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The Bush Life
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things going on.

Hi folks, well,, not a whole lot going on. The weather has been rainy and the last couple of days, pretty sunny and warm. Been working on a new project and just finished it. I built a small couch or as some of you say, love seat. I call it a "no love seat, lol".

The end result, I just need to get a cover for the foam cushions.
I bought this recliner at Value village for $20.
I changed the cabin around for the last time, got it the way I want it now.

I moved my batteries and inverter out to the arctic entry.
I finished stocking my pantry.

Saturday, yesterday, I drove to Anchorage 85 miles away and bought this 1993 Ford Ranger extended cab for $750.

It runs great, has 220,000 and the tires have lots of tread and a 4 cyl. engine. Yes, I still have my car. That's pretty much it for now. Hope to have another post soon. Take care


bigfoot said...

Nice little truck...and great price.
Looks like a cosy, well arranged cabin.
Take care.

John said...

Hi Bigfoot, thanks. Thought it was time to give the Nissan a break, it's done enough work and now it's time for a rest.

Anonymous said...

The load carrying area on the new truck will be very useful John, hope it serves you well.

Looking "cool" in the shirts, must have warmed up in yr neck of the woods.

Our winter is 2/3rd gone, have snow on the High Country to our north.


Peter, AUS.

John said...

Hi Peter, I'm sure it will serve me well. Yeah, it can get hot here. I'm a cold weather kind of guy. Hope all is well with you, down under.

Rain said...

Hi John :) That's a great deal on the truck. The no-love seat looks great! I giggled at that! Your cabin really does look cozy, I'm very envious! :)

Mary said...

Haha, no love seat. I like the cabin...don't think I'd ever leave.

Unknown said...
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John said...

Hi Rain, thanks so much. It is cozy, especially in the Winter.

John said...

Thanks Mary, it does grow on ya.

Washkeeton said...

You got rid of that cute little round table!! I liked it, the new one looks fine there but still liked the other one with the comfortable chairs. Lol. Love the "no love seat". You do nice work.

We will be out here in your neck of the woods for another week at most.


Debbie Schreib said...

the cabin looks wonderful, John. LOVE the stocked pantry! take care, Debi

John said...

Thanks Debbie

Washkeeton said...

I see you have the old camper stove back in the cabin 😉 Just a curious quick question, the Colman camp stove with an oven, did you not like that one? I have been using mine since we got out here....I'm still working on my first 20 lb propane tank after a full months use with the Colman...have made meatloaf, calzones, biscuits, etc in the oven, hard to control the heat but works great, I think...just wanting thoughts...thinking about springing for a 24 in propane/nat gas stove...non elec.