My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Good things are coming.

Hi everyone, I just wanted all of you to know, I'm still here.  It will be awhile for the next post unless something really good comes up. I am doing a major remodel of my cabin and the grounds. After that, I will post more regularly. I will tell you, on August 29, I am flying to Upstate, N.Y. Binghamtom to be exact. I'm going to visit my sister, niece, nephews and their children for 3 weeks. I have not seen them in 25 years. This will be very exciting and during the Beautiful Fall colors of the North Country. so, I'm sure I will have plenty of photos and stories to tell. Believe me, when I get back, I will have plenty of posts in my blog. Stand by, more to come. Thanks

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hi everyone

                                                   Happy 4th

I guess some of you missed me and wondered what I have been doing. I haven't really doing a lot. We've had lots of rain and now the weather is going back and forth. Towards the end of breakup, my buddy came to visit before he heads off to the Interior to be a real Moose, lol.

                                        If you look closely you can see he is growing horns

I finally hired a company with a stump grinder to grind down the stumps, He ground 35 stumps.

I was kinda depressed so, I figured I would do something about it and I bought a 1998 Ford F150 XLT 4x4

Then I decided to buy a couple of batteries for my solar system, They are not cheap. $800 for the two

These are the first Wildflowers in my yard

It is usually Sunny in the morning and during the day and this is what happens around 5:00pm

Dinner tonight N.Y. Strip and salad.
It is time to start cleaning up and change a few things. I've been feeling kind of crowded and decided to do something about it. in these next photos, I moved a few things around. Now that there are no stumps, I moved my trailer farther back.

Remember my woodshed I built by my outhouse? Gone
I moved it to the back of my cabin
I cleaned that area by the outhouse, needs a little bit more.
I moved my snowblower, chipper, small stump grinder and dog sled to my woodshed for the time being.
My Solar panel at work, it has saved me a lot of money on gas not having to use my generator
Last but not least, This is what the back of the property looks like currently
Well, that is going to change, I have plans for the back area but, I will keep you all wondering until I start working on. At this time, I will not be doing anything with my remote cabin until this Winter. I hope you all enjoy your family and friends this 4th. Remember to keep fire extinguishers close by if you are having fireworks. Take care

Monday, May 28, 2018


                                                                              In Memory of

                                                                           Raymond Cork CS3

                                                                Edward O'Brian SN


             Who gave their lives when we were engaged in combat off the coast of Vietnam.
      You will always be in my memory and will never forget the talks we had under the stars.

                                                   CLEAR SAILING SAILORS

Thursday, March 8, 2018

And, it just keeps coming

In my last post I showed you all the snow I got here, which was a lot. Yesterday, I went out to clean up a bunch of snow  because, it was getting way out of hand. I started by shoveling.

The roof had more snow than I thought, so glad I took it off.

After all that work, I came in for lunch, steak and onions.

As I was eating, a visitor showed up for lunch.

This morning I wake up and it is snowing again, I wait and it stops so, I went out to run the snowblower and got it all cleaned up and come inside and it started snowing again, go figure.