected, but I never have to leave my little corner of the world. now I can nag you to post, and you won't have any excuses. lol :)

John said...

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, lol. This is the best news ever, eh? I love it knowing your out there keeping me in line, lol. You do make me smile. Thanks for your comments.

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
I think you were wise to to get internet at home. I don't think warming up your car and driving 12 miles was saving any money and with winter knocking on your door. Heck! Your all set for the winter!

Nothing better than working on the wood pile on a cool day and as always your breakfast looks tasty. Looking forward more posts John.


John said...

Thanks Carol, you're right and like I said, I don't have to hang out with a bunch of strange people.