My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More pictures

Well, here I am at the library again and not to much has happenend since the last time. Just the same old cold weather. So I will show some pictures while I am thinking of what to say.

Camp robber

My new birdfeeder

My new little buddy

Night shot

Clouds and the moon

Robbing the new feeder

Sniffing? LOL

AHHHHH! Quiet and peaceful

Hard at work

I got tagged for shoveling snow across the road.

Cool bird

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Will it ever end?

Seems like winter isn't going to ease up for awhile. We got hit again. This was last weekend.

The plow came through and threw the snow back in 10ft.

Had a visiter outside my door.

Then he decided to take a rest in front of my Trooper and was nibbling on my woodchips.

A buddy of mine stopped by and decided to take a picture of me reading something.

Then got a picture of me being rude and dozing off while visiting with him.

Tried my hand at taking night pictures from my deck.

This is a picture of a cache my friend built for the first time. He did a nice job.

Went to visit an old friend that still runs dogs and these are a few of them.

This is Solo, he's retired and has run of the yard.

This is Lewis a rescue.

Then my friend returned again.

We have got to be the luckiest people alive to be able to live here and experience the wildlife and weather. I kind of had a lot of things to say today but, for some reason I just can't get with the program. I will have to think about it and try the next time. So, I hope everyone stays warm and in good health and enjoy what we have. Thanks.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catching up

It's been awhile since I have made any posts with all the holidays and a few days just to cold to go to the library. There isn't a whole lot going on, just been hanging out at the town cabin shoveling snow and splitting wood and trying to keep warm. I have had some pretty cold days and lots of snow since my last post. For right now I am going to make this a picture post and then will submit another later.

We got 3ft. of snow awhile back

My burn barrel

There it is

A neighbor was just approaching as I took this pic.

Front of cabin

Ice cubes made by Nature

Still hard at work

Finally a walkway

Decided to make some lunch, Rabbit soup and it was good.

As you can see, the windows frosted up real good. A neighbor gave me the wreath thinking it would help with cabin fever.

Breakfast Christmas morning, powdered eggs, dehydrated hashbrowns, real bacon and cinnimon spice coffee.

View from my cabin

My temporary shower

The outhouse is still standing

View of my yard from inside the cabin

That's it pretty much for now. So, as you can tell by the pictures, I have been busy. All that work doesn't bother me at 64 years old. It does a person good to keep active and healthy. Next week, I get rid of my Android phone with the Internet and texting on it. This thing drives me nuts. I am going back to my basic old cellphone. Hopefully, I can keep myself on schedule for the library.
  I have just recently started going through all the things I have accumilated and don't need. I'm not even going to try and sell the stuff, I may drop it off to a place like a womans shelter or something like that. I way more than I need. We are so lucky to lve in a place like Alaska and to be able to live how we want, almost. I am also thinking about selling the town cabin again, I like it but, I will spend most of my time on my remote property, I would probably worry all the time if the cabin is ok. I am also going to start working on finding a partner, not sure how I will go about it but, it should be interesting. Not many women today willembrace a remote lifestyle and those who do, are either taken or want to be by themselves. It's tough being a single Bushdweller these days, LOL. Anyway, time to go, hope everyone is doing good and having fun.