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The Bush Life
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here's what's going on

I felt it was time to check in again, have a few things to share with you. One thing I'm happy about is, more wild flowers blooming.

                                Dandilions, lots of them

I hear a lot of people who hate them in their yard, I enjoy them all over. 

Got a visit from a local, I was very surprised but, glad. There hasn't been any wild bunnies around in quite awhile.

I built a work table in the arctic entry
Started working on my outdoor shower. I'm painting pallets that I will use for the floor.

Last week, I went thrift shopping for new chairs. This one I got from a private sale, $15
This one from Value Village, a local thrift store chain. $13.99
they are both rockers and comfortable.
Last Friday, bought a Delta 10 in. table saw for $30. I gotta tell you, it's heavy. Me and the seller lifted it on top of my car. It rode home nicely. I forgot to take a picture on the car.
I got home and had no help getting it off so, had to use ingenuity, used these posts to slide it off the car.
It left a dent in the roof, took a hammer and pounded from inside and popped right back.

I made a trip to town for groceries and stopped at Value Village and found this antique Royal Rochester coffee peculator,  from 1912. $3.99. You see right three dollars and ninety nine cents. what a find.....On the way home, I stopped at my local gas station in Willow to fill my water containers. As I was filling my containers, this attractive gal pulled up behind me to get water as well. She asks me "are you John"? Of course I said yes. She then told me that she follows my blog. I was really surprised. We had a nice conversation and then went our separate ways.

Found this neat wood carving at Value Village also and mounted it on the cabin door. I paid more than I should have but, I really liked it, $12.99
A couple of cloud photos

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I am working on some pretty cool projects for my next post. Stay tuned.


lynn said...

Lovely coffee pot, good find and a great deal on the chairs too, great chairs to read from.

John said...

Thanks Lynn, I do enjoy the chairs.

M. Silvius said...

There you go, every man needs a good workbench to do his ammo reloading and mend broken things around the house. The table-saw was a good score and it is one of the older well built ones. Should come in handy for projects. Just remember, unless you want to acquire the nickname "Stumpy", when you are ripping wood keep your thumbs down so they catch on the edge of the table as you feed the lumber in to the saw and go can no further. That way the hands NEVER go on top of the table and can't get near the blade. Use a push stick or two to feed it through. Better yet, end-for-end and flip the material to finish the cut. Eyes never in line with the blade. They occasionally with throw a carbide tip. Even wearing glasses I had one embed in an eyelid once. Quarter inch further up and I'd have lost the eye.

John said...

Thanks Mike, This is a good table saw, really powerful. I plan to use it here for a few projects then take it to the remote cabin where it's really needed.

Washkeeton said...

Love the coffee pot...I quit trying to perk this drip coffee and went to an easier system for my drip coffee. There is cheaper ones and plastic ones from China. They work great, give the drip taste with out the bitterness. Just heat water and pour over the coffee, instant drip coffee.

Are you planning to spend any time this summer at your other place? Great to see you posting. When we are out that way we will have to drop in and say hi. Dirt work hopefully will be done this week so I can start the build in the next week or so.


John said...

Hi Wash, I'll be going out in a week or two. Have to get some work done out there. Getting to build will be kool. I'm sure you will like it there. How are the mosquitoes? Not real bad here.

Evano said...

I love percolated coffee
Great find.
Can't wait to see your next post!


John said...

Hi Evano, I agree, it's the best way to make coffee

Mary said...

An outdoor shower! I'm guessing it's a summer only kind of thing.

John said...

Yep, although, I could put a small heater in during the Winter. Hmmm! Something to think about.

Washkeeton said...

We have woke up all sorts of biting flies and skeeters by the millions with each tree we drop. Man there is a mass ton of those small black and white butterflies as well. They love the exposed dirt. Getting the plans finalized and the estimate on the wood for the cabin. Should be making that purchase by next week. We hopefully will be getting your stove out in the next few weeks and will bring by.


John said...

It sounds like you are making progress. Wait until it dries out, it should cut down on the mosquitoes. Let me know, I will be going out to the cabin soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Thought I responded to your latest the other day, but must have forgot to hit the Send button.
You didn't buy that 10" table saw you STOLE it. Nice buy on the coffee pot too! That Value Village store in Wasilla sure
draws a lot of people. My wife and a few of her friends are always going "just to look" yet she usually comes home with a bag or two full of "stuff"… When they advertise a half off sale, people are lined up at the door before they even open.

When I was building my remote cabin, AIH, Lowes and HD were all selling cheap 8" table saws for $99. I bought one and hauled it to the cabin. When I was at the cabin I usually needed a tool I'd left in town, and when I was in town and needed a special tool, it was usually at the cabin. Ended up with 2 sets of tools.

Are the Snow Shoe Hare on an up cycle out your way now ? Hope so. They play hell with a garden, but they are fun to watch and quite good to eat.

Old John

John said...

Hi John, I was really glad to get such a good deal on the saw. I plan to buy another one for the remote cabin. I will probably end up with doubling my tools as well. Sometimes there are good buys at VV but, not always. Yes, the hares seem to be rebounding and they are fun to watch. We do have one jerk in the neighborhood who shoots and traps as many as he can. There's always one.

Anonymous said...

Nice finds you have been making! The coffee pot is really nice and I see why you couldn't pass up the wall plaque for the door!
I've always wondered if the rabbit population goes in cycles due to predators or disease , as we go for a few years without seeing any or very few then we have a small population explosion! Thank you for sharing your projects with us and the pictures! Take care, KC

John said...

Hi KC, thanks. We have a guy in this subdivision who thinks he has to trap or shoot every rabbit there is. I'm satisfied with 1or2 now and then. Take care

Harry Flashman said...

We thrift shop as well. Never know what will turn up that's useful.

Good luck with your projects. I'm doing some of my own here in Appalachia, but nothing really demanding just now.

John said...

Hi Harry, Thrifting is what I do before buying new. It can be a pain at times. Actually, I think I have to many projects going on and may have to scale back. Take care down there in humidity land.

Carol said...

Hi John, I love your coffee pot! I have one too and use it every morning, although mine is not as fancy as yours. What a great buy for 3.99! I told Dave about your table saw and he near flipped over the great price. I love dandelions too and have even made jelly and wine out of them. Tastes really good! That bunny is so cute! Sounds like you have lots of projects on the go. It's the busy time of year when the weather is warmer to get out and about doing things.
Take care,

John said...

Greetings Carol, I have way more projects than I care to have. I need to prioritize. I know, he'll of a price on the saw. I left 6am to travel 50 miles to get it. Today got up to 84. YIKES!