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The Bush Life
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Checking in

Hi everybody, thought it was time to check in again.  There's not a whole lot going on, Winter is mild right now, seems the East Coast and the South has more Winter than we do. Temps. have been in the 30's and 40's. So, I spent some time outside clearing snow around my snowmmachines.
Had to clear the snow so I could work on my Polaris. I broke the tie rod trying to turn the Polaris around by pulling on the ski.

Drove to the local Polaris dealer, 15 miles away and the tie rod costs $40. Decided to hold off and a friend of mine said he has an old machine he can take one off. Waiting for him to shovel it out and bring it over. In the meantime, the Woodpecker showed up again.

Had a cow moose show up in my yard to eat off the Willows. The picture isn't really good, early morning and through the window.

cause the VA is 80 miles away, they assigned me to get my medical stuff taken care of at the Alaska Native Medical Center. 

The people here are really nice and treat the Veterans with much respect and do everything for us. They have a Wellness Center with all kinds of machines to work out on and have me set up for 3 days a week. They also have a dietitian to work out a diet program for me. I really like going there.

I hurt my back again  the  other day so, I made appointments to go back to the Acupuncturist, The VA gave me 8 appointments..

Had a couple of great breakfast and dinners, this is, potatoes o'brian , egg and sausage.
Dinner, Steak, broccoli and sauteed mushrooms and onions
Grilled Salmon on a bed of Oriental noodles and vegetables
Chicken stirfry
Chicken noodle soup

Well, that's pretty much all I have for now, hoping to do better in the near future.  So, Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi John.....Nice to see that you posted again! Was surprised to hear that your temps are so warm - ours (as you said) have been COLD and we have snow again this morning. I was warned that we were going to get snow, by the actions of the birds who always get very busy just prior to any acute weather. The medical center that you are going to to take care of your back looks mighty nice....sorry you have to go, but glad that the place and folks are respectful and pleasant. Besides cooking comfort type foods to keep the body going, I have been doctoring my dog who was ill for a few days but he is much better now! Do you still have a dog? If so, please tell us more about him/her.
Thanks - Chris

John said...

Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. This is just another crazy Winter, which could mean another really hot Summer, yuck!. It is a nice medical center. My dog Kayak passed away a few years ago and I haven't gotten another one. He was my best friend.

Carol said...

Hi John,
By looking at the photos you still have lots of snow there. Sorry to hear about your snow machine. There always seems to be something to fix don't it? I guess that's the way it is with machines but it keeps us Great that your friend has an old machine to get the part off. That will save you $40.00. Wow! I bet you got a surprise when you looked out the window that morning and seen that moose but I am sure that is normal for Alaska. I would have jumped out of my That Primary Care Center sure is a big place. Glad they can help you and it is always nice to have friendly, respectful people. Sorry to hear about your back giving you trouble again, hope the acupuncture helps. Your meals look delicious as usual but you know me I love soup the best and yours looks mouth-watering! As for the weather ours has been very cold the last few days but tomorrow it is warming up with rain again. Just crazy! We don't have as much snow as last year yet and I say that softly because winter is not over yet. Well glad to see your doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Glad to see your still kicking. Get that tie rod fixed. The Yentna trail is in very good condition. The kids and I went out to the Cabin this past weekend and towed the old 4 wheeler back to town. Took us over 5 hours to go the 39 miles from the cabin to the Landing… As we were passing Luce's old place, a huge flock of this "Go Fasters" were trying to figure out where the trail to your place and the Talavista lodge was.. I had to show them.. Something wrong with carbs on my Skandic, going to take it to the Dealer in Wasilla.

I too have a couple wood peckers at the house.. They really like that Moose Suet I put out for them. Every so often we get a small flock of Grossbeaks stop in for the sun flower seeds..Every day is the chickadees and the nuthatches.

Who is your DR over at the Native Clinic? I go see Elaine Polk.. I was a little apprehensive when the VA first sent me over there, But Elaine and the girls take real good care of me too, and it's only a 6 mile drive from my house to the clinic. beats that old 100 mi round trip to Anchorage.

Stay Warm John.
Old John

John said...

Hey Carol, thanks for stopping by. I have lots of snow but, the nearest big town, 40 miles away hardly a sign of Winter. It's good when you can save money. As you say, there is always something to do. I like soup as well but, there are times, I need a good plate dinner.

John said...

Hey John, glad to hear you came out of hibernation, lol. Glad to hear the trail is good, 5 hrs. WOW! Bet you were tired after that ride. Hope it was an easy tow. I sure hope those people were headed to Talvista and not my place. I have Leah, she is great, haven't seen her much, she just had a baby. Good to hear you changed to the ANMC. Take care

Mary said...

It is warmer up there than here so it makes me worry about fire season for you. Having a free (?) Place to work out sounds nice!

John said...

Hi Mary, free is good. I am worried about the fire season as well. Many of the fires up here are caused by humans. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Carol said...

Hi John,

Good to hear from you again. I'm glad you are having some nicer weather. Your meals are looking good. You can come cook for us anytime!

I finally got my birdfeeders up a week or two ago but they were deserted until it finally started snowing again. Now I mostly get juncos, but have had some cardinals too. They are really brightly colored. My in-laws' feeder is much more frequented by a larger variety of birds as they live closer to the woods and have more coverage.

I hope you have a good week.

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks. It's colder in parts of the South than here, go figure. It's nice watching the action around the bird feeder, for me, it's company. Careful, I may show up on your doorstep and cool ya some meals, lol. My week will be fine this week. Take care down there.

Art said...

Thanks for the update. I was just sitting here is this global-warming MN where it's 30+ F thinking that I should eat something. Your meals always look great!

John said...

Hey Art, this weather is crazy. Eating can be fun

Debbie Schreib said...

oh John, all the delicious meals! LOVE. I just love you posting.

John said...

LOL, just today, I was wondering where you were and presto, you appear. Thanks for the compliment.

marionette912 said...

How cold is it usually in February and how much snow is normal for this time of year?

John said...

Hi Marionette, as I remember a ways back, temps were +10 down to -45 or more at times. The temps. have been rising to much warmer temps. in the last 10 years. Yesterday, it got to +48. I remember days that we got so much snow, you had to open the door and shovel your way out. Today, we can get a big dump and it's gone in a few days or couple of weeks.

Washkeeton said...

I remember being in Fairbanks my first year and the snow getting so deep that it buried the couch we left out covered in the yard. So how have you been? Other than the wind, this winter has really been mild, very mild.


John said...

Hi Wash, the good ole days, sorry they went away. I'm doing fine. I figure any morning I wake up breathing, I'm doing good. LOL. We may have to move to the NE, to have Winter, lol

Anonymous said...

Hi! John - I hope you get the part for your snow machine. Sorry your weather has been warmer this year.
We have had the mildest year in a long time, but did get a little snow hit and miss. I had to laugh when you had a moose in the yard, especially after the picture you have hanging in the outhouse! I hope you didn't have any close encounters! It's nice that you can get your medical care closer to home. The meals you prepare look really good. Well, take care and thank you for the interesting post! KC

John said...

Hi KC, good to hear from you. It was really nice to see moose here again. They were gone for quite awhile. Nope, no close encounters, yet. These healthy meals are doing a good job making me healthier. Take care

Susan Stevenson said...

Hi John. Good to see a post from you. I have been rather absent too, but mostly because I needed a software update to blog. The weather here in the Interior has been so warm.. it just doesn't feel like Alaska at all. On one hand, I don't mind the warmer temps (better than -30F), but I do miss having some fresh snow. I think we have less accumulation that your part of the state!

Spring is just around the corner.. I hope the remainder of the winter is good for you!

John said...

Hi Susan, good to hear from you. Seems this time of year, bloggers slack off a bit. I should be picking up soon. I am amazed at the temps. you have up North. We have the snow but, it's melting fast with the warm weather. I do know, no matter the weather, you produce great photos. Keep clicking

Anonymous said...

Thanks John for the update! We've had a fairly mild winter here in the central PA mountains, but we've JUST missed a few really big storms. I have always like to see winter come, and then liked to see it go too (a lot like many others I suppose). My chickens seem to enjoy having more time milling around outside the coop than most winters! Thanks again for sharing & for encouraging us all! -Dave in PA

John said...

Hi Dave, guess you lucked out missing those storms. The East Coast and parts of the South got hit big time. I'm somewhat envious. I like Winter but, as I age, I would like to have longer days in the Winter. I would like to get into a position to have some Farm animals, I believe they are very therapeutic. It may be something to look into. It's my pleasure to share, take care.