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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's a boring, blah day

  What's going on? I woke up this morning to +30 and rain. We are almost into December and it feels more like Fall. Couldn't figure out what to do, so, a post seemed appropriate. Glad I don't have to go to the library, I checked my road and it is all iced up, not a good day for travel.

   I started my day off with a decent breakfast. Scrambled Powdered Eggs and Sausage and of course coffee.

Then, it hit me, this is a good day to stay inside and do a post. This was breakfast yesterday, good ole pancakes.

That wasn't all I had yesterday. I got the idea that I needed more shelving in the kitchen area, so I decided to remodel again. I know what you are thinking, not again, lol. Here is the old kitchen look.


and this

Now it's this

I extended the counter

I'm beginning to believe, it wasn't that I didn't have enough space, I have to much food, if that is a bad thing, lol. A friend of mine says he is worried about me, that, I have become a compulsive remodeler. I wonder, could he be right? Or, is it because, I have been on the road system to long? This is what it looks like today.

and it's raining pretty hard. Anyway, I was going to stack all my wood, but, that will have to wait. I'm glad I split enough to get me through today and tomorrow. Not fun splitting in the rain. There will be another post either this afternoon or tomorrow, a special one. Check in. Take care

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blah Friday. Or is it?

  I want to start off with this picture and article I saw. It really captures your heart, I think.

Her family stopped at a local Bob Evans restaurant this week, and a man at a nearby table looked familiar -- the flowing white beard, red suspenders and glasses. So Gracie Lynn approached.
“She pulled up the chair and they just started having a conversation like they knew each other for years,” her mother, Lindsey Wilson, told the television station WFIE.
Lindsey Wilson snapped a photo of the pair talking, a special encounter for the toddler, a moment with Santa.
Gracie Lynn only asked for one thing for Christmas this year -- her baby brother James, who is supposed to be born in a few weeks.

  I had planned on posting about how blah I feel this morning, not sure why I felt that way but, I did. When I saw the above article, it made me smile and stare at it for awhile as thoughts ran through my mind. There are so many bad things happening in this world and it affects us on a daily basis whether in another country or here at home and whether we admit it or not, it does affect us emotionally. sometimes these emotions stay with us a short time and in some instances a very long time.

  When I see a photo like the one above, I wonder if maybe we should push some things out of our thoughts and see what that 3 year old sees. Sometimes, I wish I could be that 3 year old with the only worry is, will I get my Christmas wish? Something to think about, EH?

  Anyway, not much going on, it's Friday and this morning I woke up to a frosty +14, I love it.

Seeing the past week has been in the 20' to 30's, yuck!
  I have been pretty lazy in getting my firewood as you all know and I don't see me getting much of it, as it is frozen to the ground and there is so much frost attached, it dulls my chain. So, I cheated this year and ordered 2 cords of wood, all birch and for the price, well worth it. $440 for 2 cords.

  I ordered it in rounds because, I didn't want to get to lazy and I will be busy splitting these big boys. This weekend I will stack them to make room.

  Anyway, a few days ago, I went to town to do some shopping and saw these in the freezer. They were $2.00 each and thought I would try them. They weren't bad but, not enough to curb my hunger.

  What was interesting was the containers in side. The main ingredients are in a perforated bowl which sat in a solid bowl which contained the sauce.

  So, I got to thinking that I might be able to reuse these. Like cook up some meals ahead of time and separate the keep the sauce separate from the main ingredients so it doesn't become mushy and use these in the microwave and it will cut down on washing the dishes and pans. Worth the try.

  Using my computer
OK, that's enough for now, gonna try to get something done. Take care

Monday, November 10, 2014

Where's Winter?

OK, I went to bed last night with a small fire burning in the wood stove. It was very warm in the cabin, so warm, I didn't need a blanket at all. For some reason it bothered me enough to get up and walk outside to check the temperature. Yikes! 38 degrees and here it is November. Came back inside and layed down again and thought to myself, I'm saving wood. Normally I wake up a couple of times during the night to stir the embers and add a couple of sticks of wood to keep it warm through the night. Not last night, slept right through until 7:15 this morning. When I woke up, the stove went cold and it was still warm inside. It was still a bit dark, I made my coffee and listened to radio for awhile.

At first light, went out and checked the temperature again, I couldn't believe it

In case you are wondering, yes, those are raindrops on the thermometer, it must have rained during the night sometime as the ground was wet this morning.

Except for this picture, this is the only indication that Winter may be here.

Otherwise, you would think it's early Fall by these morning photos.

OK you lower 48'ers, we demand our Winter back, lol.

This is nuts, here we are approaching mid November and no snow. This poses a problem for people who live remote traveling out and back to their cabins. No snow for snowmachines or dogsleds and even if some of the lakes are frozen or partially frozen, planes can't land or take off on them. Which is why living remote, you have to make sure you had gotten enough supplies to last at least 6 months.

So, here I am writing as I sit at my table looking out at the blue sky with the sun shining bright and beautiful clouds passing by. It is kind of kool. Watching Youtube is a whole lot better than using my phone.

By the way, last week I forgot to mention that a friend had given me a snowmachine along with a cover and brand new windshield  that isn't running and another friend used her trailer to take it to my cabin. They both are people who follow my Blog so, I'm not sure I can give their names out because, I didn't ask for permission. I want to thank them immensely, it is a very kind gesture.

So, that's it pretty much for the time being. Take care

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I have finally got smart

 Hi everyone, as you all know, I generally have to travel to the local library to use their Internet signal to post on my blog. The more I thought about it, it's a real pain. When it's cold, I have to get up early start the car and let it thaw out, then, I have to drive 12 miles one way to get there. The temps can be well below -20, 30 or more and that is not a whole lot of fun, not to mention the snowy and/or icy roads. It's a real pain.

  You also know that at the cabin, I have been using my phone for Internet access which takes a real toll on my eyes and typing those little letters can be a pain in the you know what, lol. So, this morning I was trying to use the Internet and the signal kept going in and out because of the weather. Well! That was enough for me, I came pretty close to throwing the phone against the wall. I didn't, I kept my kool and said to myself, there's a better way. I sat down and drank a few cups of coffee to settle my nerves, then, got dressed and went to town.

  When I got to town, I headed straight to AT&T and purchased me a MiFi for my laptop at home. I felt so good, I stopped at Burger King and got me a Big Whopper, double order of large fries and a Diet soda. Mmmm! It sure was good. Headed home and set it up and yes, I am composing this post at home on my laptop. The MiFi itself costs $147 and the monthly bill is $60. Do I think it's worth it? Yep, sure do.

  I feel it's going to calm me down, save me gas running the car to warm up and driving 24 miles round trip. I can sit here comfortably and not have to sit among a lot of people and I can drink eat or whatever I want to do while online. I wish I had done this a long time ago. I feel good as I type this post.

  I am adding a few photos I took this past week.

Working on the wood pile

Breakfast this morning, powdered scrambled eggs, bacon and fried potatoes

My laptop working in the cabin

This is the little Gizmo I use for the Internet and I don't have to keep it connected to my laptop. Has WiFi
Anyway, that is what's going on for now. So I will be able to post more often.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Going back in time

 Hi everyone, the other day when we got the first snow, I sat at the table with a hot cup of tea and staring out the window, I started to think about my old caretaker days. I think they were the best times of my life. I was younger of course and it seems that I had real purpose in my life. As strange as it sounds, I enjoyed taking care of other peoples properties more than my own. I enjoyed the recognition I received from the owners of these lodges who at the time have $100,000s to a $million dollars invested in their properties.

  I remember my first lodge which was Painter Creek Lodge located 40 miles North of Pilot Point on the Alaska Peninsula in the mountains. I would be there for 8 months  mostly alone except when the rare visitor came to visit or check on me. I stayed in a one room cabin 14'x16' that wasn't very insulated and lots of cracks. In the Winter time that area was and still is noted for it's Winter winds which would effect 60 to 70 mile an hour winds which in turn effected wind chills to about -80 degrees. I had an old barrel stove to keep warm and cotton wood for heat. Cottonwood is the worst wood to use, it usually stays wet and I had to make stacks on each side of the stove to dry them out.  When they were somewhat dry they burned very hot.

  The woodstove would turn bright red and inside stack would turn white. That time in my life, it didn't really bother me because, it gave me bragging rights among other caretakers, LOL. In those days, I was only making $200 a month and I had to pay my own taxes out of that. I didn't care. I remember filling my day pack and taking off with snowshoes and walking all over the area taking photos of all kinds of wildlife. I have those photos today and will try to figure out how to get them transferred to my computer. I use to walk for miles and it wasn't very easy at the time.

  I remember how now and then the owner of Penn Air out of King Salmon would bring his son out for a weekend and we would go Moose hunting and when they came, they brought sweaters his wife knitted for me and a big tub of chocolate ice cream. What a treat.

  Five miles away there is a lake named Mother Goose Lake and on it's Northern shore is a volcano which had pockets of heated water and I used to hike over and sit in the heated water and it sure felt good. The only problem, I would get sweaty on my hike back. For water I had to shovel snow into a metal garbage and sit it beside the woodstove to melt. Painter creek was the only water source and it was 3 miles away and we had no snowmachine at the time.

  I spent five years there and the final year was when the original owner was killed in an airplane with 3 clients in it. I remember one day, I was starting my morning walk on the airstrip and there were 4 streams of light shining down on the runway and in that light was a Caribou with a beautiful massive set of antlers, it was my belief, that was Joe coming home. It still is today. Had Joe not been killed, I would still be there as the Winter caretaker.

  I thought it would be nice to share this with all of you. Joe is to the left of me in the picture with the airplane wearing a bandana around his neck.

                      R.I.P. Joe

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finally, it's snowing

Hi everyone, we got our first snow a couple of days ago and it was sure nice to look at. It put me in a more comfortable feeling.

Found this picture at the Salvation Army for $3.00 and figured the outhouse is the best place for it. I got a kick out of it. LOL

Took a couple photos of the moon the other night.

Found this brand new Gel Candle at Value Village for $3.50. It smells pretty good and I haven't used it yet.

That's pretty much it for photos. Not a whole lot going on at the moment. I will start cutting firewood this weekend. I'm starting a bit late because, I have pretty much been very lazy.  Not sure why I have been lazy, just have. I realize now, I can't afford to be lazy with the impending snow coming. If we get a big snow soon, I'm in trouble and will have to buy firewood. Although, I sometimes think it's not a bad idea because, I don't use a lot at the town cabin. My remote cabin requires way more.

 I was planning on going out before the lake freezes up, oops! Too late, lol. It hasn't completely froze up but, enough that nobody wants to land on it. It will be awhile before I get out there and that's ok. I figured it out, I don't need to rush around or worry about everything. I'm retired and can take my time. I am hoping by next Spring or Summer to get my town cabin sold. That is why I have been doing a lot of improvements inside and outside to make it more attractive and easier to sell. More money also.

I can then concentrate on my remote cabin and it will be a whole lot more fun to work on.

I am presently working on the living room area of my town cabin and have an idea for a significant change that will make it a whole lot more comfortable. I think all of you will like the change as well.

Hope everyone is doing fine and in good health. Take care