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The Bush Life
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Rainy Monday blues

Well, it's Monday and raining lots, I am kinda bored and sitting here looking out the window at the rain, eating Pork Rinds, lol
Anyway, a lady friend stop by a couple of days ago and told me, I should make my cabin more woman friendly. She picked this up for me at a local thrift store.
Before you ask, it's Plexiglas with a log round frame, $6.99

Anyway, I went thrifting yesterday, as it was raining as well. I bought these:

Miniature rocking chair $3.99
Salt and Pepper set $1.99
Birdhouse made out of 2x4's twigs and wood shavings $2.99
Vinegar and oil set $4.99
I needed some 5gal. water containers, like these. Went to Walmart, $18.00 YIKES!
The heck with that so, I decided to go to our local outdoor store, Sportsman Warehouse, $8.99
I've weened myself off diet pepsi and started drinking water. I've found myself wanting something with flavor so, I found these drinks at Walmart and they taste great. They are carbonated, 17 oz. drinks. They are called Clear American Ice and they only contain 3% juice.
They taste very good and come in quite a few flavors. This one is Cherry Lemonade

Well, that's about it for awhile, I will have an interesting blog coming up in the near future. Hope all you dads had a great Fathers Day


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here's what's going on

I felt it was time to check in again, have a few things to share with you. One thing I'm happy about is, more wild flowers blooming.

                                Dandilions, lots of them

I hear a lot of people who hate them in their yard, I enjoy them all over. 

Got a visit from a local, I was very surprised but, glad. There hasn't been any wild bunnies around in quite awhile.

I built a work table in the arctic entry
Started working on my outdoor shower. I'm painting pallets that I will use for the floor.

Last week, I went thrift shopping for new chairs. This one I got from a private sale, $15
This one from Value Village, a local thrift store chain. $13.99
they are both rockers and comfortable.
Last Friday, bought a Delta 10 in. table saw for $30. I gotta tell you, it's heavy. Me and the seller lifted it on top of my car. It rode home nicely. I forgot to take a picture on the car.
I got home and had no help getting it off so, had to use ingenuity, used these posts to slide it off the car.
It left a dent in the roof, took a hammer and pounded from inside and popped right back.

I made a trip to town for groceries and stopped at Value Village and found this antique Royal Rochester coffee peculator,  from 1912. $3.99. You see right three dollars and ninety nine cents. what a find.....On the way home, I stopped at my local gas station in Willow to fill my water containers. As I was filling my containers, this attractive gal pulled up behind me to get water as well. She asks me "are you John"? Of course I said yes. She then told me that she follows my blog. I was really surprised. We had a nice conversation and then went our separate ways.

Found this neat wood carving at Value Village also and mounted it on the cabin door. I paid more than I should have but, I really liked it, $12.99
A couple of cloud photos

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I am working on some pretty cool projects for my next post. Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Monday, December 14, 2015

IN MEMORY           

                              U.S.S. OZBOURN DD 846  



Raymond COOK


On this date, my 2 best friends and shipmates were killed in action off the coast of North Vietnam while handling shells for the after gun mount in support of a Special Forces compound being overrun by North Vietnamese regulars and Viet Cong forces.

While providing gunfire support, we came under fire of 81mm mortar shells, close to 200 rounds bracketed our ship when one went through the deck into the after handling room where Robert and Ed was stationed. We also were hit in the Electronics room wounding 3 and took 2 rounds in our Anti submarine rocket launcher starting a fire. We also took some rounds in the hull at and close to the waterline. Despite all this, we remained online and along with Navy fighters planes, prevented the enemy from overtaking the Special Forces camp.


Ed and Robert will always be in my memory


Sunday, May 22, 2016

New changes (cont.)

Good morning all, I slept well last night and at the moment enjoying my morning coffee. Let's finish my post from yesterday. Got a chair for the cabin, $15, great price, it's a rocker and comfortable.
Painted my kitchen table, chairs and counter

Built a work bench in the Arctic entry

                                                 Got some nice cloud pictures

                                 This picture was taken around 11:30 at night, believe it or not

About my remote cabin, my friend Randy has his plane in for an annual and we plan on going out to my cabin June 1st or shortly there after. My plan is to stay out there for about 2 or 3 weeks to get things started, come back and take more stuff out. Not sure if I told you the name of my lake is Black Martin Lake. Once out there I will try to post daily or every other day. I will start a new blog titled, MY TIME AT BLACK MARTIN LAKE, or something similar. I hope these posts are entertaining enough and will close for now. Take care