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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Garden and Yard

 Just wanted to share some photos of my garden and how my yard is coming along since clearing my lot.

My strawberries



Tomatoes- Early Girl

I am growing Romas also but, forgot the picture. They are just starting to grow so, not sure if they will mature soon.

Moroccan Mint

 I really like my yard now, it is growing lots of flowers

 Made this from a cake pan to hold water for the birds. I nailed it to the stump

It got cool the other morning

Got this print at the Salvation Army for $15

Dinner last night, rice, sweet peppers onions some salsa mixed in and sausage. Mmmm! Good

This is the hottest it's been so far

These guys showed up a while back and have been hanging out. Turns out, a neighbor set them loose to let them run around and eat to save him money.

This guy is much smaller than the other one

Bought this Kerosene heater at a yard sale for $20

This is an actual painting with frame I bought at Salvation Army for $3

I finally insulated and paneled the inside of the outhouse

Well, that's pretty much it for now, nothing else new. Take care


M. Silvius said...

Looks like rabbit stew might be on the menu soon. Your Early Girls are looking way better than mine. Got some blossom end rot on about 20 of my tomatoes and had to pull them. Just added some lime to the plants to see it it helps. Greetings from Michael in Maine.

Kimberly said...

Your yard looks beautiful!

John said...

Hi Michael, the thought did cross my mind. I think the rabbits sensed it. They disappeared and I see them at a neighbors cabin. Oh well. Sorry about your tomatoes. My Romas are very slow.

John said...

Hi Kimberly, thanks, I am enjoying seeing the flowers. Thanks for stopping by.

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
Your garden is doing wonderfully. I don't even have cucumbers yet. Great buys you got at the thrift store. You can always find great stuff there. Your supper looks yummy. You always make such colorful dishes and healthy too might I add. The rabbits are cute! We have a kerosene heater as well for emergencies but have never had to use it yet. I thought I would pass along a tip that has worked for me with blossom end rot and that is sprinkle 1 tbsp of epsom salt about an inch or two away from the base of your plant. Also works on pepper plants too. Google epsom salt for tomatoes and peppers.
Great post John

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Good looking strawberries.. I used to have grandkids come pick mine, but now the *&^%$ birds get to them before we do. Kinda Jealous of your Cucumbers.. we are down to one plant, and it isn't doing too well. Your tomatoes are looking good too. We sure enjoy the tomatoes we get out of our little GH... Back in the day when we lived on Okinawa (45 yrs ago) There were 8 seasons a year. Wet Spring/Dry Spring, Wet Summer/Dry Summer, etc.. during the wet part we heated our concrete block, 3 bedroom house with one of those.. Well actually it was a very early model of yours.. I forget how often we had to go to the PX and get it filled up but it wasn't too often. Awhile back some idiot down at the end of our road turned loose some domestic rabbits, Fortunately the old Alsation kept them out of the yard and garden. Hauled Grandkids to the Deshka last 2 days.. Those early Coho are color blind and have lock jaw.. we threw every color lure in my tackle box at them and they ignored them.. tried some old freezer burned roe and that didn't work either...
Old John

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks for all your compliments. I've used the heaters a couple of times, works great.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, forgot to pass on a tip for Blossom End rot (BER). Skipping all the long winded explainations, reasons, etc., It's typical that the first one or two tomatoes develope BER.. I don't think anyone is totally sure why.., but what works for me is to crush and disolve 1 TUMS (loaded with Calcium) tablet in about a gallon (more or less) of water and pour it around the base of the effected plant.. Works for me!

Old John

John said...

Hi John, thanks. I tried a few of my strawberries, Mmmm! Good and sweet. Can't wait to try my cucumbers, celery and tomatoes. I see a lot of people launching rafts at Little Willow Creek.

M. Silvius said...

Old John and Carol thanks for the advice on the bottom end rot. I am not sure what it could be causing it, had it before but never that many. They get an awful lot of sun on the deck with the reflection from white wall of my garage. On several occasions I came home to find them a bit wilted despite having given them lots of water in the morning. So it could be that. I did hit them with a solution of lime juts in case they needed calcium and magnesium as per this guys recommendation.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure anymore just which of the 5 salmon species run up the little willow. I think all 5 run up the big willow.. but think the willow is weekend fishing only. I would imagine the Dolly and Rainbow fishing would be good in any of those streams right now. You gotta take your Philly lawyer fishing with you on those parks hwy streams because the regs are too convoluted.. I was gonna use some old Navy terminology to describe the regs , but remembered this is a family blog...

Old John

Debbie Schreib said...

hey, John, where are you this week? also...smoosh one of those strawberries thru for me! :o)

John said...

Hi Debbie, I will blog today. Sorry but, I picked all the strawberries last night and they were good.