My Alaska Way of Life

My Alaska Way of Life
BEECH C45H, TWIN BEECH 18...This is one of my all time favorite plane. I like the old models

Thursday, February 6, 2020

My Absence

Hi everyone, I want to apologize for not posting lately but, I having some severe depression going on, the medication I have been taking for my nightmares brought on by PTSD had stopped working and I started having the nightmares again at which point, I was hospitalized for a couple of days. I won't go into specifics, I hope you all understand. I am at home now recuperating and off the meds for a bit and will be using some programs suggested by my 2 therapists. I will try to keep you all informed as much as I can. I may do a couple of small posts as part of my therapy. Please hang in there. Thank you all.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Day

               I really enjoy his speeches, they are words of a great man

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Visiting family

I just remembered, I never posted my trip to Upstate, N.Y. So, here it is. These are the plane ride, of course.

I was really tired as you can see

Checking out the flight attendant, wink..wink

This little kid was crawling all over, one lady complained and I told her, he's not screaming, let him alone. She had a couple of choice words for me, so I knocked her out. {just kidding of course, LOL} When we landed coming out I yelled out PHEW! It was 98 degrees. My sister was waiting and I told her let's hug and get to the air conditioned car.

This is my sister's house and her street, there are big lush green trees

                                     This tree is in front of her house
This is my sister and her cat, her cat passed on shortly after I left. She has a glass of wine close to her. I sitting in a chair drinking an ice cold beer.
This is my sister's famous Lasagna that she made for me, Mmmm! Mmmm! delicious.
One day for lunch, we stopped at Lupo's for french fries and a Spiedie sub. These are so good. You can get lamb, chicken pork or beef. Cuts of meat marinade in a secret sauce for 4-6 says and then grilled. They stay with you but, it's worth it.
     We made a trip to the Cider Mill Playhouse where they make great                                  donuts,apple cider and candied apples.

Then, we stopped at a store and picked up a watermelon
This house belongs to one of my nephews Kenny who lives close to my sister. He helps her out a lot.

This is my other nephews house in Towson, Maryland. He's a big shot at Snapon Tools. He did very well for himself. He's Brian
                                     That's Brian's cat and dog
                                             Brian's back yard

                              Brian's daughter, she is a soccer player
My Grand niece playing soccer

                       While at Brian's, we went and got donuts, they have a                                          machine that makes them to order.
                                        The donut chef, LOL

                                        Don't they look good?
I took my sister, her best friend and her friends out to dinner to this REAL ITALIAN RESTAURANT, The Little Venice they have been in this same spot for 60 or 70 years and their food was DELICIOUS.

I had Veal Parmigiana and a side of thick spaghetti and I had already eaten half of it
This is what my sister had and she couldn't eat it all...Doggie bag!
My sister leaning back and taking a breather. The young man is Bobby, my sister's friends son
The whole family got together and went to a State Park for a picnic and have a good time.
Entrance to the park

See the deer running?
The Lake

My sister texting
My nephew Kenny's dog
A Bluegil I caught that one. HOORAY!
My grand nephew
Sitting around shooting the bull

We ate a lot of burgers and hot dogs that day
He's waiting for someone to drop food.
My nephew Brian he has a bun with 4 hamburgers on it. This kid can eat.
About a week before I left, my sister and I drove up Cape Vincent by the Canadian Border on the St. Lawrence River where he friend has a cottage.
We enjoyed wathing the ships and the boats pass by.

We drove to town and walked around, this picture is the Canadian side
It's a beautiful place, I could live there.
This place was cool, lots of antique jewelry

This was the trip back, there were rows and rows of corn

Well that's it. time for bed. It's 3:43 am. Hope you enjoy, take care