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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring time in Alaska

Hi  folks, Monday was the day  of Spring. I decided  to celebrate by making a trip to my remote cabin. Monday, I met my friend Randy at his house about noon and we loaded up and left about 12:30. What a beautiful day to fly, the sky was clear and the sun bright.

We got to the cabin and Randy dropped me off and he left to go to his cabin 6 miles away. As I approached my cabin, I noticed snowmachine tracks leading up to my cabin. Oh no, ran through my mind.

I got some work done inside. I put down a rug I had at my town cabin.
I bought a new phone and hooked it up to my fixed cell box.

What you do is, hook the phone up to the box to the right then, hook the yagi antenna to the box
This antenna should be mounted above the roof but, My ladder is under the snow somewhere. I'll mount it when the snow is gone. I have in inverter below the shelf hooked up to a 12 volt battery to plug the phone and box in.

Here are some more photos I took. These are the Beluga mountains behind my cabin.

Here is the view of Denali from my place

These are random photos of my property and lake. This one is my lake

This is the antenna for my phone

Mmy new coffee pot
Enjoying a good cup of coffee

Randy picking me up

Had a visitor in my yard

The weather is getting much better, the daytime temps have been in the 20's and 30's, clear and sunny. We are now having 12 hours of daylight. I am presently waiting on my freighter to haul stuff out. He is very busy.

I am looking forward to the snow melting and my lake opens so I can get a lot of work done. By the way, remember the new refrigerator I bought? It turned out to be to big. It was hard to keep full for 1 person so, I sold it and replaced with a smaller one and it is working out very well. 

  Hope you like the pictures. Take care


M. Silvius said...

Hi John, Glad to see you made it out to the cabin. Was getting a bit worried as we had not heard form you in a spell. Hope all is well.
Stay safe, Michael in Maine

John said...

Hi Mike, things are fine. I've been kind of lazy and not much going on. Glad you checked in, thanks

Rumbarr said...

Hi John, good to see all is well. That is one big Moose, you see them often ?

John said...

Hi Rumbarr, I see them quite a bit, especially along the road when going to town. Hope things are well with you

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures of a scenic place.
Bigfoot in TX

John said...

Hi Bigfoot, you are most welcome. Glad to share

Rain said...

Hi John :) I love the pictures, especially the moose and the shots of the mountains and lakes!! I could fish that lake let me tell you...I'm really looking forward to spring here in the Laurentians! Did you ever find out who made the snow machine tracks? That would have me wondering too. I hate people trespassing!!! I'm envious of your cabin and land :)

John said...

Hi Rain, thanks for stopping by. It is beautiful at my remote cabin, it is very quiet and peaceful. I haven't found out yet but, nothing is missing which leaves me to believe it is someone I know. Stay tuned, more to come.

Art said...

No breakin or theft?
Nice moose!
1947 Piper...nice ride!

John said...

Hi Art, I was surprised nothing taken. That is a big moose. Super Cruiser, nice plane.

Mary said...

Envious of your peace and solitude. This would make a great writing retreat!

John said...

Hi Mary, good to hear from you. Yes, it's wonderful out there. I may start writing again.

CottonLady said...

Good morning, John. So glad to see that you made it out to your remote cabin! Loved all the pictures; Denali, moose and scenery. Happy that nothing was taken by your 'visitor'. Maybe a friend was just checking to see if you were there. Looking forward to more pictures and stories of your Spring adventures!


John said...

Hi Cotton, good to hear from you. Life is so refreshing out there. I'm going to check with a couple of friends to see if they stopped by. I'm looking forward to my time out there as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Nice picts, You need to cut some of that brush between your picture window and the lake for a better view..... (Lol)
Do you suppose that snow-go track was your freighter breaking a trail in ? Just a thought. Do you put any kind of shutters over your windows when you're gone ?? I had to put shutters on all of my cabin windows as I had a brown sow kept trying to push the windows in.. I suspect she was the one that got in there back 10 - 12 yrs ago when a November earthquake shook open the door.. What a mess. what she didn't eat, chew on, or otherwise destroy, she peed on.. My Son and I tossed everything outside and had a big bon fire. What kind of fish is in your lake ? We used to have Dolly Varden in our lake, oil the pike got in there in 85.

Take Care

Old John

John said...

Hey John, I have brush and trees to clear. It could have been the freighter. I will check with a few people. I've never covered the windows and had no problems. I have pike as well. They do tend to take over. I will be going out again soon.

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