My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Photos

The weather has been lousy and been stuck inside. Took the sunrise photos a few days ago and the clouds today.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My part-time job

What a day

Got up around 6:15 am and sat at the table having coffee watching the sunrise. Had breakfast and then did some work around the cabin. About 12:30pm, grabbed my sled and walked to the village to pick up a package. While there, I stopped at the clinic which is also the gathering spot to sit and chat with people. Hung out and had a good time BSing with the guys there. Then I loaded up my sled and started walking back to the cabin it's about 4 or 5 mile round trip. I wished I had remembered to bring my camera. As I got onto the lake, there was a supercub landing about 60 feet from me. It was someone from the village. Where else can you walk on a frozen lake and have a plane land next to ya? I love my life out in the "BUSH" wouldn't live anywhere or any way else.  More tomorrow.

My Buddy

Hellooooo! Any more food left?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Subsistence, a way of life

This is a friend of mine putting up fish at her fish camp.

What's Up?

Chief Harry
Today was a very warm day. It got up to the 40's with a light snow. I did some work around the cabin and decided that it was such a nice day, I took a walk to the village and picked up a manual that I asked a friend to download for me. The walk is close to 3 miles each way. Before I left the Vill, I stopped and visted with the Village chief. We had a good chat. On the way back got buzzed by a couple of planes. I really enjoyed the walk, it is so quiet and you observe things more so than riding a snowmachine or Honda. When I got back, I went out and hauled more water. Over all, a pretty productive day. Tomorrow is mail day so, I will walk to the village again. We get mail 3 days a week, sometimes not depending on the weather. Sorry for not posting more often but, that will change. Check in for new posts.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner Friday night and Saturday morning Breakfast

Schrimp sauteed in butter and garlic, BBQ pork ribs,Yams and Cranberry
Made with the finest "Powdered Eggs" you can get.
                   Sausage and mixed vegetables

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ice fishing at it's best

Two friends from the village caught this big Lake Trout with a piece of Hot Dog and found 3 little fish inside it. LOL

My days in the Mountains

Taken in the early 90's in the mountains by Mother Goose Lake on the Alaska Peninsula.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

AZ shooting

A very sad tragedy that should never have happened. So sad that so many has to suffer. For those who innocently paid the ultimate price....R.I.P. and those who were wounded....A speedy and full recovery.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Robert Service

"The only society I like," he once said, "is that which is rough and tough - and the tougher the better. That's where you get down to bedrock and meet human people." He found that kind of society in the Yukon gold rush, and he immortalized it.

My arsenal

Winchester 300Mag
1906 25/20
My very old Mossberg 12GA.

My truck and camper, Seward Highway

Love those old Dodge 318's

Wanna Fix it?

Use a hand maul

Sixmile Lake

View from my deck. This is why I enjoy remote living.

Chief Reynard...Great Great Grandson of Geronimo

Took this picture when he came to Nondalton

Mt. Redoubt

Taken from my deck about 80 miles away The last time it blew

Norman Vaughn

One of my heroes

Never assume you are worse off


Painter Creek

This is me running Painter Creek 1997

On the hunt

I really enjoy hunting and not having to bundle up

Joe Maxey R.I.P.

Joe owned Painter Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula where I was his winter caretaker. He passed away from an airplane crash. This was the last time I saw him.