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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is it

Today I leave for Anchorage, I hope. My plane is due around noon but, the weather is calling for rain and that means, if Lake Clark Pass is affected, I'm not going anywhere. That would be my luck. I am excited to get to Anchorage to start on my new found adventure. This is the first time I really looked forward to working,LOL. Anyway, I will try to keep everyone up to date on whatever is going on from the time I hit Anchorage to completing the new cabin.  Check back

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blog problems again.........FIXED

My list of followers have disappeared and don't know why. So, I am asking  followers of my blog to sign again please, Thanks.


Friday, May 27, 2011

My time is near

   I have 4 days left before I head to Anchorage. I have been pretty busy packing and forgetting things to pack. Moving is really easy, it's remembering what to pack. Packing is a real pain. I remember it wasn't all that long ago, I could pack everything in a backpack and go, over the the past 10 years I have been accumulating things and once I get going on the new cabin, I hope to eliminate many of the things I have.  There seems to be a lot of pressure on me right now.  I think once I get to Anchorage and get all my stuff into  storage, the pressure will ease up.  The only good thing about packing is, it kept me inside and from being eatin up by the skeets and attacked by the millions of sand fleas. The weather is overcast and the high winds stopped a few days ago.  The way the clouds are forming today, it looks like it may rain.

   When I get to Anchorage, I will be spending some time there getting stuff that I will need like food, more tools, laundry, yep, I saved enough up to take me awhile.  I want to take a trip on the Denali Highway as I usually do every summer and fall.  Whenever I travel to the Highway, I find solace there. I have found myself staying off the computer more and more each day and it feels good.  Getting back to a more simpler life is very inviting.  Anyway, I am cleaning a nice big Lake Trout I got and my friend from the village is coming out since his wife is in Anchorage. Ok I'm out. Later


Friday, May 20, 2011

11 more days left til it's time to go North and build the Homestead. I am getting very excited. I have been kind of keeping a low profile these past few days. I woke this morning to a sort of gloomy day.

As you can see no sun to speak of. As the day grew older, the wind picked up.

Because of the lake having rollers, I can't get water from it so, I had to go up the beach to the creek for water.

Although it wasn't a complete gloomy day, I had a visitor this morning.

It really is nice to have these guys for neighbors, yes, even the squirrels. As the day grew on, I went looking for something like a flower and here is the only thing I found budding.

As I was on my way back inside I noticed a lot of movement. Went to investigate and I found a bunch of swallows going after the skeets.

So, I pretty much spent the day packing stuff and took some boxes to my friend in the village, he is flying his plane to Anchorage tomorrow and will put the stuff in my truck camper. I don't really mind the wind much, it keeps the skeets down. Tomorrow is another day and I will see what I can get into tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another day and Another blank

  Since my last post not much has changed. The weather is gloomy overcast. The ice did go out. We had some very high winds which helped to push it out. I kind of been stuck inside. Today, I did go out and walked around to see if anything is worth photographing. There are no flowers, only brown grass, bare trees and the same birds that have been around. Although, I did see my first robin the other day. I have 15 more days before heading to Anchorage. Then prepare everything to get up to my land and get busy building.

  Here is a little human interest story. There is a woman in the village who has 1 daughter at home. A while back she went to Anchorage and was at the Northway Mall. While walking around, there was a business there renting store space and selling misc. items. Anyway, she went in and was looking around and she saw some computers and thought it would be nice to have one. Mind you she knows absolutely nothing about them. They had a computer they showed her and she liked it and decided to buy it. When she got back to the village the computer wouldn't work. I and some friends checked it out and found it had no operating system on it. I informed her of this and she said it worked when they showed her. They took her to the cleaners. They had loaded the operating system and then unloaded it after she paid $199.00 for a brand of computer I have never heard of. She tried contacting them and they gave her the run around. Of course they were no longer in that store. I felt bad for her so, I had an ACER computer that is 3 years old and loaded with everything. Today I cleaned everything of mine off and took it in and gave it to her. I also threw in my my old Canon 3.2 meg camera along with a case for the computer. She was very happy and it made me feel good doing something for someone. She handed me $50 and I told her to keep it. I guess that really made my day, hers to I suspect.

  The moral of this story is, when you feel kind of down in the dumps, do something special for someone and it will brighten your day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog problems

Sorry but, I am having problems with my Blog. Someone is coming in and leaving very nasty comments. I have tried to regulate it and having problems with it. Blogger is dealing with this issue and is going to start tracking people leaving comments until this person is identified. Sorry for the inconvenience,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


  Hi everyone, I know it's been awhile and to tell the truth, I was just lazy. Not a whole lot is going on and not sure there is anything real interesting to talk about. We have been having a lot of rain and high winds and so, it limited what I could do. It has been pretty warm during the day and cools down at night and early morning.

  On the nice days, I have been walking around the property picking up things that were scattered all around. It is crazy the things you find after some high winds. Right now the winds are blowing pretty good and that is a good thing. It is breaking up the ice on the lake. A few days ago.


  So, the days are getting better and I am happy knowing I'm a short timer. I have 21 days left til I get to my homestead and start building my new cabin. So anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what's
 going on.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playing around with my new camera

                              Leaf in the front yard
                                      The FLY
                                  Morning visitor
                                    New Growth
                                    Tonights Dinner
Schrimp sauteed in a galic butter sauce then, tossed in  tomato sauce and parsley, Steamed asparagus and Honey BBQ Wings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cloudy Day

Today was another bad weather day, Wind, rain, some sun in and out but, mostly cloudy.

This plane is about to be swallowed up in the clouds.

Northern Air Cargo flying by
Sunset last night

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New camera day

Today my new camera came and was excited to try it out. It is kind of a crappy day, windy, chilly drizzel on and off. Anyway, here is my new camera.

                                        Test photos

I am still trying to get use to my new camera. I did find out, I have to wait until it auto focuses. I'm still excited about it and hope to bring some better pictures.