Sunday, September 13, 2020

Popular fishing spots in my area

 It was such a nice day, I figured I would take a ride and take photos of popular fishing spots within 12 miles either way of my cabin.

Kashwitna River
Kashwitna River

                                             Cut on my hand

                                     Little Willow Creek
                                           Little Willow Creek
                                          Willow Creek
                                                Willow Creek
                        Checked the dock I made for Kashwitna Lake 
                               Mt. Denali with Mt. Forriker to the left.
I was taking photos and tripped and fell. Broke my camera when it hit the pavement.

                      This is Montana Creek, a very popular spot. The walking bridge

                                     Looking up Montana Creek
                                  Looking down Montana Creek
                                       Looking up Sheep Creek
                                      Lower Sheep Creek

The pictures of my wounds came when I tripped on the walkway and fell. My camera fell out of my hands and hit the pavement and bent the lens and broke something inside. Some of the photos I took with my phone.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hatcher Pass Sunday 8/30/2020

 Today was a pretty nice day so, I decided to take a ride up Hatcher Pass. First, I made myself a great breakfast. Scrambled eggs, Hash Browns and Sausage.

                                   The ride up Hatcher Pass, Upper Willow Creek
If you remember, there was an old wooden bridge over this creek, I looked for the photo but couldn't find it. Early this year the creek flooded out and took the bridge out.

                              Here are the remnants of the bridge. Looking down on the start of the bridge.
                                 The other side of the bridge.

                         The old mine shaft halfway up the mountain

                                     Snow at the high ground

                                              Clouds moving in

                             I named this spot, "Inspiration Rock"

Dinner tonight, pan fried chicken breast on a bed of Butter beans with a side of sauteed sweet peppers.

                                     Had a visitor watch me eat.

                                             Got some nice cloud shots

Well, that's it for today. It's 6:30 pm and it started raining so, I will come up with something more enjoyable soon, I hope, LOL.

                                                   Take care

Sunday, August 23, 2020

y Sunday 8/23/2020

 Hi everyone, it's a rainy Sunday and suppose to rain pretty much the whole week. I got my new camera and I really like it. It's slightly bigger and it has better features and a stronger zoom. I like the new color as opposed to the old black color.

                         Breakfast was very simple, sausage and eggs.

I have been remodeling the inside of my cabin and I pretty much got it the way I want it and no more redoing it.

This bear rug measures just under 4'. I bought 2 of them and the other one is just under 6'. I plan to mount the bigger one on the wall.

Finally, I got the property pretty much cleaned up and this makes me happy. I was  unhappy the way everything was cluttered.

I removed the deck that was in front of the cabin so the dump truck has room backing in to drop fill for the back area.
I moved the deck to the back of the cabin and will put a small shelter on it to store things in and make more room in my shop.
Here, I cleared the back area of over growth and stumps in order to get it filled in so it will be flat then, I will park my vehicles back there and have a flat area for a fire ring and chairs.

I just want to mention, I am doing this post on my new computer. I finally figured out how to do it. I found that, I had to start out as a new blog and it was a little confusing but, I did it.

Now that I have the new camera, I will try to post more often whether it is something special or something boring, LOL. Take care my friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Nuttin going on

 Hi everyone, I figured it was past time for posting. Don't have much going on at the moment, I still haven't heard back on my tests so, not sure if that's good or bad. I did clean up my back property and am waiting for truck loads of pitrun {gravel fill} and dozer to spread it. I did clean up the property and it doesn't look as congested as it did before. I don't have any pictures as I broke my camera again. I had it on the tripod and the wind blew it over. I am waiting for a new camera that I ordered from Amazon.
 In the meantime, I started breaking out my camping gear that I haven't used in a long time and put them all together so I can do some overnight camping. Not sure if I have mentioned it before but, I bought an Eskimo Ice Shelter and am going to turn it into a hot tent. I bought a stove jack to attach to the tent so, I can use a wood stove in the Winter. Yep, I want to do a lot of Winter camping starting this year. I feel it will be a great time.
 There is something special in the Winter camping in a tent having a fire outside under the stars or even in a light snow fall. I kind of feel like I have been held captive to my cabin for to long and it is time to get away. I know I have said this before but, this time it's for real.
 This year, I am hooking up an oil drip stove so, I can get away more without everything freezing. This way, I can spend more time at my remote cabin for more than a day or two. The solar panels should keep my refrigerator running.
 So, when my new camera comes, I will have some new pictures to show everyone. Thanks to all of you who have stuck by me. Take care.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 Hi folks, please beware of scammers like the one on here "CENTER POST" please don't click on anything that doesn't look right, thanks.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Trip Postponed More Dr.'s appt.

Hi folks, I have to postpone my trip for now. My Dr. scheduled me for an appt. with the Alaska Heart institute for some tests that last pretty much the whole day on Monday. I'm told that I can't have caffeine or chocolate  and I have to fast for 18 hrs. before my appt. Plus, the weather calls for rain this weekend and a trip while raining isn't much fun. 

So, I will try to come up with something this weekend. I do want to say that, I am being very cautious with this Covid Virus, I am now wearing a mask wherever I go. We had a couple of cases here where I live so, that is too close to home. I hope all of you are staying safe and protecting yourselves. Thanks and take care.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cleanup and some life changes 7/23/2020

I got a few chores done today, it was pretty hot but, I endured, lol. I started cleaning up around the property. I got tired of looking at this mess.

                                    HI THERE
I have a lot of tarps that were laying around so. I layed them out to dry, fold and put away.
Most of the stuff laying around is wood, lumber. Some good and some not. the not so good I will cut up into small pieces and burn in a fire pit I will make when I have the back property filled in. This is actually good wood, the bad stuff is behind the cabin, forgot to take a photo, OOPS!
This is another pile that has to be moved
I'm using the woodshed to store lumber

Life changes, everyone who reads my post knows, I am usually working around this property well, I'm done for awhile, I am putting off a lot of big projects for awhile so I can enjoy time fore myself. I'm cleaning up now and next week, I am going away for 2 or 3 days. I may head North to Fairbanks, I like it up there, it is the last real Alaskan city. In Fairbanks, you can still live in a dry cabin and/or off grid. I may even check out some properties up there, property is less expensive. If for no other reason, just to have time for myself to enjoy. I will post more on this in a day or two. Thanks for stopping by.