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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well, I finally got around to posting, sorry it took so long. I'm not going to do a full post right now, as I am using my phone. I left this morning to go to the library to use their WIFI but, as I was starting out, I noticed my car overheating, I pulled back into my driveway and noticed coolant spilling from the water pump. Yep, my luck. I'm waiting for a ride to town to get a new one. At least this time it won't be expensive. $42 for the pump.

I have been going to the VA for a lot of tests and am awaiting for results. I went for an extensive eye exam and no sign of Diabetes, heart problems, Cataracts or Glaucoma. I was also told, I need no adjustments with my glasses. My blood sugar goes between 90 and 120 which is normal. My biggest problem is PTSD. I'm not sure if I told any of you that I was diagnosed with it quite a while ago and have my moments. That is why I have been laced in posting.

I felt, I should let you know what is going on. I have done quite a bit since my last post but, don't have the photos on my phone because, it's a new phone. I will tell you, there is a lot happening and going to happen. So, hopefully I can post everything, including pictures in a few days. Take care


Art said...

Thanks for the update. I look forward to your posts and commentary.

M. Silvius said...

Hang in there John, Water pumps can be a PITA but they are doable if you have the patience. Alternatively, just loosen the radiator cap and carry a big jug of water to add to the radiator every couple miles, so you can limp it to town and have your friendly mechanic replace it. Yes, pictures, we all like pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John ...glad to see a posy and your test were good ...especially the diabetes....I understand the PTSD well...have 2 family members who are living with this...they are in their late 40's and the other mid a medic who was in a helicopter crash that also caused from Iraq ..he can't leave his home surrounding for over 3 yrs now....I too have it from being abused as a's a awful thing to live with....thru counseling for several yrs I'm living a good life now...God bless you on your journey...this blog is probably the best therapy for you....see your not alone in this world....First and most important is accepting you have it ..then geting and continue help when you need it....Take care my friend..Bert from Bama

Anonymous said...

That was suppose to say. ...glad to see you post. .lol

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Glad to hear your doing alright medically speaking. I too understand the PTSD. You know my Phone Nr, and you can call and we can talk anytime. Provided I'm close enough to hear the phone ring…

How's your garden growing ? A friend gave me a Zucchni squash the other day. Thing must weigh close to 5 lbs.. The PO in charge of laundry and Morale is trying to figure out which way to cook it. I planted the little yellow crooked neck summer squash in a couple of old car tires and they are doing great. My Green House isn't doing too good this year. Probably because I tried to be cheap on the potting mix..

Sorry to hear about the water pump. Seems like it's always something…

Doing any Fishing ?

Old John

John said...

You're welcome, thanks for checking in.

John said...

Hi John, thanks. It is always something. I never had these problems when living remote. My garden is doing very well, tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers, great. I'm doing early girl and beefsteak tomatoes. At least something's going right, lol. Will give you a call soon. No fishing.

John said...

Hi Mike, picked up the pump today, $32 and my mechanic will get it on in a couple of days. Thanks for checking in.

John said...

Thanks Bert, PTSD is hard and a lot of people don't understand it. Hell, sometimes I don't. Just going through a lot lately and just have to work on it. Thanks for caring.

grammie g said...

Hi John..Darn if it isn't one thing it's another isn't it. Sorry to hear about the water pump but glad your doing okay with those things that have been checked on your health.

Nice that you could share about your PTSD,it helps I think to talk about these problems. I have Clinical depression,and Bi-Polar disorder. I have been on med's and treatment for 20 years now. I was molested by a much older cousin for 4 years starting at the age of 6. I never told on him, I was so scared, and it came back to haunt me in my older year.
Many many people don't understand these things, unless they have been in your shoes.

I have had lawn mower problems all summer. I mow about 2 acres, and I can't afford to have it fixed all the time. Been under the darn thing myself and fixed some things. Right now it is leaking oil of some sort around the rear wheel seal. Replaced the seal and it is leaking again, so I am going to run'a as long as it keeps going Ha Ha !!!

I have had a terrible time blogging, I like it but my mind isn't always in it. Wish I was because I know it is good for me to have that contact with others even if it is through the virtual world.

I'll shout up now LOL!!

Hoping things get better for you !


Carol said...

Hi John...Sorry to hear about the water pump, Dave just replace the water pump in his truck. The one sure thing about vehicles is they break down.

I am glad things are going good with your medical tests and I am glad your are getting them done. We have to take care of ourselves. I am glad you are talking about having PTSD. PTSD is real and so many suffer from it and reading the comments of others here you are not alone. It is very nice of Old John who suffers from it as well to reach out and let you know he will listen and talk to you. I think talking to someone else who knows PTSD can help and only they understand what you are going through. It can be helpful to you both.

Can't wait to see what you are working on around home!
Take care,

John said...

Hi grammie, thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear about those peticular occurrences that happened in your life. Very brave to share them. Damn lawnmowers, time for a nonmotorize lawnmower.

John said...

Hi Carol, PTSD, is a big thing with me. You are right about talking with someone else suffering from it. I have seen a few therepist but, they were younger than myself and never served in combat, t let alone the military.

Anonymous said...

Your very welcome John...just please don't quit posting or let us know what's going on....even tho we've never met face to face ...myself and others have come to feel your blessed my friend...Bert

John said...

Thanks Bert

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're posting again!! I enjoy your posts very much! Coming from central Texas where it was a scorching 100+ today! Pat

John said...

Hi Pat, thanks for checking in on me. 100? Yikes, that's hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi! John, glad your tests have been coming back good. Perhaps you can find a support group around your age to help your difficult times.
I have never had any PTSD but suffer from stress just from tough situations. My dad was ill for a few years and passed on this past week, and another has medical problems not resolved yet. It is good to be busy with projects to keep the mind occupied on fun things. Glad you got the water pump for your car! Sometimes I think a horse and wagon would be better than a car! Lol, take care KC

John said...

Hi KC, Thanks. I'm really sorry about your dad, my condolences. My PTSD has to do with my combat experience in Vietnam. Myself and a few others are working on a plan. Actually, it turned out, it wasn't the water pump. Thermostat. Keep in touch