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The Bush Life
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Rainy Monday blues

Well, it's Monday and raining lots, I am kinda bored and sitting here looking out the window at the rain, eating Pork Rinds, lol
Anyway, a lady friend stop by a couple of days ago and told me, I should make my cabin more woman friendly. She picked this up for me at a local thrift store.
Before you ask, it's Plexiglas with a log round frame, $6.99

Anyway, I went thrifting yesterday, as it was raining as well. I bought these:

Miniature rocking chair $3.99
Salt and Pepper set $1.99
Birdhouse made out of 2x4's twigs and wood shavings $2.99
Vinegar and oil set $4.99
I needed some 5gal. water containers, like these. Went to Walmart, $18.00 YIKES!
The heck with that so, I decided to go to our local outdoor store, Sportsman Warehouse, $8.99
I've weened myself off diet pepsi and started drinking water. I've found myself wanting something with flavor so, I found these drinks at Walmart and they taste great. They are carbonated, 17 oz. drinks. They are called Clear American Ice and they only contain 3% juice.
They taste very good and come in quite a few flavors. This one is Cherry Lemonade

Well, that's about it for awhile, I will have an interesting blog coming up in the near future. Hope all you dads had a great Fathers Day



Evano said...

Hi john

After last year rain ain't all bad...
I have to lug water too. It sucks.
Do you melt snow in the winter months or keep lugging jugs?
I have started using 2liter pop bottles as well as jugs. I find them easier to fill up coffe pots etc.

Enjoy your cleansing rain.

John said...

Hi Evano, I don't mind the rain, after last years fire. I haul water and use snow for everything as well.

Washkeeton said...

Some of those jugs are expensive. I have just a regular 5 gal pails ( food safe of course) lol, and the pour spout lids from AIH. They never split even when we hauled water at 70 below in Fairbanks. Total investment 5 or so for the pail and no more than 3 for the lid. They will stack one on another and before you put the lid on you can drill a hole and put one of those fancy spouts on them so you can set them on your sink, cabinet for use. Free or one dollar buckets that may fit the lids are from Fred Meyer bakery ( usually need washing out) and Walmart bakery....


John said...

Hi Wash, I've never had a problem with my water buckets in Winter. The new blue water buckets are $17 at Walmart. Prices are crazy. Guess that's life.

Washkeeton said...

We split so many in Fairbanks I lost count...mostly on the seams. We were told about the 5 gal buckets and lids at AIH and I never had a problem after that. If you don't pop the spout out on the lids, you can stack them. We did 4 rows of 3 high. We had 20 or more dogs.


Harry Flashman said...

We've got those drinks here in North Georgia. They come in two versions, one with a higher juice content for a buck and the same ones you have for fifty cents. I can't tell any difference in taste.

John said...

Hey Harry, they are good. Much better than soda plain or diet.

Mary said...

Woman friendly, hahaha. I love the recliner! And the birdhouse.

John said...

I laughed also, let's see if it works, lol

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