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The Bush Life
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back at the cabin

Hi everyone, a few of you were wondering where I was. Sorry for not answering your comments.  As far as my health issues, the specialists seems to think I am fine so, I am going along with that and not worry about anything and go on being me.

Yep, I'm back at the cabin and have been here since Monday 6/5. When I arrived, it was raining but not to bad.  When we landed at the beach, to our surprise it very wet from the snow and the rains.  It turned into Muskeg which is like walking on sponges submerged in water. I had to walk about 100 feet to get to dry land.  As I was hauling stuff in the sled, I fell a few times and got soaking wet.  Randy unloaded and took off, he didn't want any part of it, LOL.  When I got everything to the cabin, I started a small fire to dry everything. I pretty much sat inside and drank coffee. Despite all that, I didn't let it bother me.

 Woke up about 3:40 am and this is what I saw.

Waking up to such beauty, you don't want to go back to sleep, I was so tired, I did. Tuesday morning, I woke up about 8 am (yes, I did sleep in). I made coffee and breakfast.

Powdered Scrambled eggs

Eggs and sausage, a good hearty breakfast

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday cutting small trees that blocked the view some.

It was a job cutting them all by hand but, rewarding.

After the tree cutting on Tuesday, I was sitting in the cabin having coffee and I noticed a brown spot across the lake.

That was a very nice surprise. Wednesday as I was having coffee, surprise again, not sure if it was the same moose or a different one but, I'm thinking the same going back.

Here it's looking up as a plane was flying overhead.

On Wednesday, I was treated to another surprise, I walked down towards the lake and there was a swan.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Mount Denali was out in all her glory and I feel so honored to have my cabin here to view it.

Today I walked around the property a bit and found these flowers growing. 

Here are a couple of trees with nice Burls growing on them. There are plenty on my property.

Here is a tree that will have to be cut down soon. I will do it late Fall or this a Winter.

I brought my generator from my town cabin and when I get back, I will buy a new one.

I was pleased to see Starlings, it is fun to watch them flying and dive bombing after mosquitoes. They are hard to film. One did land on a dead tree.

Resting with a cup of coffee

Well my friends, I hope you enjoy this post, I will go to town tomorrow to take care of some things. There will be more times like this one soon. Stay tuned. Thanks.


M. Silvius said...

Wow John, didn't realize you were that close to Denali. Can you get to your place by boat? or are you always dependent on the plane.

John said...

Hi Mike, great photo of Denali. I have a great view. The Summers, I do depend on a plane. I like it that way, if I could get to it by boat, so can many others. Winters is by plane and snowmachine. Thanks for asking.

Mary said...

What a great view! Glad you are OK. But take vitamin D or get your levels checked. I am outside all the time but my levels are really low. Some people don't absorb it. Anyway, you are a fortunate person to have that cabin!

John said...

Hi Mary, thanks for the advice. I am very fortunate to have my cabin and property where it's at.

Anonymous said...

It seems unusual tp see a single swan. Perhaps it's a young immature swan and hasn't found a mate yet. It would be neat to get a pair living on your lake. Did those cow moose hang out near your town cabin to calve this spring ? I always enjoy watching them, but you have to be aware where they are all the time so you don't end up between the cow and the calf.

take care
Old John

John said...

Hey John, actually there was 3 swans hanging out on the lake. They probably did calve but, not within sight. I'm hoping to see more wildlife when I go back July 1st. I will be there about a month.

Washkeeton said...

I am soooo glad you got out to your cabin. It is so nice to hear the excitement in your voice. I always love the pictures you share... Im also glad that the Drs said your ok. So keep on keeping on.....


John said...

Hi Wash, thanks. Going out to the cabin is just what the doctor ordered. July will be even better. I will definately have a lot to do. I hope your health is doing better.

Washkeeton said...

Getting there, now to build my stamina back up after being bed rest mostly for 2 months. Can't wait to see your posts from the cabin....


Rain said...

Hi John! I LOVED your post! How beautiful, I can feel your gratitude in your words. I've never seen a swan up close before, you got some great photos of the moose too! The mountains is a beauty. Our mountains here in the Laurentians of Quebec are like hills compared to yours!!! I'm glad that the specialist gave you the okay. Great photos!!! :)

John said...

Hi Rain, thanks for stopping by. I'm a whole lot happier when I'm at my remote cabin. I cinsider it a privilege to be able to see the largest mpuntain in North America from my cabin.

Rohirn said...

Beautiful pictures im trying to save money now to got Alaska and love in a small cabin out away from things

John said...

Hi Rohirn, I wish you the best in your endeavor. Alaska is a great place to live.

Rumbarr said...

Time to let go of the eggs and sausage, high fiber cereal perhaps ? I love it myself. Coffee stays though, the nectar of the gods =)

John said...

No, no, no it's the only vice I have and yes, the coffee stays, lol.

Kimberly F said...

Waking up to Denali, moose and swans sounds like perfection!

John said...

There is nothing like it. I feel so relaxed when I am there.

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