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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Today, the sun finally came out. It's been raining here sometimes pouring or on and off.



Had my coffee and quiet time then, breakfast
After breakfast, I went out to work on my driveway gate project. In my shop cutting trim on my table saw. I sure am glad I bought it.
After getting the trim cut and painted, I went out and trimmed the gates. When I painted the gates, my intention was for 2 coats but, the first coat made it look Rustic so, I left it with one.
It was a heck of a project, and it cost me nothing. I got the pallets free and I used the nails from the pallets I took apart. Well, almost free, I bought the paint.

Here is what I started out with.
I had to take the pallets apart which I thought would be hard, nope, it wasn't using the right tool

This little $4 pry bar did the trick and made it easy

After all that work, I came in and made lunch. A tortilla pizza.

Looks good, eh? I made it in one of those Red Copper pans as seen on tv. I bought a couple of them, when you cook in them, no matter what, you can clean it with a paper towel.

For supper, I had Taco soup with Penne Ziti.
Watermellon for dessert.
I bought one of those screens you see on tv, it's split down the middle. When you walk through it, it closes automatically behind you using magnets. It works great, well worth $14. 

That's it for now, I will post again soon when I finish my driveway gate. Take care.


C Shoemaker said...

Really nice post! It is wonderful to see the ongoing improvements to your place. I someone taking the pictures of you or do you have a camera on a tripod? The menu ideas are a nice addition too.....thanks.

John said...

Thanks, I pretty much take my own photos using a tripod. There are a lot improvements to be done. I really enjoy the tortilla pizza, it's healthy, easy to make and good.

Rain said...

Oh my gosh John, you had me at tortilla pizza!!!!! I'm a huge pizza lover! That looks great. So does your breakfast! We just bought a watermelon, we're going to seep some spiced rum into it and see how it tastes after a day or so. Your gate is coming along great! Thanks for posting about the pry bar. We often have an opportunity for free pallets, but I also thought taking them apart would be too hard for me. Glad to know there's an inexpensive tool out there that can do the job!

John said...

Hey Rain, this pizza takes about 10 minutes in the fry pan and tastes great. This pry bar makes it so easy to take them apart.

Evano said...

Turning your place into a palace John!
Looks great.
Hope your not aggravating your back too much.
I'm putting in a garden for vegetables. Hoping that the critters don't get too well fed before I do. Living in the woods has it's drawbacks.

John said...

Hi Evano, thanks. Not having any back proplems since my acupuncture treatments. I think you will do fine. Drawbacks? Sometimes but, worth the good times. Hang in there.

Washkeeton said...

You having tweeker visits? I sure hope not.


John said...

Not me personally but, close by.

Wendy Hallett said...

Hi John I love your blog. I really love the way you simplify your life. Around 5 years ago we were living the dream big house on the hill, lots of money. Then my husband got ill and several other major life determining events happened. Suffice to say we simplified our life here in England. The house is gone and we now have a wonderful project 1970`s narrowboat we are "doing" up... We love her and we love living with nature. We are not or never have been as remote as you, but I understand what you are writing about, and I really respect that. I find myself looking back when I grew up, 1970`s... and missing that era. I know that there were problems but I can`t remember that life was so complicated so much joy of Z list "celebrities" that have no idea what the world is .... I read your blog with joy.... Wendy

Anonymous said...

What a difference a day makes! Glad you were able to get out, enjoy it, plus work on the gate. Looking forward to seeing completed project.

Now I've got to get some tortillas��


John said...

Hi Wendy, welcome. I have always thought that my lifestyle makes me rich. Living a simple life is very rewarding. I had to look up what a Narrow boat is. Very cool. I like it, so much you can do with it. Hope you finish it soon. Stay tuned

John said...

Hey Susan, I was put today working on it and it was so hot, I had to stop, will go out tomorrow and hopefully finish it. Tortillas yeah, lol

Kimberly F said...

The gate looks great! Hope you find a way out to your remote cabin soon!

John said...

Hi Kimberly, thanks. I'm working on it.

bigfoot said...

Good idea on that gate. Turned out looking great.
Your meal pics are making me hungry.
Thanks for keeping this blog going.

John said...

Hi Bigfoot, thanks. The project is coming along good. The pictures make me hungry also, lol. Think I'll go eat, lol

Mary said...

That screen is awesome! Never seen it before. So it's raining, I thought it was a bad fire season up there?

John said...

Hi Mary, that screen sells for $14 at Wal-Mart in the "as seen on tv" section. It doesn't rain every day. The rain is sporadic, sometimes heavy, sometimes light.

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I have always thought that my lifestyle makes me rich. Living a simple life is very rewarding. I had to look up what a Narrow boat is. Very cool.

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