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The Bush Life
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

New changes

This Spring started out pretty nice, now it has become a wet one. That's ok because, it was to dry and fires were starting already. To begin with, I finally got rid of the camper that was an eyesore for 6 years. The yard is looking much better now.

Planted new flowers in the window box

and, I planted some out by the road

Still eating good meals, my favorite, pancakes with maple syrup topped with an egg

My John's breakfast sandwich, hash brown, sausage, fried egg and cheese on an onion roll

Mmmmm! Yummy

Pan fried catfish w/vegetables
Boneless pork loin w/streamed vegetables.

This is turning into a very long post and it's 10:55 pm and I'm kinda tired. So, I will continue tomorrow. GOODNIGHT ALL


M. Silvius said...

Look out John, next thing you know you'll be putting doilies on your furniture.
LOL ;-)
Looks good....

John said...

LOL, I don't think it will go that far, unless I meet a nice gal. Just trying to make it look decent if I should decide to sell.

Evano said...

Spring cleaning supreme.
Looks great man.
Too posh to sell now.

Ready for a visit to the remote cabin soon?

Really good to hear from you.

John said...

Thanks Evano, I'll be going out there soon, read the second part of my post.

Carol said...

Hi John, Things are looking good. Love those pretty flowers, flowers always spruce up a place. I have never tried catfish before looks good!

John said...

Hi Carol, I never was much into flowers, my therapist said they would help with my PTSD and she was right. They do help somewhat. The catfish is good, my first time eating it I believe.

Susan Stevenson said...

Everything looks so delicious! As a woman who doesn't really care for spending time in the kitchen, I sure do like to look at photos of yummy food. :)

I love your flower boxes. I will be planting mine soon.

John said...

Good morning Susan, thanks. I feel that food that tastes good should look good, it's a big part of a person's life. I'm beginning to enjoy flowers a whole lot more.