My Alaska Way of Life

My Alaska Way of Life
BEECH C45H, TWIN BEECH 18...This is one of my all time favorite plane. I like the old models

Monday, September 2, 2019

Chat time

Hi all, it's been raining all day and I spent most of the day watching youtube. Which I enjoy, I learn a lot about certain things. I'm very glad for the rain, it will help put the fires out. I knew it was going to rain when I saw the sky last night.

Today, it is raining really hard and heavy thunder. Honestly, 2 times Bruce jumped on my lap, LOL. Here is how hard it rained.

Here is Bruce chomping on a rawhide bone.

Now it's time for me to chat, I have been giving a lot of thought to my time I have spent here at the town cabin. I enjoyed it a lot when I first came and had a lot of fun working on it and sharing with those of you who followed me as I worked on it and the meals I cooked.  I don't really enjoy it any more because, it doesn't seem like a cabin anymore. Being on the road system has spoiled me and I don't like it. The cabin has become cluttered with things, to many things. Because of this, I have neglected my remote cabin and who I really am. I have lived to many years in remote Alaska to move here and become who I am not. Remember me starting out? I miss it and wished I never changed it.
I miss this cabin

Now my cabin is crowded with things I don't need.

This is not me and I plan on changing all this, most everything has to go and I need to spend my time on the remote cabin. I plan to get rid of most of the stuff here in the town cabin and bring back the oil lamps, candles and get rid of a bunch of things outdoors. I am hoping those of you who have stuck with me will be pleasantly surprised to see it go back to the way it was. I know, I will not be as depressed as I have been. Who knows? Maybe some of those past friends will come back or I will get new ones. All I know is, I will feel better. There is a large family up the highway who lost everything in the fire so, I will donate as much as they can use so, I can start over as well. I will be posting more as soon as things start changing. Thanks for understanding and sticking by me. Take care

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fire update, New dock and Bruce's bed

Hi everyone, I want to thank those who showed their concern for me and Bruce regarding the fire. At this time, the fire is 78% contained. It's been crazy, they were stopping traffic at Kashwitna Lake and held the traffic for a pilot car. Luckily, locals were allowed to bypass the traffic line.
Here are photos of smoke at the start of the fire.

Starting to clear up

I decided, when the fire is out and for sure safe, I plan to get insurance for my property. These last 2 fires were way to close.

As you all know, I was working on a dock to put it at Kashwitna Lake. I finished it and installed it at the lake. Looks pretty good.
The line you see is temporary until I get some chain to secure it permanently.
The mornings have been getting chilly here. The temps. have been 34-45 degrees in the mornings. Bruce has been sleeping on the floor and the floor does get cold, mainly during the Winter. So, I decided to get him a bed, the bed I found that would fit him and be comfortable cost me $44.95 believe it or not. It wasn't until we got home that I found out why so expensive, it's a "SERTA" he has a better bed than I do. LOL

He's got it made.

So, we will start doing more things now that I don't have to worry so much about the fire. I think we can start going places and spending more time away. I know I'm ready. Hope you enjoy this post. Take care

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Another fire

Hi everyone, it's 9:42 pm  and me and Bruce are sitting in the truck waiting to be told to evacuate. I am at mi 80 and everyone has been evacuated from mi 82 to 99. My truck is loaded and ready to go. This is a bad one because, the wind is out of the North and blowing hard. I'm afraid this one can't be stopped before it gets my cabin. I will try to update you all. These photos are taken from my cabin.

Please keep me and Bruce in your thoughts. Signing off for now.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What's happening?

Well, not a whole lot but, Bruce and I are getting along quite well. One of his favorite things to do is.
                                Inside and out
         Although, when he gets a nice bone, he gets active
                             He does love his bone
Bruce has settled in nicely and he listens to me very well. He does have to work on his pulling a lot and that is whenever he smells or spots an animal. I am going to enroll him in an obedient class. One of Bruce's favorite thing to do is run alongside my 6 wheeler and let me tell you, he can run. On Monday, his squirrel buddy was taunting him and he got up and ran after him under the snowmobile trailer and got hung up...."OUCH" 
So, Tuesday morning I took him to the Vet, they shaved around the wound and put some cream stuff on him and gave me a tube to use on him every day. So, let's hope he heels well.

I decided to put some fill on the side of the cabin to make the ground flatter and put some chairs out there and I bought a popup tent to sit under when the Sun is hot or it's raining. Here I am shoveling and moving the dirt.

Here is the result of my labor, still have more to put down.

Dinner last night, nice and fork tender Pork, it sure was good, LOL
This was tonight, sliced N.Y. strip on Hash browns
I met this guy at Kashwitna Lake and found out he lives down the highway from me. He had his grand kids there cleaning the place up and cutting all the over growth. He mentioned something about a dock. People launch their canoes, rafts, catarafts from the bank. So, I told him that I will build one and set it up there. This is what I built out of pallets.
The wood is a bit uneven because, my planer wasn't working right so, I took it to a repair shop and they sent it out to DeWalt to get properly repaired. It's nicer than what's there now. When I take it to the lake, I will take pictures and post them.

Well, that's it for now and I will post more real soon. Take care

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Settling in, life is getting better

Well, it seems that Bruce is settling in fast, he is enjoying himself getting attention. He is resting after a day of laying around, LOL.
He loves his squeaky hot dog toy. 
Not so much his moose toy, so far, a leg is gone and he is working on the nose. lol
Last Sunday, I made him a special breakfast, Bacon and eggs. He gobbled it up fast.
He does like being outside

I finally took Bruce to my favorite spot, Upper Willow Creek.
I think he liked the view
Bruce is looking for fish or Dogmaids, lol
Bruce enjoyed drinking the cold fresh water
Looking for a place to water, lol
C'mon, let's go

This year, many of the trees by Upper Willow Creek are dying from the Spruce Beetle

This haze comes from 2 fires burning 20 miles North of my place.


Sergeant Churchill suffered a heart attack and died while hiking up a mountain to check on a hunting party. Sergeant Churchill was with National Park Service rangers during the search. After he collapsed they began CPR and he was then flown to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He had just been promoted to Sergeant in September of 1998. He had served with the agency for 12 years and is survived by his wife.

The weather has been extremely hot, high 80's and the highest got to 96 degrees. Everyone knows how I feel about hot weather. About a week ago, I called every major store in Anchorage and Wasilla, not a fan or air conditioner to be had so, I went on Amazon and ordered a portable air conditioner for $298 and paid $18.95 for 2 day shipping. When it came, I didn't stop to read the instructions, I just put it together and have been enjoying ever since.

The day it was 96, I had the air conditioner going full bore. It sure felt nice. Today it finally turned cool. We also got some rain which will help the firefighters out.

Yesterday, I bought a really nice dresser and a bigger one than I had. $50

Well, that's it for now, I will have a another post in 2 or 3 days with lots of changes coming up. Take care from me and Bruce.