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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things going on.

Hi folks, well,, not a whole lot going on. The weather has been rainy and the last couple of days, pretty sunny and warm. Been working on a new project and just finished it. I built a small couch or as some of you say, love seat. I call it a "no love seat, lol".

The end result, I just need to get a cover for the foam cushions.
I bought this recliner at Value village for $20.
I changed the cabin around for the last time, got it the way I want it now.

I moved my batteries and inverter out to the arctic entry.
I finished stocking my pantry.

Saturday, yesterday, I drove to Anchorage 85 miles away and bought this 1993 Ford Ranger extended cab for $750.

It runs great, has 220,000 and the tires have lots of tread and a 4 cyl. engine. Yes, I still have my car. That's pretty much it for now. Hope to have another post soon. Take care