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My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sunday ride

Last weekend, my friend Randy asked me to fly out to his cabin and bring his sons snowmachine back to town. Not a problem. So, I met him at his house about 9:30 am and we loaded up and took off.

Here's Randy readying the plane

He is wiping some frost off the wing
Off we go
Photos on the way, Mt. Susitna, also known as "Sleeping Lady"

Yentna River
Flying Indian Creek where Randy's cabin is

                                             Arriving at his cabin

                                                   Randy's cabin
                                    Some logs he will use for firewood

                                Here I am on Indian Creek, ready to leave.
                               Here I am on the Yentna River

I got about 5 miles down the river and the snowmachine overheated. This is a liquid cooled machine and they tend to overheat when the weather is very warm.

With luck my cellphone worked on the river, I called Randy and he came out with some coolant.

Ok, we got that problem taken care of, Randy decided to ride a ways with me just in case. Well, there was a problem. A big one, we were following the trail markers, wooden sticks with red tips stuck in the snow. We were traveling at a good clip. As we approached 20 mile slough, there was a 3 foot drop and before I could stop, I went over and broke through the ice nose first.

As I tried to get off the machine I was up to my knees in water and my boots got filled up. As I tried to get out, the ice shelf kept breaking and I got wetter. I finally got out and was soaking wet. I to my boots off and emptied theme and wrung my socks and pants out. Randy drove 10 miles back to his cabin to get a shovel and rope to pull the snowmachine out. Sorry no more pictures but, I just wasn't in the mood to take pictures.

We got the machine out and Randy decided I should go back and go the next day. I decided not to. So, I continued on and arrived at Deshka Landing a couple of hours later. Once I got to Rawleigh Creek, I had to slow down to about 5 miles per hour because the bumps were so bad. When I finally got home, I built a hot fire in the stove, made fresh coffee and slept like a baby.

These things happen and you takes chances traveling the waterways this time of the year. Was I happy when it happened? Nope. I got over it real soon. Will I keep riding the rivers? Yep. It's just another story to add to the others. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos and story.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weather and visittors

The weather has been pretty good. Since Feb. 24, we've had clear and sunny days until today. We received a light snow and it's melting already. The day temps. ran from -20's to +39. This was this morning.
As I was sitting drinking coffee, I noticed a movement, a cow moose
She started grazing on the Willows in my yard. She started grazing across the yard and found a nice spot to rest and eat. If you look over her rump, there is a dark spot in the trees, another cow moose.

As she lay there eating, the morning started getting lighter.

As you can see, it started snowing as she layed there.
I guess she got enough rest and decided to graze again.

The white on the back of the legs as well as a very light brown on the face, tells you, it's a cow. Bulls are pretty much, dark brown all over.
This is the other cow, who came out of the trees to graze.
This is the second one.

The first cow noticed her and decided to go over and claim her territory.

As the second cow moved into the woods, the first one followed her, perhaps to dine with her or not.

I really enjoy the moose, I just can't get enough of them. I could watch them for hours. I hope you enjoy the photos. Take  care

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring time in Alaska

Hi  folks, Monday was the day  of Spring. I decided  to celebrate by making a trip to my remote cabin. Monday, I met my friend Randy at his house about noon and we loaded up and left about 12:30. What a beautiful day to fly, the sky was clear and the sun bright.

We got to the cabin and Randy dropped me off and he left to go to his cabin 6 miles away. As I approached my cabin, I noticed snowmachine tracks leading up to my cabin. Oh no, ran through my mind.

I got some work done inside. I put down a rug I had at my town cabin.
I bought a new phone and hooked it up to my fixed cell box.

What you do is, hook the phone up to the box to the right then, hook the yagi antenna to the box
This antenna should be mounted above the roof but, My ladder is under the snow somewhere. I'll mount it when the snow is gone. I have in inverter below the shelf hooked up to a 12 volt battery to plug the phone and box in.

Here are some more photos I took. These are the Beluga mountains behind my cabin.

Here is the view of Denali from my place

These are random photos of my property and lake. This one is my lake

This is the antenna for my phone

Mmy new coffee pot
Enjoying a good cup of coffee

Randy picking me up

Had a visitor in my yard

The weather is getting much better, the daytime temps have been in the 20's and 30's, clear and sunny. We are now having 12 hours of daylight. I am presently waiting on my freighter to haul stuff out. He is very busy.

I am looking forward to the snow melting and my lake opens so I can get a lot of work done. By the way, remember the new refrigerator I bought? It turned out to be to big. It was hard to keep full for 1 person so, I sold it and replaced with a smaller one and it is working out very well. 

  Hope you like the pictures. Take care