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The Bush Life
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Finally, I got it done

Hi everyone, a lot has happened since my last post. Took some outdoor photos you may enjoy.

These were taken around 10am

Seems my birds didn't like the new feeder I bought so, I did another homemade one.

Seems my little guys weren't the only ones who like the feeder. This Grey Jay also known as a Camp Robber [and lives up to that name] likes it as well.

These next 2 were taken about 9:30pm

The next 3 were taken between 7 and 8:30 am

What a difference, eh? LOL

Waiting for breakfast

Here I am having breakfast that morning

Yep, powdered eggs, Mmmm!

This was dinner that night, rice, fresh vegetables, onion and moose meat, that was yummy also.

HUH? What did I finally get done? I wanted to test the rack I made to carry plywood and lumber on my car.

I actually carried 4 sheets but, had to make two trips, need longer bolts I guess. Again with the questions. What was the plywood for? OK, I finally got the inside of the cabin the way I want it. The plywood was for the living room area floor. I took up the carpet and layed new flooring, Then I changed the kitchen area from this.

To this

How it looks at night with oil lamps, cozy huh!

The wall light runs on 3 AA batteries and is pretty bright. Push for on and push again for off. Lasts a long time.

Why this remodel again? So, I could accommodate, this.

I figured it was time to get a bed and I saw this on Craigslist for $50 and decided 2 beds are better than one, just in case.

I promise, no more changes, maybe, LOL. Yes, that's my shower hanging there and have to move it. I really like it this way, feels more like a cabin and it's comfortable. All that is left, is the ceiling. I hope all of you enjoy this post. Soon, I will post about supplying a remote cabin. Take care


Evano said...


John said...

Thanks my friend

Washkeeton said...

I like it and with the second bed you can eventually haul it out to the remote cabin and have a real bed there too... great idea. Yes I like it. I think it probably makes it easier to stoke the fire in the middle of the night as well. I don't remember seeing your TV and all. Where did that head out to???


John said...

Thanks Wash, this remodel works very well. Not sure what you mean by,"where did that head out to???"

simplyfree said...

Hi John
Isn't the snow beautiful sitting on the tree branches. It looks like a post card. I am jealous. We have a dusting of snow here and with the rain storm coming for Xmas day that will be gone.:-( We decided to not put out the bird feeder this year because of the darn raccoons, I miss watching the birds and seeing the different kinds.
The glow of the oil lamp makes your cabin look warm and cozy on a cold winters morning.
Your supper looks great with rice and veggies and moose meat. Yummy!!I'm sure.
Glad your roof rack worked for you, now you have a way to haul things. Your cabin looks great. Nice to have an extra bed for company and space saving too. Good idea! As for the shower I hope you do a post on it and how it works. Looks interesting. Job well done and thanks for the photos!

John said...

Hi Carol, this is why I love Winter. The snow makes it look clean and magical in a way. I don't really care for bright light. Oil lamps are very soothing and, can be romantic. 8-) I will do a post on the shower.

Debbie Schreib said...

wow, you have been busy! looks wonderful, John!! and yes, very cozy indeed. love all the snow, especially if I'm sitting inside by the fire looking out. lol Happy Holiday to you! Debi

John said...

Hi Deb, it is comfortable now and efficient. I do enjoy the fire at night and during the day. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hiya john just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. ..... snow looks beautiful and love the the cabin change looks good...well take care my friend.. Bert from Bama

KC said...

Hi! John, What a great post and that was sure a job and a half in changing things around in the cabin! As always I enjoy your outdoor pictures. Watching the birds is very enjoyable and amusing at times! Thank you again for the wonderful blog. KC

John said...

Hi Bert, thanks

John said...

Thanks KC, I am sure glad I finally got it the way I like it. I'm very glad you check in now and then.

Washkeeton said...

I was pretty tired when I looked at the pictures... didnt remember seeing the TV. I found it. LOL


John said...

You need to get more sleep, lol

lynn said...

JOhn Happy New Year from Maine, love the pictures and set up, though, Surprised you gave up your oven, Though I have cooked on a camp stove for months on end did have a folding Coleman burner top oven it had a temp gage on the the door. workered well for really hot and quick bakes. Im sure you have one similar, the home fries look fab.

John said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your comments. Actually, my thought was the folding oven but, I'm looking at an alternative. Happy New Year