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The Bush Life
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trip to my friend Randy's cabin

My friend Randy called and asked if I wanted to take a trip out to his cabin at Indian Creek which is located off the Yentna River which is well known. Of course I said yes. I drove to his house which is about 26 miles to the South. He took his cub off  skiis and put tundra tires on and parked it at Big Lake a few miles away.  So, we are using his PA18 Supercruiser on floats this time.

Loading up the plane
This is Randy's fly shack, most every pilot in Alaska has one. Here he keeps records, tools and everything else pilot and plane connected.
Had to share this picture of his antique paddle boat, This is neat and still functional. You hardly see these anymore.
These are pictures of the land on the way out this time, you can see the difference. Spring and Summer is a great time to fly.

Sure is a big difference in contrast, eh? Here we are making our approach
at Indian Creek

Looking down Indian Creek
It's about a 200 ft. walk back to his cabin. This is a real Alaska cabin, nothing like modern type Alaskans have. He's had this cabin about 32 years.

Here is the inside, doesn't get more Alaskan than this. This is the living room area
Next is the kitchen

In the corner, he has an old Pine Ridge wood stove, a bit rusty. He is replacing it with a brand new Blaze King this year.
First nights dinner, I cooked a couple of N.Y. strips, some vegetables and salad. It sure was tasty.

After dinner, we sat for awhile and talked about the old days. That I really enjoyed. Got up Thursday morning and had eggs and home fries. Sorry, forgot to take pictures. After which, I helped him clean up a bit around the cabin. I burned brush for Randy. I lost my head, lol

Keeper of the fire.
Got up Friday morning, had pancakes topped with syrup and eggs sunny side up, yep, forgot to take the picture. After breakfast, we sat around the woodstove drinking coffee and bs'd. Then we decided to take the canoe and paddle down Indian Creek. I left my camera on the beach. Anyway, it was nice, we paddled down to the Yentna and walked the sand bars. On the way back, we saw 4 moose. We got back and did some more cleaning up and decided to have dinner down at the beach. Got a fire going and cooked a side of Salmon and had salad and cold Coronas. What a life.
It's hard to beat an evening with a good friend, fire, Coronas and Salmon cooked on an open fire and yes, I cooked.
Here's a toast to a wonderful time and to those of you out in the crazy world.
Before I go, we found this big old burl with roots attached and it looks like an octopus with tentacles Randy is going to figure out how to get it up the bank and paint it for fun.
.Ok, that's it for now. I plan to go out to my cabin in a couple of days and hang out there for 4 or 5 days and figure out my strategy on what to do first. It's good to know that I can blog from there and possibly give a day by day report. Hope you enjoy this post. Take care 



M. Silvius said...

Nothing wrong with that little weekend... some fun flying in a nice plane, good scenery, good food, good friends and beer... what more could a fellow want.

John said...

Hey Mike, it just doesn't get any better.

Evano said...

Totally envious!
Looks like paradise to me dude.

John said...

Every place in the bush is paradise. I enjoy it when out there.

Carol said...

I do enjoy that post. Good food, friends, good weather, flying in a supercub...what more could a person want?

Washkeeton said...



Carol said...

Hi John,
Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. It sure looked like a lot of fun. That cabin is great! What a spot! What a weekend, great food, beers by the fire, a canoe ride, cooking on the fire and a good friend to share it with. So relaxing! Ok, I am jealous! Loved the old burl and it does look like an octopus. Glad you had a great time.

John said...

I agree wholeheartedly Carol.

John said...

Thanks wash

John said...

Thanks Carol, I can assure you, there will be more days like this. Only, they will be at my cabin and very soon.

Mary said...

I could totally live in a cabin like that.

John said...

Hi Mary, it is very kool

Anonymous said...

HI! John, sounds like and looks like you had a great time that weekend! Thank you for posting a lot about it!
I enjoyed every bit of it! The Picts really show the remote Alaska! Your meals always look really good!
Take care, and I hope you are in the process of getting to your cabin! KC

John said...

Hi KC, it was a great time. I will be going out to my cabin again soon. It's raining now and my friend is doing some maintenance on his plane.