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Lenticular cloud over Sixmile Lake

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WOW! What a week

Since my last post, not a whole lot was going on, it was quiet and not much snow.

A neighbor lady heard I had spent Thanksgiving alone and on Friday brought me a Thanksgiving dinner.

It tasted pretty good and I still haven't gotton to my steaks. LOL

One night, I was checking my 6 stations on TV and on PBS my favorite program appeared. Celtic Woman.

I could listen to these gals for hours. I know what you're thinking. Where's the remodel job? LOL, it's next. That full size propane stove I got for $25, just seemed to big for the cabin and I sold it for $125. I replaced it with a 2 burner Coleman propane camp stove and it works very well. I plan on buying a Coleman camp oven to use for baking and whatever. I can also bake stuff in the woodstove as well.

I really believe this setup will be more efficient and takes up less room. Ok, then, BAM! Got hit with our first substantial snowfall, I was so happy. It was beautiful coming down, big flakes and lots of it.

  This was the first night.

The next morning

Yep, it's shoveling time and with the extended yard, it took me a lot longer to shovel.

Figured I may as well do some wood splitting.

Got a stubborn one

Couple of rounds gave me a hard time but, I won

All done, enough work

This morning

Tonight's dinner, moose burger and fresh vegetables

Well, that's pretty much for now. I can see more work coming soon. Take care

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Thanksgiving

  Well, it was pretty quiet for me, didn't go anywhere or invited anywhere but, that's ok. it's normal for me. Although, again this year, I donated a Turkey and all the fixins to a family who are struggling this year. It made me feel much better being by myself.

   Anyway, Wednesday, I went to a local small Supermarket 30 miles away and bought a couple of New York strips and a Pumpkin pie. What a deal, 12" pie for $7.00.
   Then, I went across the street to a local discount tool store and bought a 6" grinder for $59.00. Good deal

   Afterwards, I went home and spent the evening splitting some wood and then, hanging out watching a couple of movies.

   Woke up Thanksgiving morning about 7:45am and it was about +10 degrees, the Sun started rising about 12:40am.

  Frost on the trees

   Breakfast time

   After breakfast, I needed to do something so, I decided to make a rack to carry lumber and plywood on top of my car. I modified the rack I had on my car. I took a dowel, cut it in 4 pieces and inserted them in the ends of my rack.

   Then, I drilled holes through each end and pushed a bolt through each hole then, added nuts to keep them from falling out. The next step was to cut a 1"x4" in 2 pieces and drill holes on each end to fit over the bolts.

The idea is to lay lumber, plywood or both on the rack, put the 2 pieces of 1"x4" over whatever add the wingnuts, tighten and were good to go. Hope to soon try it out.

   Anyway, I bought a couple of New York Strips and planned on having one for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I forgot to take them out of the freezer for dinner. So, I ended up having 3 slices of Pumpkin Pie for dinner. Well, that was it for me on Thanksgiving. Next year may be different. Take care

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


                             "HAPPY THANKSGIVING"

... nice and well manage thanksgiving images happy thanksgiving wallpapers

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and please remember, there are many who are going without and if you can find it in your heart, please try and bring them some joy in their lives.

                  THANK YOU

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My weekend

  Not a whole lot going on, Saturday was a slow day so, thought I would make soup.  The best name I can come up with is John's Italian soup.

Cannelloni Beans, Italian sausage, celery, carrots, onions, diced tomatoes, garlic, parsley and Italian seasonings.

It sure taste good

About 10:40 a.m., the Sun started coming up

Showed promise for a decent day. Been awhile seeing the sun.

Decided to take some junk to the dump and on the way back, stopped at Kashwitna Lake. Denali was out and looking very Majestic

Kashwitna Lake, icing over

This morning, Sunday, I took a trip to town to shop and took some interesting photos on the way in and back.

The mountain in the background is "SLEEPING LADY"

That's it, hope you enjoy the photos.