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The Bush Life
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trip to top of Hatchers Pass

Saturday, I decided to take a ride to top of Hatchers Pass from Willow. Round trip was 37 miles but, it took 3hrs. 20min. because of the road condition. There were a few holes that almost ate my car. LOL Took these on the way up.

This is an old mine shaft halfway up the mountain, from the 1800's
These two slash shots is the road going up the mountain
The whole road got a bit scary,  No guard rails and plenty of pot holes.

Finally made it to Summit Lake on top

People hiking a very narrow trail to the mountain top
At the top.
this is the road below 

Parking area at Summit Lake
A small Falls on the way back.

Well, that was pretty much the trip and on the way back, I saw quite a few people berry picking which reminds me, I need to get out and do some berry picking myself. Our really nice sunny weather has gone as of this morning, RAIN. So, I will work on retrieving my past lodge photos. Enjoy and take care.


M. Silvius said...

Love the wide open spaces, though I can't say I'd care for all the tourists. I noticed the guy at the peak is making a phone call. That just kind of strikes me as wrong.

John said...

There was way to many and they were all in a hurry, passing me and kicking up dust. I didn't really enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

Washkeeton said...

I have always enjoyed that drive. Still pretty as ever. I was going to ask if you saw any berry pickers. Lol... I wasn't aware there was a mine shaft on the Willow side. I'm am to the point I hate the rain.


John said...

It's a nice drive but, to many people. I saw about 15 or so pickers. Never thought to bring a bucket.

Washkeeton said...

Lol. I had been thinking of picking till the rain started.


Evano said...

Looks beautiful.
Wish I was there to see it (not too fond of lots of people either though)
Berries are very tiny here (central Ontario) due to lack of rain and the bears are a nuisance looking for grub to eat.

John said...

Hi Evano, sorry you aren't here to experience it. Our berries are pretty decent in size. In certain places, one does have to contend with bears.

Mary said...

That lake is gorgeous!

John said...

It is nice, most mountain lakes look the same

Carol said...

Hi John, Always nice to get out for a drive now and then. I know I enjoy a nice Sunday drive. I see why people love Alaska it is beautiful. I was curious to what kind of berries they are picking? Thanks for sharing your day out with us.

John said...

Hi Carol, yes, it is good to get out and I am enjoying it. I didn't look to see what they were harvesting but, I'm sure it is Blueberries. I may go myself when it isn't raining.

CottonLady said...

Hi John,

Your pictures are so beautiful---would love to just step in them and enjoy the outdoors there! Thank you for sharing them with us.

John said...

Hi Cotton, thank you. It's my pleasure to share.

Anonymous said...

Hiya hope all is well...finally getting Fall here ,at least the night temps..waiting for a new post....take care Bert from Bama