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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Sunday, April 5, 2015


I hope everyone is enjoying Easter and having fun. My day has been pretty good so far, I woke up to a very nice morning, 30 degrees
Breakfast was excellent, tasted very good. Got to have toast with my stove top toaster.

Easter dinner was a Buffalo steak, baked potato, mixed vegetables. Mmmm! Good
Dessert wasn't bad either, Apple pie and Hazelnut coffee.
So far, the day is very nice and sunny, a bit breezy and about 50 degree.

I have been using my new tablet to take photos as my laptop is still not working. I bought a new battery for it and when I turned it on, nothing. It appears it  was a victim of my snowmachine trip from Alexander Creek. I had a tech look at it and he gave me an estimate of $150-$225 to fix it. For a couple of hundred bucks more, I can buy a new one. The only thing is, all my photos and personal stuff is on it. Because I put out a lot of money to get my car fixed, I have to put my computer fix on hold. It always has too be something.

Because of the weather conditions, my plans to haul freight out to my remote cabin are on hold. I will have to fly what I can. I have talked with the owner of Trail Ridge Air in Anchorage at Lake Hood. He told me he can keep my costs down by sharing the plane with someone else. I will have to use a DeHaviland Beaver on floats.
, like this one.
What would life be without setbacks and challenges? I won't allow it to affect me. In the mean time, I will do more work around the town cabin and decided to enjoy Summer by taking some road trips, fishing and have some fun. I've let both properties run my life, nooo more.  So, you are all going to see a different side of me. That's my Easter resolution, lol. Take care

Taking off from Alexander Creek.

This is my first video upload, hope it works.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alexander Creek

Well, I got home last Thursday night 3/26 a little after 8 pm. The cabin was chilly but, it didn't take long to get a fire going. I didn't put anything away, just too tired, I had been up since 6 am, I did make it a short night.

The weather out there was pretty much sunny and warm every day and overcast the day I left. This is their place I was watching.

This is their pole barn

The guest house
Inside the guest, SURPRISE!
Kool, eh?

I didn't really do a whole lot but, Calley and me did pretty much go for a walk every day and saw some other cabins in our walks.

Spotted a couple of really old √Član snowmachines in a field. These were used quite frequently in the old days, as they were very dependable.
These are photos of Alexander Creek

This is a mountain called "Sleeping Lady
This is moose hanging in the shop to age. It will hang for about a week or more. It won't spoil, the temperature at night is in the 30's.

Well here I am with my pilot Wrangle waving good bye next to the Supercub that will take us to Anchorage.

Now some photos leaving and on our way back, taking off
in the air

Flying over Anchorage making our approach

That's pretty much it, I took videos of us taking off and landing, but, for some reason, I can't seem to load them on here, I will have to figure it out. It was pretty boring except the plane ride, I enjoyed that. I'm going to call it a night, I have more to say but, I am tired. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. Good night

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another trip

Hi everyone, I have another trip coming up on Monday the 23rd. I will be going back to Alexander Creek to caretake my friends cabin again and will be there about a week. The battery I ordered for my laptop came but, was the wrong one so, they will send me the right one right away. But, I figured how to download photos on my new tablet and will have photos when I return to put on my post.

When I return, I am hoping that the rivers will be solid enough to travel to my remote cabin and take things there. I am hoping for a friend of mine to travel with for safety and company. It's been a long time coming. The weather here has been crazy, +48 to +50 during the day and +20 to +30 at night.

I have started doing my Spring cleaning and cutting trees to expand my property and bring in more fill. Then fly out to the cabin and start preparing it to live there. The biggest job will be cutting firewood. The Winters out there are much colder than in town. I'm sure I will have tons to blog about when I get the ball rolling.

Well, it's 11:45 pm here and I will call it a night. Take care

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Radio

I enjoy listening to radio, music is among my favorite listening. In the older days, we used to listen to shows on the radio, Superman, Lone ranger, Sargent Preston of the Yukon (my favorite) and a few others. Used to be a few Alaska local radio shows that would send messages to people living in the Bush who had no other communications. This is how bush people would know what's going on with relatives and friends living among civilization.

Now days, seems radio has turned to nastiness, sure you can find music, medical, electronic and other self help stations. But, the radio mostly weekdays is Political talk radio and it seems dominated by Conservative talk shows and listening to them, they will tell you that no other political party is good for this country, especially Democrats (Liberals). The name calling is atrocious at times.

This post is not meant to be political and this is as close to posting a political post as I will get. The purpose of this post is to point out how entertainment on radio has changed. I miss listening to the old time shows on the radio. As a child when I listened to the old time shows, I actually listened to it and always imagined myself as Sgt. Preston, Danial Boone, Davy Crockett. When you think about it, TV isn't much better. Makes me thankful for videos and dvds.

I miss the days when friends of my dad would come by on their dogsleds, all bundled up in their skins and fancy hats, some not so fancy. They would all be sitting around the table having a meal of stew or soup, homemade bread and steaming hot coffee or tea. When done, they would light up their pipes and cigars and talk about everything that was going on with themselves.

It seems we have gotten away from that life.  We are told on a daily basis, that our lives have gotten better and that we are better off than the early days. I don't believe that for a moment. It seems today, it's all about having the nicest homes, the newest cars and the gadgets that go with them, the latest electronics, I think you get my drift.

The reason I haven't blogged lately is, I have been keeping to myself and evaluating my life and all the things I have amassed. So I have started downsizing everything I have and will evaluate my life a bit more. I have been boxing up food to take out to my remote cabin and a few other things. I will transport everything or close to it by the end of  March.

I purchased the complete series of Sgt. Preston and another program that most Canadians are familiar with, North of 60. It's about Native people in a fictional village called Lynx River and all the problems that occur when the outside world comes to the village. I have not seen or heard of a program that portrays a Native village as real as this program.

Anyway,, I have to reevaluate my life and be more serious about it. I apologize for not blogging lately, just nothing real exciting going on at the moment kinda lost a bit of interest in doing it. I figured I have lost most of the people who followed my blog because of boredom and I don't blame them as I get bored with me at times as well.

Hopefully, things will turn around soon. Take care

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting back to normal ( I hope )

Well, it's 10:25 pm and I was sitting here watching the stars which I haven't seen in awhile because of weather. The sky is dark and the stars are bright and sparkly. I saw a satellite and a couple of planes traveling across the sky. The temperature is back down to where it should be, last night and tonight was +20 and the day temps are below +40.

Found the problem with my car, it needs the timing chain gasket set, I am having a new timing chain put in while I can and putting a new oil pan gasket on as well. The cost all together is $650. Better than buying another used car, I think it will give me a couple or more useful years.

I spent yesterday, packing food and supplies for the remote cabin, not sure when I can get out there, I got a report that the rivers have a lot of overflow and open water in some spots. Not good for hauling freight. My laptop went dark on me and turned out to be the battery, so, I ordered one. I couldn't use my new tablet for loading photos because, there is no USB cable, I ordered one today.

I have a big day tomorrow, I have to brush my stovepipe, split some wood, do a little early Spring cleaning. I'm starting to get low on firewood, so, I plan on cutting some downed trees I have rather than spend a couple hundred bucks. I don't need much to finish out the season.

I just looked up to the sky and there is a half moon. So peaceful, this is one of the main reasons I choose to live my life the way I do. To tell the truth, many times I feel like chucking as much technology as I can. It is really starting to annoy me, well, it has always annoyed me. I just have to figure a new way. I have been thinking of starting my dog team up again, rather than having to maintain the snow machines, the money I put into them for gas and maintenance , I can but them feed as well as catching fish to feed them.

Ok, I am ready to hit the sack and get my HANDSOME sleep, I really need it, 8-)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back from my trip (continued)

Ok, I get back on Tuesday, once I settled down and popped open a Corona, it occurred to me, I have no car and I need groceries. I then remembered, there is a bus service here so, I looked them up on the Internet and got their number. Called and they said they have a 16 passenger bus that goes to Wasilla and they will pick me up at my door and drop me off at my door. The fare is $15 round trip and $10 for Seniors. I said sign me up. They go to town Monday and Thursdays. Thursday, they picked me up and there were 9 people on the bus including me. It was nice, clean and comfortable. When we got to Wasilla, the driver pretty much said, he will drop people off anywhere and to call when finished. I got to go to 3 stores. We left my cabin about 11am and got back about 3:30pm. For $10, you can't beat the service. I've decided to use this service for shopping all the time. Saves on gas, wear and tear on my car and don't have to put up with traffic. Just sit back and relax.

Friday, I didn't do to much, saw my elderly neighbors were back from Idaho, jumped on my snowmachine and went down to visit them for awhile. They said they were going to town on Saturday and asked if I needed anything and I told them propane and they said they would take my small bottle and fill it. I gave them a card I got for Subway and told them to have lunch on me.

Saturday rained all day and was just miserable and melted most of the snow, making conditions for river travel bad and possibly dangerous, so, I won't be traveling to my remote cabin anytime soon. Today is Sunday, woke up to 42 degrees and rain, was sitting having coffee and all the snow on my roof slid off, scared the heck out of me, nearly dumping my coffee, lol. It's 2:53pm and I just finished packing boxes of food to haul to my cabin. I decided to do this blog and fired up my laptop and heard the sounds but, the screen is blank. Has to be the battery, I kept getting messages to replace it, but, I didn't listen. Anyway, I'm going to have lunch and watch a couple of movies. Take care, have a nice day.