My Alaska Way of Life

My Alaska Way of Life
BEECH C45H, TWIN BEECH 18...This is one of my all time favorite plane. I like the old models

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Wow, finally got a decent snow storm

Hey we finally got some snow, a little more than I expected. It snowed here for 2 days straight and accumulated Just under 4 feet. It caught me off guard. But, Matt and I did get the shop framed in so, that really helped a lot.
               Looking from the road. my new Ford Escape on the right buried

My shop framed in

I plan to build a back wall as soon as I can get the snow cleared out then, the sides and roof.
The lump in the front is my snowmachine and the back one is my trailer.
This is the porch and my little roof over the door collapsed
                                                 The porch

                         At least my wood shed is still standing, LOL
                                                  My front door
                                This is the blue pop up tent I had
                                    Looking out to the road.
The outhouse {red} is leaning from the snow, I have wood pallets on the other side to keep it from tipping over.
I did have a good breakfast this morning, fried potatoes with 2 eggs sunny side up.

Well that should do it for now, I will have a post on cleanup and whatever else in a day or two. Hope you enjoy the photos and will see ya soon. Take care

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Major setback for the addition

Hi everyone, I'm having a setback on completing the cabin addition. Last Thursday, I had a doctors appt. at 2:30 pm. I didn't get back home until around 4:20 and it was getting dark. I had about 4" of snow on the shop which is fine so, I decided to clear the snow Friday morning. Turns out it decided to rain all night and Friday morning, I woke up to this.
You can imagine how I must have felt. But, I kept calm because, it is what it is and my main concern was to fix the situation. I called my friend Matt and he came over Saturday morning and we figured a way to fix it. We ended up clearing most of the things out of the shop and starting bending the poles back. At the split pieces, we bent them back and put large hose clamps around them. Then I decided to start studding it in.

This s the result of our getting it back to the way it was but, only better.
It took Matt and I  4 hrs. to get this done. No way I could have done this by myself. Matt is a very good friend. As soon as the other side is finished, Matt will finish my addition and I will work on putting walls up on the shop. I should have done this a long time ago. Here is the lumber to finish the job. We will put up 2"x 6" trusses. Once it is all studded in, I will take more photos of how we fixed things.

                                                 Take care

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

New addition and 1st snow....Yahoo

Hello everyone, you remember me don't you? LOL. Things are coming along nicely although I am a bit behind. The addition is almost complete.
That's my friend Matt above who is helping me

                           I will be putting a window in on this side.
                                       Sorry for the blurriness

                                   I think it looks pretty good.
The best part yet is, we got our first snow for the last 2 days, Finally

I have a new sign for my outhouse. Actually, Matt found it among my scrap wood and put it up, I laughed so much. But, it's perfect.
The broken window in the back of my truck, is my fault. I had something large and it slid back when I was going uphill. I may get it fixed, we'll see.
So anyway, we have about 6" right now and I am happy. This year, I plan to stay on top of it now that I have a super duty snowblower. Last year was a big mess. I hope everyone is doing well and I will try to post more often. Thanks and Take care.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

My birthday, my present and changes

Hello everyone, on Oct. 15 I turned 72 and I feel pretty good about it. I decided to buy myself a birthday present. 2008 Ford escape Hybrid.

I started on the addition
I have been doing a lot of downsizing for now, I don't feel so crowded although, I still have more to do.
I built this table to fit the cabin

                      I now have more room and not so much clutter

While I was out back, I looked up to see a woodpecker and spotted this abandoned bees nest. Pretty cool, eh?
It's been constantly raining here kinda makes it miserable. Hopefully it will turn to snow soon. So, that is pretty much that is going on at the moment. Will keep you up to date on the addition. Take care

Monday, October 21, 2019

Bruce clarification

I recently received a comment on my post about Bruce, criticizing me for re-homing Bruce.  I want to fully clarify, not that I have to. This persons comment was made to make me sound bad. I will not mention a name or gender. What everyone didn't know, Bruce was being trained through the Veterans Administration as a Service dog for my service connected disabilities. Because of his destructive behavior, he was deemed not a proper candidate for the program and I had a choice to relinquish him to animal control or re-home him to a good family for which I did. I will not apologize for my actions. To people who criticize others for things they do, you never know the situation and/or why.

I know, the majority of you who follow my blog will understand my position and for those who can't, that's your problem. Thanks to those who understand. Take care

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Good news and sad news

Hi everyone, I will give you the sad news first. Bruce is no longer with me I'm sorry too say. He's been a great joy to have with me but, his destructive behavior inside had gotten way out of line. I couldn't leave him inside with out destroying anything he could get a hold of. I left him inside for 10 min. while I went across the road to help a neighbor, he ripped his bed apart and the green chair I had in the cabin, things I had on the floor was spread all over. This is way to much bad behavior. So, I gave him to a good friend of mine who has a big home, 60 acres and a big family that can keep an eye on him. I will look for another companion that is not destructive and yes, I will miss him.

On the other hand, I have been very busy downsizing and building. Tonight's dinner,
 As you no, Fall is upon us, we don't have many colors but, what we do have is nice.

Remember when my wood shed caved in? Well, here is the new wood shed.

Stacking lumber to start building the new addition on the back of the cabin. Will start this coming weekend weather permitting.

I forgot that I told you I was taking Bruce to Hatcher's Pass. We did go. On the way

                       On the road to Hatcher's Pass

                          Up this hill is an old mine

                             Road to Summit Lake

                                   Summit Lake

The days are getting cooler and the nights even more cooler so, time for a fire.
Well, that concludes this post and more to come. I hope you enjoy this post. Take care.