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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finally, it's snowing

Hi everyone, we got our first snow a couple of days ago and it was sure nice to look at. It put me in a more comfortable feeling.

Found this picture at the Salvation Army for $3.00 and figured the outhouse is the best place for it. I got a kick out of it. LOL

Took a couple photos of the moon the other night.

Found this brand new Gel Candle at Value Village for $3.50. It smells pretty good and I haven't used it yet.

That's pretty much it for photos. Not a whole lot going on at the moment. I will start cutting firewood this weekend. I'm starting a bit late because, I have pretty much been very lazy.  Not sure why I have been lazy, just have. I realize now, I can't afford to be lazy with the impending snow coming. If we get a big snow soon, I'm in trouble and will have to buy firewood. Although, I sometimes think it's not a bad idea because, I don't use a lot at the town cabin. My remote cabin requires way more.

 I was planning on going out before the lake freezes up, oops! Too late, lol. It hasn't completely froze up but, enough that nobody wants to land on it. It will be awhile before I get out there and that's ok. I figured it out, I don't need to rush around or worry about everything. I'm retired and can take my time. I am hoping by next Spring or Summer to get my town cabin sold. That is why I have been doing a lot of improvements inside and outside to make it more attractive and easier to sell. More money also.

I can then concentrate on my remote cabin and it will be a whole lot more fun to work on.

I am presently working on the living room area of my town cabin and have an idea for a significant change that will make it a whole lot more comfortable. I think all of you will like the change as well.

Hope everyone is doing fine and in good health. Take care

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lots of changes 2

Lots of changes

 Hi everyone, well, Fall has finally arrived and it's a crazy one. Temperatures in the mornings have been 13 degrees to 50 degrees. For the most part the weather has been great, sunny and no mosquitoes. That has changed and now for the past 2 days it is raining and hard. To start off, I will show some photos that may interest you. I salvaged my last tomatoes, not to bad.
My strawberries were the last to be harvested. I will replant them soon and see if they survive the Winter.

Caught some nice Moon and Sun shots

This is an early morning Moon

Now, the Sun

I finished the roof and it looks much better. I will apply roofing cement when the rain stops and it is a Sunny day. I also installed new stovepipe and China cap.

This little guy stopped by to see what I was doing

I'm sure you remember my pole barn and the ground around it.

The pole barn is gone and the land cleaned up.

Now for the new look

No, that's not me, lol

OK, I must have had a senior moment and forgot to take a picture of it finished. Sorry, will post later.

I bought a new 32" television and it is great. Whole lot better to watch movies than my 19". I built a new table to sit it on.

Now for my new kitchen look

I got the cutting board for free and paid $3 for the microwave.

I bought this propane stove for $25, it looks new and works perfectly.

The completed kitchen. The little red table to the left of the stove is where the refrigerator will go. It sits on the porch for now. It stays cold so nothing spoils. I will move it inside when it starts to freeze.

Dinner last night, Ribeye and peas.

Well, that is pretty much it. Now I will work on the living room area and then I will show you how it turns out. I hope this post is entertaining and I and doing great and starting to get back to my old self. Take care and enjoy. I changed my blog heading to " MY ALASKA WAY OF LIFE" sounded better to me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally, Fall is here

Hi everyone, I am so glad to see this weather. No mosquitos, cool temperatures, lots of projects. I haven't posted in a long time because of the projects I am doing.

I wanted to wait to post when the projects are done or at least most of them. The Sun has been out for the most part and the temperatures in the mornings have been +20 to +40s. Makes it very enjoyable to be out doing things.

Soon, I will be back to doing some serious cooking and baking. Life is very good these days. I hope to lost this weekend. Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reality has struck, I can't fight it

 Hi everyone, sorry for taking so long in posting.  I have been spending a lot of time looking at states and property to relocate to and it has taken up a lot of my time. I never thought it could be so time consuming and a bit tiring. It also has been a bit depressing. There was a time in my younger days it wouldn't have bothered me so much. I will say, it has taught me a very valuable lesson about myself. You can take the person out of Alaska but, you can't take Alaska out of the person as the saying goes.

  I have decided NOT to leave Alaska. This is my home and always will be. I don't know what I was thinking, that I could just up and leave to go somewhere that is scarier than coming face to face with a bear without protection, LOL. I have to much history and fond memories here. Not to mention a very good life. I will change a few things. I will work on both places without complaining and start traveling more around the state. I am presently looking at buying some more property close to where the Salmon are and use it as a subsistence fish camp.

  Another thing that influenced my decision is, I broke out some actual photos, that I have taken over the years and brought back a lot of memories and I don't mind saying, it got me kinda misty eyed. I miss those days so much. I had way more fun back then, especially my remote lodge caretaking days. I had met some really great people and rubbed elbows with some very wealthy ones but, you wouldn't know it. They didn't advertise the fact that they were wealthy. Funny thing is, some of them were more impressed with my lifestyle than theirs.

  The thing is, this has been an awakening for me and now know for sure, my life is good. Plus, I'm very happy that many of you stuck by me and keep commenting and given me good advice and soothing advice. There has been a few times, I felt like ending this blog and even getting rid of this computer. Not so much now, or at least for the moment, you how I change my mind a lot, LOL.

  Anyway, I think you will like the new change in me, no more drama, depression, disappointment, etc. It's raining like hell today and has been for quite awhile. Haven't been getting much done. By the way, I am redoing my kitchen area again {what's new?}. So, when it's finished I will post the pictures. There will be a lot of changes before the snow flies.

  As far as finding a companion and partner, it's still on my mind, I figure if it happens it happens. I may do a post looking for her and see if it works. I know a gal who did one on her blog and it worked out good for her, so far. I have a few random photos, nothing special but, will do for the time being.

This pic was taken about 20 years ago in the mountains on the Alaska Peninsula. Yep, that's me in the middle
This was taken about 7 or 8 years ago on Lake Clark. Taking some gals for a ride. Sometimes, I think I was born with white hair,LOL

A couple of cloud photos, I love clouds. Each one is very unique.

I'm back to cooking more and cooking from scratch. Trying my hand at real Chinese, it's not as pretty as in the restaurants but, tasty.

The temperature got kinda cool a couple of mornings ago which ended my garden.

You know it's Fall when you see this sight.

Bought this KeroSun heater at a garage sale for $20 and it works great this time of the year to take the morning chill and dampness off.

I forgot, one more dish, I made this concoction of fried potatoes, onions and Parmesan cheese.

Well, that pretty much covers the news for right now. Hopefully, I have put some brightness in your day as well as mine. Take care