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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Before leaving the cabin, I took a walk about on my property to share with you what's going on. My property consist of many old growth trees, some range in diameter of 12-24".

Many of these trees grow Fungus

Here are some flowers growing around the cabin

As you can see, the ferns grow big and plentiful here. I like the ferns but, they have a tendency to take over and I will have to get rid of some around the cabin. The problem with these are, they cover the ground so much, the ground stays damp from the rain and can't dry up. This breeds mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, a Chickadee committed suicide by ramming into my window. R.I.P. little guy.

I got the cabin set up to cook

I forgot that I brought out some freeze dried meals awhile back, I know it doesn't look that appealing but, it didn't taste bad at all. All you do is, add 2 cups boiling water to the pkg. stir and close for 10 min. and dinner.

Don't it look tasty, LOL.

Randy is here to pick me up and loading the plane.
Taking off

The landscape on the trip back, my property.

and last but not least, my buddy, RANDY who makes it possible to take these photos.

I hope you all enjoy these photos. My next trip out will be around July 1st and I will be the the whole month and will blog from there. Take care and enjoy.


M. Silvius said...

Great photos John. Looks like there is another cabin near your's. You are going to have to take up flying yourself now. LOL

John said...

Thanks Mike, I have 1 neighbor across the lake. He is seldom there in the Summer, mostly in the Winter. Wish I could afford to have a plane.

Rumbarr said...

Hi John. Good to see you are doing well. I love the photos.

John said...

Thanks Rumbarr, good to hear from you. Check out my previous post.

C Shoemaker said...

Hello John.....The pictures of your area and property are beautiful. I can see why you love it so! I am curious how much property you own and how you found it to buy? Thanks so much for posting more frequently - it is wonderful to share your world.

John said...

Hi Chris, thank you. I actually bought it from the state. They auction off land and sell over the counter on the state website. I have 10 acres. Check out my previous post.

Rain said...

Thanks to Randy for making it possible for you to share those photos! Wonderful! Oh gosh, get rid of those ferns if they are mosquito friendly....My belief is that flora is gorgeous, but bug bites are not! :) Black fly season is nearly over here. Mosquitoes are here but I'm used to that. Deer flies are next, they should make a few dents in my skin lol...your Alaska home is gorgeous. I'm a big tree-lover, I always see some kind of shape or face in the trees. I used to only photograph trees for that reason, I should get back into the woods and do that!

John said...

I will pass your thanks on to Randy. I enjoy the old trees also, They have character. I like the Ferns but, they get out of control and keeps the ground damp.

Washkeeton said...

Are they the fiddle head kind? Edible?? Just a thought for future springs to come.


John said...

No, wish they were. I enjoy me some fried fiddleheads.