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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well, I finally got around to posting, sorry it took so long. I'm not going to do a full post right now, as I am using my phone. I left this morning to go to the library to use their WIFI but, as I was starting out, I noticed my car overheating, I pulled back into my driveway and noticed coolant spilling from the water pump. Yep, my luck. I'm waiting for a ride to town to get a new one. At least this time it won't be expensive. $42 for the pump.

I have been going to the VA for a lot of tests and am awaiting for results. I went for an extensive eye exam and no sign of Diabetes, heart problems, Cataracts or Glaucoma. I was also told, I need no adjustments with my glasses. My blood sugar goes between 90 and 120 which is normal. My biggest problem is PTSD. I'm not sure if I told any of you that I was diagnosed with it quite a while ago and have my moments. That is why I have been laced in posting.

I felt, I should let you know what is going on. I have done quite a bit since my last post but, don't have the photos on my phone because, it's a new phone. I will tell you, there is a lot happening and going to happen. So, hopefully I can post everything, including pictures in a few days. Take care

Saturday, July 4, 2015

HAPPY 4th Everyone

I hope everyone enjoyed this 4 th of July. This was a quiet one for me, I started it out with a good old American breakfast.
Spent the day pretty much listening to radio and watching tv. To tell the truth there wasn't much on radio concerning this special day. So, I watched two very good movies, "The Patriot" and "Gettysburg".  I have watched these movies quite a few times and everytime I do, I get teary eyed. These soldiers were the real thing, meeting on the battlefield face to face, with  guns they had to reload everytime they fired. I often think about what it was to live back in those times when everything was simple but yet, complicated at times. I wish I could go back to that time. I'm not comfortable with life as it is today. I have to make some changes real soon and will fill all of you in when the tme feels right.

Now, everyone knows about me contracting Type2  Diabetes and have been struggling with my high blood sugar levels. Well, for the last 5 weeks, I have been taking insulin by injection, normally I hate needles but, the ones I was given I could hardly feel them when I yes, I injected them myself. Well, the good news is, with the injections and the change in my eating habits has done wonders for me. My readings were in the 200's which is very high and now they read from 90-117, 90-120 is normal. My doctor said to continue the insulin for 4 more weeks and then she will take me off of it and she is pretty sure I will no longer need the insulin or medication as long as I exercize and eat healthy. This is exciting for me. I also no longer go to Accupunture as my back and leg pain is gone. Kinda feel like a new man.

I had a great dinner today, N.Y. strip steak, baked potato, sauteed mushrooms and onions in worcestershire sauce, Mmmm! good
So, it's 8:05pm Alaska time and I am watching a Capitol 4th on PBS, an excellent show and very Patriotic. I will close for now, please remember those who have fought for our freedom and those who are defending our country today.