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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HAPPY 2015


              HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hi Everyone, hoping the New Year is a great one for all of you. I decided not to make any resolutions or promises and take it a day at a time. I have many ideas as to what I want in the new year but, I don't want to jinx them, LOL. I did get some snow and it made my surroundings look very nice and Wintery.

You can see the snow falling

The snowmachine I got. I did get it running and rode it a few times. There are a couple more things I have to do before any long distance traveling.

Of course, with snow comes chores 8-}

My favorite chore of course, LOL

I did have a hearty breakfast before attacking the snow

Dinner that night was appropriate
Hot Dog soup using Turkey hot dogs, onions, green beans, corn, diced tomatoes, oregano and Italian seasoning.

It sure hit the spot, Mmmmm!

unfortunately, it started raining last night and lasted through today New Years eve. Here is what's left of the snow.

So, I woke up this morning to 40 degrees and light rain

Even though it was raining, I just couldn't sit around, I decided to go out and stack my firewood.

I put about 4 hours between shoveling and stacking, still have some left to finish

Dinner tonight Pork chop and baked potato

Well, that's pretty much it for New Years Eve. I am staying home where it's safe. Please, if you are going out, be safe, don't drink and drive and have an enjoyable evening.

                     TAKE CARE


Eko said...

Happy New Year 2015.
Greetings from the Nature City Kuusamo.
Frost and snow is suitably.
Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

John said...

Hello my friend, it has been awhile. Glad to hear from you. I hope the New Year brings you many good things.

Rumbarr said...

Happy and healthy 2015 my friend . I still haven't forgot what we talked about and will send that up as soon as I can.

John said...

Hi Rumbar, the same to you. Seems the oltimers are checking in now. LOL, thanks for checking in.

Evano said...

Hey I'm not that old!

Happy new year John.
Thanks for sharing a piece of your life via your blogs, hope to see many more next year!
It is colder here in Ontario (-8 C).


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year John. I see where the Troopers have posted travel warnings for a chunk of the Richardson hwy, and over 100 miles of the Parks hwy due to the ice on the roads. It drizzled here all day Wednesday. Last nites low temp was 34f. My only travel plans today are the traveling I'll do between the coffee pot and the TV. Best wishes for another good year. Old John

John said...

LOL, Thanks Evano. I may have to move to Canada for the Winters, lol. You're very welcome, have a good year.

John said...

Thanks John, back at ya. I don't plan on travel until Friday unless it's still slippery.

KC said...

Hi! John, the snow looks real pretty when it first comes down! Sorry to hear the temps have warmed up . I enjoyed your new Picts of past and the present. I thought of you and your blog when I came across this saying by artist D. Morgan-
Our hearts are warm
The fire's aglow
Soup's in the kettle
Let it Snow!
Let it Snow!
Best wishes and Health in 2015! KC

John said...

Thanks KC, Hoping 2015 is good for you. Colder temps are forcasted. Like the saying, very nice

simplyfree said...

Happy New Year John! Well you sure have us beat in the snow department but we may get some on Sunday. Thanks for the photos. Doesn't firewood looks so neat when it is all stacked up. Your soup looks good! I do believe you can make a great soup with anything John! I do have to say that Kayak was a handsome fellow indeed. Love your photos.

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks. We are supposed to get more but, I hope we get much colder weather first. Stacking it makes less clutter. I do like experimenting with soup. Kayak was a very handsome dog and I miss him a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John hope all is well and your New Year is off to a good start.In a tornado watch at the moment temps in 50' and next week we are going to be in single digit weather.Crazy weather shorts one day and bundled up the next.Im a cold weather person and like.70's with no humidity...but the climate change seems to be getting worse.Well your soup looked good now you know why I call it John's Mystery soup lol ..just needed some corn bread to ( as we say down south) ta sop it up with. Lost out some how about your dog ..sorry to hear.Well take care my friend. .Bert from Bama

Elaine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog--always nice to hear from a fellow Alaskan. We were quite warm too, but the new year started out with some colder temps below zero--still pretty mild for January so no complaints on our end.

John said...

Hi Bert, I do like my soups, it's good food. Tornados, eh? I'm glad we don't get them, stay safe. My temp made it to 0 last night. Next week is suppose to warm up again. Take care.

John said...

Hi Elaine, you're welcome. Our temps are suppose to go up again next week. Check in now and then.

Debbie Schreib said...

great photos, John! we finally have winter weather. not much snow, just cold that withers your soul. lol what a pretty dog. I bet he was a great companion. food looks good, and I make a soup exactly like yours except ham chunks instead of hot dog. nothing like a hearty soup to keep a body healthy! as a lover of an organized wood pile..haha...looking good. hope all is well. take care, Debi

John said...

Thanks Deb, cold has set in here as well. Kayak was a great dog, any kind of home made soup is good. Stacking wood gives me room to do other things. Take care

Anonymous said...

Hiya John just checking in to see how things are going....had some pretty cold weather here dipping down to 8 degrees one night which is unusual for my area... it's been soup and chili days here.Just staying in mostly keeping warm catching up on some old western movies...Don't work too hard and take care my friend...Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi Bert, I'm hanging in there, been keeping busy. I have a few things going on so I will have something to blog about. My sub zero temps are now in the +20's and 30's. Rain is in the forcast, yuck. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Have a good safe 2015 John, the new look site is excellent and your photography is outstanding. Many thanks for sharing. regards Peter

John said...

Thank you Peter and Happy New Year to you as well.