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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Good morning, it's 8:50 a.m. and 30 degrees. It was chilly enough to start a small fire to take the chill off. Closing the windows before going to sleep would have helped, lol. After about 2 weeks of steady rain, the sun finally showed itself  and am now getting things done.

While sitting around in the cabin during the rainy days, I got to thinking about things and have decided to put all projects on hold. Even for me, there were way to many to complete and I wasn't taking time out for myself. That's going to change. I started rounding up all the junk laying around and haul off to the dump.
I want to spend the rest of the time for myself and doing things I enjoy. I want to go fishing and take a trip out to the Denali Highway and take photos and get away from crowds for a bit. My friend Randy is quite busy now, flying hunters and fishermen out to remote areas. When he returns, I will fly out to my remote cabin and get some things done and have some real quiet time.

I did finish a project that needed to be done and that is a walkway. I figured it would cut down on the dirt and fine gravel coming into the cabin so, I'm not always sweeping. Made from the free pallets I got.

I have been in a funk for quite awhile and I am slowly coming out of it. I am putting off doing the addition on the remote cabin until next year. I plan on just having fun joying life this Winter. That's the reason I retired. Anyway, I will start my blog on my early days of caretaking this weekend. Hope everyone stops by to check it out. Take care

Saturday, August 13, 2016

C'mon Winter

I guess you can tell, I am done with Summer and just want to skip through Fall. This has been a terrible year, at least for me. It's been exceptionally hot and now for the past two weeks, RAIN. This is why I like Winters best, it's always cool or cold and you can dress accordingly. Working outside is more pleasant and you get to see the moon, stars, Northern Lights and anything else happening in the sky.

I enjoy cooking and baking more and eating seems more pleasurable, at least for me. I am more at ease during the Winter at night with the oil lamps  and candles giving off a nice peaceful glow. There is something about Winter that brings me peace.

I've cut down on the tv watching now and moving to watching movies now. I'm a big fan of outdoor and Civil War movies, not so much for the action but, how they lived in that time period.

Not much going on, the reason for my lack of blogging although, I have put some work into the cabin. I got some free metal roofing last year and decided it has sat long enough. So, I went to work.

I believe it will lessen the heat loss during the Winter. I also started clearing a spot for my little add on.
I bought a battery operated weed eater and I really like it. It works well for the area I need it for and it's QUIET.
While using it, I came across a lot of mushrooms, I've never had, I assume resulting from all the wet weather and overgrowth.

By the way, the Fireweed is starting to turn.
Lately, because of the rain, I have been going through photographs of my early years of lodge caretaking. They bring back fond memories of happiness. During those years, I wrote poetry.  I've decided to share those memories with all of you. They were taken before digital cameras so, I will photograth them with my digital and display them. I will also share a poem with each blog.

Looking at those old photos bring back a memory I wish I could experience again. So, hope you all stay tuned. Take care