My tent cabin on the Kvechak River

The Bush Life

The Bush Life
My old buddy "KAYAK"

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Howdy friends

I'm sure you wondering where I have been and what I was doing. Well, I pretty much haven't been anywhere except to town and back. I do have some new things going on. First, breakfast this morning.
I have a few additions to my town cabin. I decided to go solar
I decided to go with one 300w panel to see how it works. I also bought a solar charge controller. 
I hooked it up to my battery bank of 3 12v batteries and my 1000w inverter.
So far it is working even on overcast days, which we have plenty of.
As you can see, we got plenty of snow.

Another new addition is a wood shed using free railroad ties and pallets. Haven't put the top on yet, got lazy.

I will add one more new thing, I bought a 1993 Polaris 6x6. This really saved a lot of work for me which I will explain in my next post.
Well, this will be enough for today. So, hope you enjoy this post and wishing you all a very


Saturday, December 23, 2017


Just wanted to let you all know I am still functioning and was taking a break, a much needed one. A lot has been going on. I wish all of you and your families a great Christmas and lots of food. Hopefully, you can share with those less fortunate. I will do a more complete post right after Christmas.  Until then, enjoy yourselves. Take care

Friday, September 22, 2017

Sad news

Yesterday, I received news that my friend and former employer passed away due to a Hemorrogic Stroke. Kirk is the type of person who is a true Alaskan and outdoor man. We had many, many good and fun times. He is an iconic figure in the Alaska bush pilot world and ran a first class lodge. We spent many days and nights talking about Alaska and our experiences. I will miss him very much.

          Goodbye "Captain"
"Capt. Kirk
1944 - 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things going on.

Hi folks, well,, not a whole lot going on. The weather has been rainy and the last couple of days, pretty sunny and warm. Been working on a new project and just finished it. I built a small couch or as some of you say, love seat. I call it a "no love seat, lol".

The end result, I just need to get a cover for the foam cushions.
I bought this recliner at Value village for $20.
I changed the cabin around for the last time, got it the way I want it now.

I moved my batteries and inverter out to the arctic entry.
I finished stocking my pantry.

Saturday, yesterday, I drove to Anchorage 85 miles away and bought this 1993 Ford Ranger extended cab for $750.

It runs great, has 220,000 and the tires have lots of tread and a 4 cyl. engine. Yes, I still have my car. That's pretty much it for now. Hope to have another post soon. Take care

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Today, the sun finally came out. It's been raining here sometimes pouring or on and off.



Had my coffee and quiet time then, breakfast
After breakfast, I went out to work on my driveway gate project. In my shop cutting trim on my table saw. I sure am glad I bought it.
After getting the trim cut and painted, I went out and trimmed the gates. When I painted the gates, my intention was for 2 coats but, the first coat made it look Rustic so, I left it with one.
It was a heck of a project, and it cost me nothing. I got the pallets free and I used the nails from the pallets I took apart. Well, almost free, I bought the paint.

Here is what I started out with.
I had to take the pallets apart which I thought would be hard, nope, it wasn't using the right tool

This little $4 pry bar did the trick and made it easy

After all that work, I came in and made lunch. A tortilla pizza.

Looks good, eh? I made it in one of those Red Copper pans as seen on tv. I bought a couple of them, when you cook in them, no matter what, you can clean it with a paper towel.

For supper, I had Taco soup with Penne Ziti.
Watermellon for dessert.
I bought one of those screens you see on tv, it's split down the middle. When you walk through it, it closes automatically behind you using magnets. It works great, well worth $14. 

That's it for now, I will post again soon when I finish my driveway gate. Take care.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy 4th to all of. Hope you are enjoying it with family and friends. I myself am just sitting back and taking it easy. Not much going on,  Randy is still in the dumps but, I'm sure he will recover. I have been working on a project,  I am building gates to close off my driveway hopefully to prevent theft.

I am building them from pallets I got free from Lowes. I've noticed new flowers growing in my front yard.

I also noticed the first Fireweed.
I've made acouple of purchases. A new generator, a Generac IQ2000. The guy I bought it from paid little over $800 for it and sold it to me for $450. He decided he needed a bigger one.

It works just as well as my Honda EU2000i except, it is quieter, has a fuel gage, tells you how much running time is left and has 3 speeds, eco, standard and Turbo.

I also bought a post hole digger for a $100, it is 3 months old. I can change the bit and use it to drill through the ice.

I haven't been doing to much of anything else because it's been raining here for ever it seems like. I do miss going out to the cabin, Randy said he would ask around to find me an affordable pilot un til he is back in the seat again. He is such a good friend.

Well, that's it for now, will try for a more interesting blog soon. Take care