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The Bush Life
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Sunday, April 5, 2015


I hope everyone is enjoying Easter and having fun. My day has been pretty good so far, I woke up to a very nice morning, 30 degrees
Breakfast was excellent, tasted very good. Got to have toast with my stove top toaster.

Easter dinner was a Buffalo steak, baked potato, mixed vegetables. Mmmm! Good
Dessert wasn't bad either, Apple pie and Hazelnut coffee.
So far, the day is very nice and sunny, a bit breezy and about 50 degree.

I have been using my new tablet to take photos as my laptop is still not working. I bought a new battery for it and when I turned it on, nothing. It appears it  was a victim of my snowmachine trip from Alexander Creek. I had a tech look at it and he gave me an estimate of $150-$225 to fix it. For a couple of hundred bucks more, I can buy a new one. The only thing is, all my photos and personal stuff is on it. Because I put out a lot of money to get my car fixed, I have to put my computer fix on hold. It always has too be something.

Because of the weather conditions, my plans to haul freight out to my remote cabin are on hold. I will have to fly what I can. I have talked with the owner of Trail Ridge Air in Anchorage at Lake Hood. He told me he can keep my costs down by sharing the plane with someone else. I will have to use a DeHaviland Beaver on floats.
, like this one.
What would life be without setbacks and challenges? I won't allow it to affect me. In the mean time, I will do more work around the town cabin and decided to enjoy Summer by taking some road trips, fishing and have some fun. I've let both properties run my life, nooo more.  So, you are all going to see a different side of me. That's my Easter resolution, lol. Take care


Anonymous said...

Hiya john breakfast looked good and glad to hear you had as good Easter... you do sound in a chipper mood good to hear that in your comments.... it's time you did start enjoying life more ..getting out and taking road trips...just dropped by to wish you a Happy Easter..take care my friend...Bert from Bama

John said...

Thanks Bert, back at ya 😉

Carol said...

Happy Easter, John! Your food looks delicious. What road trips would you like to take?

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
Breakfast and dinner look yummy and complete with coffee and dessert. What more could you ask for!
Computers can be a pain in the neck. I have threaten to through mine out the window a few
Sharing a plane would be a good idea to cut costs down. Hope you can do that and if not maybe next winter will be colder with more snow for travel. I am glad you are not letting it get you down, road trips and fishing will be fun. You know John... I can't remember the last time I went fishing. I used to love fishing. It is so relaxing, taking in the scenery and the quiet of fishing. I think I will do that someday soon. Fishing season starts here April 15th. My son does lots of fishing.
Properties can be a pain with everything that needs to be done but I agree you can't be a slave to them. Get out and enjoy yourself John and then blog about

John said...

Thanks Carol, my idea is to take more road trips around Alaska and spend a day or two exploring, fishing and taking photos.

John said...

Yes, that has been my problem, spending to much time on getting to many things done at once. I am getting more annoyed with technology every day. I think I would enjoy shooting my computer more, lol.

KC said...

Hi! John,
Glad you had a good Easter Day! The breakfast and dinner looked real good!
I concur with technology , it can be a pain!
The old saying "one day at a time" helps with a little humor, when things need fixed or replaced! It is always something!
Looking forward to your posts on your upcoming road trips! It's always good to see what's out there!
Thank you for the posts, Take care, KC

Evano said...

Happy Easter

John said...

Happy Easter Evano

John said...

Thanks KC, I feel this is going to be a better year. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of fun things. Stay tuned

Susan Stevenson said...

Happy Easter John! Your breakfast looks like it was good. We used to use that sort of stove top toaster when we tent-camped. I remember the learning curve involved and the many pieces of burned on one side toast we made. :)

We had a quiet Easter here in North Pole. It was a bit overcast. I am really looking forward to this snow going away. I'm ready to see wildflowers. Not the mosquitoes though. I don't want to see them!

Sorry about your computer. :( Especially since your photos are on it. I hope, if you can't repair it, that you can get your photos off of it somehow.

Be well. Take care!

John said...

Hi Susan, thank you. These toasters are great for off grid living. It does take a while to figure them out, lol. I'm ready for the snow to go as well. Hopefully, the mosquitos won't be so bad this year. Wishful thinking, lol. I will take it to a professional to fix it, hopefully.

Art said...

A good tech s/b able to pull the drive from you broken notebook and save the files for you. That should cost very little.

John said...

Thanks for the info, Art

Anonymous said...

Hiya john wh as t happen to your post made after Easter ?Did you remove it? Hope all is well...nothing but rain here...just waiting for summer and to get rid of this stomach virus I have...take care... Bert from Bama

Anonymous said...

Guess there was some kind of Internet glitch half the post above didn't show up later last night but are there now...crazy Internet :) Bert from Bama