My friend

My friend
Chief Reynard Faber, Chief of the Apache Nation, New Mexico and the Great, Great Grandson of the Great Warchief Geronimo

Early morning over Sixmile Lake

Early morning over Sixmile Lake
Beautiful Morning

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hello 2019 and Friends

I'm back and ready to blog again.It has been a rough road but, I finally hit smooth road. I've had a lot of things going on and it took me quite awhile to come to terms with them. At the moment, I am just sitting back, taking it easy and doing some heavy thinking about changes that I am going to make. I don't plan on relocating to Upstate, N.Y. where my sister lives. It's not for me. But, I am planning on a change here in Alaska. I plan on traveling out to my remote cabin soon, I hope. We have had very warm weather which made traveling impossible Now we are getting subzero temps too freeze the rivers and marsh.

                                        We had a very nice Fall, the kind I like, sunny.

Then, I finally got my front yard filled in and makes a great difference
This operator whose name is also John, did a fantastic job

Not one big rock showing

Then, Winter finally hit

One of my buried snowmachines

                               I am stocked up on firewood for now and will get more later
                                        Surprised I can still bend over at my age, LOL

                                                           Dinner from last night

                                                                   Foggy morning

I think I will end it here for now so I will have more to say in my next post. I hope everyone had a great New Years and survived, lol. Today, I am just hanging out and staying warm. It's 3:07 pm and -16 degrees. Take care

Monday, December 31, 2018

New year 2019

                                          Just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year

Be careful out there, see ya all in the New Year

Saturday, December 22, 2018




I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also thank all of you who showed concern for my absence and my health. I have been going through a lot and was in a very long depression but, it's getting much better and things are looking up for me. I will delve more into it after the Holidays so I don't bring anyone down. I am feeling much better and things are going to change drastically for the better. I hope all of you, your family and friends enjoy this time of year. Please, if you can share with someone who is alone or down on their luck, Please do.

                        TAKE CARE

Friday, November 30, 2018

Earthquake Nov. 30 2018

Just want everyone know that I'm ok and I am busy cleaning up a big mess. Will keep you all posted.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I want too say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out there and hope all is well and you are enjoying your time this Thanksgiving with family and friends. I also want too thank those who are sharing your dinner table with those less fortunate. I will soon be back to blogging

So, take care and enjoy this special day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Checking in

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know I am fine. I have been sick with a serious sinus infection and I am over it. I haven't been posting for quite awhile due to being in one of those down times that come along. Yes, I have plenty of water and food and I have a lot on my mind. I will soon post about my visit with sister and family. Veteran's day was a sad day for me and just wasn't up for posting. Thanks for everyone's concerns and sorry for not addressing them personally and sooner. Take care.

Monday, August 20, 2018

My thoughts 8/20/18 Monday 8:03 pm

It's been pouring rain all day and I was installing a new tv, as I was screwing the cable from my antenna in, I over twisted it and broke it. My luck, I have spare cables but, it is a real job to lower the pole the antenna is on and not very easy in the pouring rain on a metal roof. So, I decided a quiet night would be in order. In preparation for my trip I went online to look the Adirondack area over. I could see myself living there. {maybe!} Check this out.

                                                     This is my kind of kitchen
                                           A couple of living rooms I could get used to
                                                     Actually, I like this one better
                                                            Beautiful, ain't it?
                                           This view of Lake Pleasant, you gotta love.
I haven't been feeling myself lately. Just feeling down in the dumps and I seem to be bored all the time, the more I look at the real estate in the Adirondacks, I feel like it's calling me. Then I think about not seeing my sister, niece, nephews for 25 years and never meeting their children. Will I miss something great coming back to Alaska and possibly not seeing them again? Definitely something to think about. Who knows, maybe I will find love there, LOL. If only. It's 9:15 pm pouring rain and very quiet, I must do this again. Perhaps, I will start writing poetry again. Many years ago being in the Bush with nobody around, no tv, no villages to visit and no visitors, it helped me to think better and to write. I don't remember if I had ever shared my writings with you but, I will tonight.

                                                                "ONE MAN'S VIEW"

                                  I am not a highly educated man but, I am also not without knowledge
                                  I am a man without many possessions but, I make do with what I have
                                  I am not without anger but, I circumvent it with sympathy
                                  I am not without prejudice but, I defeat it with compassion
                                  I do not deafen my ears and only hear what I want to hear
                                  I do not close my eyes and see only what I want to see
                                  I understand those who think differently
                                  But, to them I do not defend nor offend
                                  Because, we must live our own life and answer for it in the end

                                                   This is an original writing by me.

I wrote this about 30 years ago when I was a Winter caretaker at my very first lodge. I have never shared the photos that I had there, it was before digital cameras and computers for me. I will try to get them on my computer and share them. Just so you know, this was a very special time in my life.

                         So, I will end here and hope someone reads it and enjoy my writings.

                                                                        So long