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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Friday, May 20, 2011

11 more days left til it's time to go North and build the Homestead. I am getting very excited. I have been kind of keeping a low profile these past few days. I woke this morning to a sort of gloomy day.

As you can see no sun to speak of. As the day grew older, the wind picked up.

Because of the lake having rollers, I can't get water from it so, I had to go up the beach to the creek for water.

Although it wasn't a complete gloomy day, I had a visitor this morning.

It really is nice to have these guys for neighbors, yes, even the squirrels. As the day grew on, I went looking for something like a flower and here is the only thing I found budding.

As I was on my way back inside I noticed a lot of movement. Went to investigate and I found a bunch of swallows going after the skeets.

So, I pretty much spent the day packing stuff and took some boxes to my friend in the village, he is flying his plane to Anchorage tomorrow and will put the stuff in my truck camper. I don't really mind the wind much, it keeps the skeets down. Tomorrow is another day and I will see what I can get into tomorrow.

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