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The Bush Life
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Howdy folks

It's been quite a long time, so, my friend Debbie reminded me that it was time to put up a new post. Thanks Debbie, glad you are here. Well, I have no excuse except, been busy and mostly lazy. I finished the Arctic Entry finally, I wihed I had added this a long time ago, it's a big help.
Everyone knows that I wanted to build a shop, I built an 8'x10' deck for a shop, after thinking about it, I decided it wasn't big enough. I figured a 10'x20' would be much better. After pricing out the materials, I thought, YIKES. So, I came up with a better idea. I bought a 10'x20' carport and put it on a bigger deck.

It's kind of flimsy but, I will reinforce it with plywood walls for shelving and to hang tools and whatnot. I did buy a couple of things for the inside remodel, which is my last time remodeling, got tired of changing it around. The first thing is, I bought a new wood stove from Sportsman Warehouse and works really great, way tighter than my old one.
Bought a new refrigerator, 10cu. ft. My old one is 3.3cu. ft.

It puts out 120 watts which runs off my EU2000i generator. I like having the extra space in it.

As usual, I have change the interior around and I promise, no more, I'm completely happy the way it is arranged. As a matter of fact, no more major building or remodeling. I need time for myself and to get ready to do things at my remote cabin. Here it is

Well, it pretty much has been raining here everyday but, this morning,  I can see a hint of blue sky. The temps have been in the 50's during the day and 40's at night. I think we will have a mild Winter, normally, we would have snow by now. That's it for now, take care.


M. Silvius said...

Once you close in the ends of your tent shop you'll need a proper wood stove in there so you can stay busy with projects during the winter. One of those Vogelzang barrel stove rigs should do the job nicely.

John said...

Hi Mike, I'm thinking about getting another stove like the one I got for the cabin. It puts out a lot of heat.

Debbie Schreib said...

well there you are! so good to get an update. wow, you have been busy! everything looks great! now I feel like a total slacker. haha! now don't take too long to say hello. I was ready to send out the dogs, but sadly mine are quite lazy these days. :)


John said...

LOL, thanks for the push Debbie. I have been busy, but now my time is mine.

Carol said...

Hi John
Now I know why I haven't seen you here lately you have been very busy. I am glad you are enjoying the benefits of your Arctic entry. I think that the carport will make a dandy shop, certainly should be big enough to hold everything. Your right on the "yikes" on the cost of building materials.
John I love that stove!I really love the racks on the side to dry gloves and hats. I bet it is a good heater and I have never seen one like that before. Excuse my girly comment but I think it is "cute".
I love your cabin inside, looks cozy and warm. I am sure you love all the space in the new fridge. You can keep lots more food now.
The temperatures here have been like a roller coaster up and down. I hope you get some snow soon. Winter without snow is just plain depressing to me.
Well you have got a lot done so you should take time to yourself.

John said...

Hi Carol, good to hear from you. You're not the first to think the stove is cute. My friend and his partner came to visit and she said the same. He liked it so much, he's going to buy one also. $205, you can't go wrong. I believe we will have a mild Winter. Take care

Evano said...

Looks great once again John.
I was missing your adventures in Alaska.
Thanks for posting!

John said...

Thanks Evano, I'm so glad to get all this major work done.

Mary said...

I love the interior of your cabin. So cozy and things hanging on the walls like on a boat. I live in a small cabin also and wouldn't go back to a bigger place. I like the stove also.

John said...

Thanks Mary, I could never feel comfortable in a big house or structure. I have always lived in small cabins, always will. Could be why I'm by myself, lol.

Debbie Schreib said...

I could never live in a big house. I don't think it's a bad thing for folks that want it, but I can never understand the waste of space. or why you want to heat a big house when you pretty much live in a very small part of it. :) small is cozy and homey. but then that's just a small minority of us I guess. have a great weekend, John. now...since you have worked so hard, what are your plans?


John said...

Hi Deb, I agree, so far doing nothing sitting around thinking about my plans for my remote cabin. I will post about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it has been a while. I have been busy and by the looks of the pictures, you have too. Love the new deck and arctic entry. It just nicely adds to your place. I like your idea for the work shop. It is easy to set up then add a structure with plywood to make it more stable. I still like the stove you had in there in the beginning much better... the one with the glass door. It to me seemed to be the safest stove you have had next to that box one you fixed the leg on. Looking forward to more adventures.


Carol G said...

Hi John. There was a guy outside Soldotna/Kenai that made stuff out of logs. He set up his first buildings out of plastic over wood frames. When he was open in the winter, we could see his light through the plastic lighting the whole place up. Your shop reminds me of his for that reason.

John said...

Hi Wash, good to hear from you. This stove is the best for me, it fits in very well. Glad you're doing well.

John said...

Hi Carol, mine being white gives off kool light, I will have to take a night pic and put it in my next post. Good to hear from you.

Debbie Schreib said...

hi John! happy weekend to you. as we go in to November, how does that make your plans change? for means grateful for lots of wood for a grand fire to keep me warm. :) I defrosted the freezer to stock up. I have a happy pantry now. I guess I'm ready for winter. hope you are well. Debi

John said...

His Deb, everything is fine here, fire is going, freezer is full. I will have another post up Monday. I'm curious, where are you located?

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, you sure have been busy! A great idea to make a work shop and a little more storage area! The wood stove is nice and looks like just the right size for your cabin! Between the artic entryway and the new stove I bet wood consumption may go down? Did you get all your wood for the winter? It looks like you are starting to get colder weather! Wishing you treats rather than tricks this Halloween! Take care, KC

John said...

His KC, The Arctic entry is a big help for heating the cabin. The woodstove is the star, I am using way less wood. I am buying one for my remote cabin. The new shop and storage area came in handy, still needs some tweaking.

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