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The Bush Life
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Blah Friday. Or is it?

  I want to start off with this picture and article I saw. It really captures your heart, I think.

Her family stopped at a local Bob Evans restaurant this week, and a man at a nearby table looked familiar -- the flowing white beard, red suspenders and glasses. So Gracie Lynn approached.
“She pulled up the chair and they just started having a conversation like they knew each other for years,” her mother, Lindsey Wilson, told the television station WFIE.
Lindsey Wilson snapped a photo of the pair talking, a special encounter for the toddler, a moment with Santa.
Gracie Lynn only asked for one thing for Christmas this year -- her baby brother James, who is supposed to be born in a few weeks.

  I had planned on posting about how blah I feel this morning, not sure why I felt that way but, I did. When I saw the above article, it made me smile and stare at it for awhile as thoughts ran through my mind. There are so many bad things happening in this world and it affects us on a daily basis whether in another country or here at home and whether we admit it or not, it does affect us emotionally. sometimes these emotions stay with us a short time and in some instances a very long time.

  When I see a photo like the one above, I wonder if maybe we should push some things out of our thoughts and see what that 3 year old sees. Sometimes, I wish I could be that 3 year old with the only worry is, will I get my Christmas wish? Something to think about, EH?

  Anyway, not much going on, it's Friday and this morning I woke up to a frosty +14, I love it.

Seeing the past week has been in the 20' to 30's, yuck!
  I have been pretty lazy in getting my firewood as you all know and I don't see me getting much of it, as it is frozen to the ground and there is so much frost attached, it dulls my chain. So, I cheated this year and ordered 2 cords of wood, all birch and for the price, well worth it. $440 for 2 cords.

  I ordered it in rounds because, I didn't want to get to lazy and I will be busy splitting these big boys. This weekend I will stack them to make room.

  Anyway, a few days ago, I went to town to do some shopping and saw these in the freezer. They were $2.00 each and thought I would try them. They weren't bad but, not enough to curb my hunger.

  What was interesting was the containers in side. The main ingredients are in a perforated bowl which sat in a solid bowl which contained the sauce.

  So, I got to thinking that I might be able to reuse these. Like cook up some meals ahead of time and separate the keep the sauce separate from the main ingredients so it doesn't become mushy and use these in the microwave and it will cut down on washing the dishes and pans. Worth the try.

  Using my computer
OK, that's enough for now, gonna try to get something done. Take care


Debbie Schreib said...

holy wow...that's a whole lot of money for two cords of wood. I guess it works for you, but having 4 cords stacked........I just could never spend it. lol I guess I'm too frugal. :)

John said...

Hi Debbie, well, that's the going price here. Better to be warm.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
I agree with Debbie. Perhaps it's my scots-Irish Ancestry, but I just don't see me paying anyone for a truck load of firewood. But at those prices I could almost see me (and a husky grandson) going into the firewood business.. I used to heat a big 4 bedroom, 2 story house with a big wood stove, til my shoulders gave out and I couldn't split it anymore. Switched to Oil. That's some good looking Birch rounds, but how green is it? You could use one of those little log splitters. Have the whole 2 cords split in a days time. +14* at my house this Morning, Probably 10 or less at your house. Stay warm.. Old John

John said...

Hi John, normally, I wouldn't pay that much either but, that's the price of being lazy. $250-300 is the usual cost for a cord of Birch and in some cases, that's the price of Spruce. If I'm to keep warm, I need wood. None of this is green so far. It's been seasoned just short of 2 years. A log splitter could be in the future but, I enjoy splitting wood and glad I stil can at 67 years old.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John...glad your able to stay home an use the internet.Its much easier and does give you more time to surf the web.I agree with you about life much bad things in our was simple and trusting when we were young.Its ashame children today wont know how simple and peaceful life was back in the day.Technology is good but I think children today are too into it and don't have a childhood anymore.I don't blame you for buying the firewood sometimes you just have to do whats necessary and bite tha bullet.As for the blahs we all get them from time to time but its nice to know you can share with friends who can lift you up when need be.Oh by the way its 26 degrees here in Alabama im still waiting for the UPS guy to deliver some of your stew..could use it about now lol..Well take care my friend and stay warm and well...Your friend Bert from Bama

John said...

Hey Bert, I knew you would understand. All I know is, I'm warm tonight and that's what matters. It is sad how this world has so much turmoil going on. Thanks for your kind remarks. I've sent soup twice to you. Must be that UPS driver eating it, lol

grammie g said...

HI John, Thanks for being worried about me.
I sure was surprised to get a phone call from Karen(Kaholly)and that you had contacted her! She is an interesting person,and blogger friend!
I have not posted anything which I should have popped on a post now and then. Don't know what's going on time just seems to go by so quickly! Depression is my enemy!! I had been out as much as possible walking and looking for birds to take pictures of, but my knee is bothering me and now I am not looking forward to winter. I know you love winter : )

I enjoyed your post..cute story at the beginning!
Wood here is about the price you payed! $220 a cord,cut,split and delivered ! Mostly oak,and maple!

Keep warm my friend, and thanks again. I'm going to get my butt in gear and get posting!! : )

John said...

Hi grammie, YAHOO! Your're still alive and kicking, lol. I have to worry about friends our age when I don't hear from them for a long time. Sorry about your knee, I recommend Acupunture. I had pain in the small of my back and severe leg pain. I've had 7 appointments, pain is gone, Hooray! Karen is a gem, so glad I asked her. Any hoot, don't be a stranger.

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
Aw... I loved that story about the little girl. I agree I think kids now a days are not experiencing a childhood anymore because of too much technology.
We pay about the same price here for blocked and split firewood. We get ours in 8 foot lengths and block and split it ourselves. We don't own any woodland to cut our own. Nice looking wood. Can't beat wood heat!
Great idea on reusing the bowls to make your own frozen dinners. Great for when you don't feel like cooking or when you are splitting that wood you can go inside and have a meal in a minute instead of having to wait when your really hungry. Let us know how it works.

John said...

Thanks Carol, I understand that story made the news worldwide. I can't wait to try those bowls myself. Good to hear from you.