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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Friday, August 23, 2013


  Hi everyone, not much has happened since my last post except for rain and that is all it's been doing since then. I'm talking pouring rain so, I didn't get anything done outdoors nor inside. All I have been doing is watching movies and you can only watch the same ones so many times. Of course, I now have 5 TV channels and a lot of the times, they aren't that interesting.
  I have been doing a lot thinking, about the Winter and the addition on my remote cabin and quite a few other things. I have been so bored, I have been eating meals out of a can or ones you just add water to, "YUCK". There is suppose to be a break in the weather this weekend and the weather person is calling for SUN. So, I am thinking about taking a ride somewhere for good photo ops and have something more worthy to post. I am working on another part of my life which I won't go into right now until I am positive it will work. I think it is fun to have a little suspense in ones life.

  One thing I am happy about is, I went to town Wednesday and found out that the DAY OLD store is opened again. It closed down when the TWINKIES went away. I discovered it was open when I entered the Strip Mall to go to Value Village. I stopped in and bought one of my favorite snacks, Fig Newtons, Apple, Blueberry and Strawberry, they almost didn't make it back to the cabin, LOL. Any hoot, I just wanted to check in and hopefully, next week I will have something good and fun to tell you as well as some neat photos. Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not much happening

  Well, it's been about 10 days since I posted on my blog and not much has really happened since then. Since my last post it has been pouring rain so, nothing much got done outside. I did manage to get the outhouse painted and I put a sign on it also. The sign is a piece of slab wood that a neighbor was going to throw away and I took it thinking I could use it sometime in the future which worked out for me.



   I did this with a magic marker. When I get some black paint and a small brush, I will do it better. Whatcha think?

   Because the days have been so blah, I decided to make some Chicken soup. Just took the chicken out to break up in pieces.

  It doesn't look all that appetizing but, it was tasty.

  The end product, it did hit the spot.

  I have 2 little squirrels that have become attached to me and are probably looking for a meal.

My new wood stove I picked up

  I will wire brush it and when I get to town, buy some paint and a new gasket for it.

  Some extra shots.

The woodpeckers are back

The weather is starting to get a little better so, I hope to get out and do a lot more work. This isn't one of my good posts but, at least it something. Take care.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New changes at the cabin

Well, as many of you know, I am all about changes and do them all the time. A few of you liked the red color that I painted the cabin but, I really didn't after awhile. It just didn't look right after a while so, I changed it again. I think you will like this new color, it fits in with the property.



What you see at the bottom, will be my new deck on the cabin. After seeing how nice the cabin looks with the new color, inspired me to do more work. Yesterday in the hot sun, I decided to move the outhouse. Because I couldn't get the help that I needed, I had to dismantle the outhouse and reassemble it. This picture shows where it was.

Here is where it is now, you can see in the lower right corner where it sat.

The pole barn is to the left.

I like it at it's new position. I will paint it and lay a gravel walkway to it. I tell you, it was so hot and buggy, I was just miserable doing this job. The mosquitoes were terrible, sweat pouring off and into my eyes but, I finished it. I can tell you, I drank about 6 gallons of water.

Obviously, I took the best shower ever, I felt very  refreshed but, tired and hungry. So, I made dinner and relaxed afterward. Rice topped with onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms topped with grilled hot Italian sausages. {I like my meat burned}. The drink? Crystal Light Orange with a splash of Vodka. {maybe 2 splashes}. LOL

I really like the way my property is greening up and some flowers are blooming.

I will leave the yard with the wild look.

Here are a few more cloud pictures. I am thinking about installing a larger picture window.

These remind me of the Angel hair we use to put on the Christmas tree as a kid.

These were taken Friday night.

Well that pretty much does it for now, I should have some more changes in a few days. It rained last and I have a feeling it will rain for a few more days. Take care and have a nice weekend.