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The Bush Life
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Getting close

Good morning, it's 8:05 am and just had breakfast. Hash browns topped with 2 eggs.
I know it's been awhile since I posted, that's because not much going on and pure laziness. We've had quite a bit of snow since my last post.


I cut up some  trees I cut down for a neighbor a couple of years ago.

Anyway, what I mean by getting closer is, I got a hold of a freighter to haul a couple of freight sled loads out to the cabin. Starting next week, I will be taking stuff to the staging area. Once it is all there, he will haul it out to the cabin. I haven't decided whether I will follow him out or fly out and meet him at the cabin. He figured about $400 for 2 sled fulls. The sleds are about 5'x14' long.

Next week, I will be running around getting propane, gas, etc. I plan on taking photos from now on to post and document the whole move. I'm getting really excited now that I am closer to getting it all together. so, stay tuned and I will try to post more frequently. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey John
Sounds like your getting closer all the time. we went out to our cabin last weekend. The river trail is a little bumpy this year. Got a couple patches of big ice chunks jumbled up. We were expecting to need to shovel off the cabin and shed roof, but were pleasantly surprised to learn there was less snow at the cabin than here in town. Usually it's the other way around, for every foot we get in town, there is usually 2 foot at the cabin,.. blame it on Global warming.... :)

You moved an awful lot of snow away from the side of your "shop".. if this keeps up you'll be in fine physical shape by spring...! Tell us you didn't use the snow blower...! lol ...

Let us know how the move progresses (with photos)

Old John

John said...

Hi John, I am getting very close. I just met with freighter to find a spot to stage everything that's going out. Getting pretty excited. Actually, I didn't use the snowblower by the shop, to much snow. I did use it elsewhere. I will start hauling stuff next week to the staging area.

CottonLady said...

Wow!! A lot of snow--a lot of shoveling!! So happy for you to get to start getting ready to move to your "outpost"!! Look forward to seeing all your pictures and reading all about it! Thanks for today's pics--looks like you had a good shoveling job getting to your privy, too! Good to hear from you!

Take care--Blessings!

John said...

Hi Cotton, thanks. Yes, it was a lot of snow. I'm very excited, it is the beginning of a new life. Getting to the outhouse is very important, lol

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to your adventure.

It was 91 degrees in North Tx 2 days ago.!!

Take care


John said...

Hi Bigfoot, I am looking forward to it as well. It's going to be fun. 91 degrees? Yikes! Stay tuned

Carol said...

Hi John, Look at you with all that snow!! Looks beautiful doesn't it. I am getting excited for you John on getting out to the remote cabin. I am looking forward to the photos and life in remote Alaska. I will stop talking and let you get ready to go. Lots to do I am sure! Take care John!

Anonymous said...

Hey John
We went back to Cabin this last weekend.. (towed the machine with the busted tranny home) The trail isn't too bad, but with this more recent snowfall and possibly more on Fri, the trails should be really good.. some of those bumps should b e filled in.. I think Dave Luce is pulling a drag over the trail every so often to level out some of the bumps.

old John

John said...

Hi Carol, the snow is beautiful and clean, not like the cities. We are still getting more snow.I am excited as well. Stay tuned

John said...

Hey John, good to hear you getting out there. Hope you had a fun time. Hope everything was ok out there. I heard the trails wete good.

Washkeeton said...

Hi, I missed a post. Sorry about that. We have cleaned off the roof twice and plowed to 6 ft burms now. Geesh, lots of snow, still trying to hold down two places for now. Thinking your snow blower may be the way to go. Lol. Looking forward to more posts from your remote place. Hey, have you had any problems being kicked off your blog? Just curious. Did you get the stuff freighted out yet? Holler at me some time, where do you get your wood?


Rumbarr said...

Hello my friend, I been out for a while. Hope all is well =)

John said...

Hi wash, cleared the roof a couple times myself. The snowblower was an excellent idea. It takes less time to clear the snow. I should be getting out there soon. I've had no problems with my blog. The freighter is still busy, hopefully soon. I'll call you about the wood.

John said...

Hi Rumbarr, everything is peachy keen. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you.

Pleasance Faast said...

Hey John! Wow, these pictures are so beautiful. It is definitely a stark difference from my Florida weather! I admire what you are doing there by going back to basics. Wouldn't we all love to go back to a simpler time of wood cabins and outhouses? Okay, well maybe not outhouses... Anyways, enjoy yourself, stay safe and try to keep that roof clear of snow!

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

John said...

Thanks Pleasance, living simple is the best way to live well, for me anyway. But, I think I need to downsize a bit more.