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The Bush Life
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Checking in

Hi everyone, thought I would check in and let you know, everything is fine.. This time of year in Alaska is referred to "Breakup". It is a transitioning period from Winter to Spring and Summer. It can actually be a tough time for some Alaskans. The weather goes back and forth and can be depressing. I am also subject to this time of the year. Anyway, I am feeling fine and trying to get things done but, it's hard with the rain showing up off and on, seems more on. Anyway, I'm presently working on a few projects and will reveal them when finished. I've had some great meals lately.

                                                             Some Dinners

Sauteed Chicken, peppers, onion, peas and carrots with soy sauce

Sauteed steak strips, peppers, onions and snap peas.

Here, I grilled a marinated pork roast to add to the peppers and onions.

Grilled marinated pork roast medallions with a side of sauteed peppers and onions.
My whole purpose is to eat healthier these days I need to choose different healthy side dishes so it doesn't get boring.

Grilled skinless chicken with mashed sweet potato, peas and carrots.

These new birds have showing up for the last couple of days, I will look them up once I find my bird

So, not a whole lot of excitement going on. Today is overcast and dreary. I am working on a couple of projects at the moment and Next month I hope to have more truckloads of fill brought in to fill in the front yard. Then soil and I can plant grass, flowers and put in a decent garden. When we start getting more sunny days, I will Start my weekend travels and getaways. I hope everyone is doing fine and in good health. More to come. 

UPDATE: Yesterday after posting this blog, my property was dry and pretty much, free of snow. I woke up to this

This morning is 30 degrees and 2" of snow. Talk about bummers. So much for the work I had planned outside. I expect it to be gone by tonight.


M. Silvius said...

hey John, I think your bird is a female Brown-headed Cow Bird.

John said...

Thanks Mike, that info will make it easier to look up.

M. Silvius said...

The color is a bit messed up on my screen so I could not tell how dark the body was. Zooming in after the fact shows a bit browner head and dark body. If it has a dark body and a brown head it is the male. My bird books shows their range short of southern Alaska about half way up western Canada. So they might be a bit north of their usual bounds.

Anonymous said...

Hey john,

Healthy is always good. Cut out the salt sugar and fat and you'll be a spring chicken again!
Err actually you put me to shame by the looks of things already. I call it inspiration!
Looking fwd to seeing your projects too.

Evano said...

Oops that was me

Anonymous said...

Those Birds are Pine Grosbeaks.(pinicola enucleator) Male head is red and the breast is rosy red with gray belly and 2 conspicuous white wing bars. We had hundreds of them come to our feeder down by Homer, but here in the valley they seem to be rare. But we got a zillion black capped chickadees.

Was a very short Summer at my house. Snowing again today.

Some nice looking chow your putting away. Your really into those peppers, I grew 2 plants in a 5 gal bucket, here in the house for 4 years, but they are bad at attracting aphids, so gave up, and went back to buying the peppers in the store…

This has been a pretty mild "breakup". The local roads didn't break up like they usually do. Haven't heard of any couples breaking up.. Haven't heard of any water pipes or sewer pipes breaking up.. A real smooth spring.. (so far)

take care
Old John

simplyfree said...

Hi John, I hear ya on the weather. Here too April is a crazy month where you can get any kind of weather from snow to rain. It is also damp and cold I find.
Your meals look sooooo good. You can't beat stir-fry veggies.

I so am jealous of your bird feeder and birds. I wish we could have ours out again but the dang raccoons come by the dozens out of no where, finally had to take it down. Even if they can't get at it they eat what's on the ground and try to get in the house and barns. Cute but so destructive I tell ya.

Getting some soil in for some grass, flowers and a garden would be great. Especially for the garden. I tell ya gardening so calming.
Well I hope your weather straightens up soon John and when you get some sun send a little our

John said...

Thanks John, this is the first time they have shown up to my feeder. Nice to have new birds. This is an Early Spring, although, I can do without the snow. I do like these peppers, they taste good anytime and are healthy.

John said...

LOL, hi Evano, thanks. I've been cutting out a lot of things. Getting more healthy.

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks, I am really enjoying the stirfry but, need to move on from there to other meals so I don't get bored eating the same thing over and over. I am looking forward to fixing the yard and putting in a bigger garden. Usually the squirrels are messing with my birdfeeders.

CottonLady said...

Hi John! I am still here...went a month without internet server and then 3 weeks of an abscessed tooth, so just lately been doing more computer. Love seeing your birds. I have 3 feeders up and will add a hummingbird feeder soon. Your meals looks very good and healthy. Good for you! I think Spring is finally here to stay in NW Texas. It is cool and cloudy this morning, but is to get up in the low 80's this p.m. My projects for today are to water 7 new fruit trees and clean the chicken house!! Weather won't prohibit me from doing either, tho would welcome rain! Glad all is well with you. Love reading your posts!


John said...

Hi Cotton, hope you have recovered from your abcessed tooth. A month without Internet sounds like a vacation. It's nice to see new birds at the feeders. I really enjoy reading about your work on your mini farm, I get inspired from it.

KC said...

Hi John! Nice to see your post! The meals look really good! I have a late New Years resolution in that I am eating healthier also. I believe when you eat the healthy food items you feel a lot better. The winter is sure hanging on, we had 3 inches this morning! Last week it was 70 degrees! The bird does have a grosbeak beak! We have at least 2 varieties in the mid Atlantic states, but I don't see very many of them anymore. It's very enjoyable to feed and watch the birds! Take care, KC

John said...

Hey KC, good to hear from you. I agree about eating healthy. The Spring is coming very slowly. I am enjoying bird watching more and mor. Take care

Washkeeton said...

Im trying the healthy eating as well. Probably not doing as well as you yet. LOL Tired of the back and forth weather... wish it would actually get sunny and warm for a while anyway. Good to see you still posting.


John said...

Hi Wash, good to hear from you, hope everything is well with you. I really needed to start eating healthier. This weather sure can be a pain. Got a few projects going, the weather can be a pain. Take care

Washkeeton said...

Counting the min until the munchkin is out of school so we can get on with the projects at hand here. Love your bird feeder. Your stir fry looks really good.


John said...

I'm sure he will be a big help. My stirfry was delicious.

Anonymous said...

Hiya's things going up your way?What's your plans for summer?Nothing much here just spring is gone and summer is upon us.Been busy with some yard projects and for some reason I get tired quicker than I use to lol ; ) Siting here watching an Audy Murphy movie...good actor...I love westerns.Well won't bend ya ear too long...take care my friend...Bert from Bama