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The Bush Life
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alexander Creek

Well, I got home last Thursday night 3/26 a little after 8 pm. The cabin was chilly but, it didn't take long to get a fire going. I didn't put anything away, just too tired, I had been up since 6 am, I did make it a short night.

The weather out there was pretty much sunny and warm every day and overcast the day I left. This is their place I was watching.

This is their pole barn

The guest house
Inside the guest, SURPRISE!
Kool, eh?

I didn't really do a whole lot but, Calley and me did pretty much go for a walk every day and saw some other cabins in our walks.

Spotted a couple of really old √Član snowmachines in a field. These were used quite frequently in the old days, as they were very dependable.
These are photos of Alexander Creek

This is a mountain called "Sleeping Lady
This is moose hanging in the shop to age. It will hang for about a week or more. It won't spoil, the temperature at night is in the 30's.

Well here I am with my pilot Wrangle waving good bye next to the Supercub that will take us to Anchorage.

Now some photos leaving and on our way back, taking off
in the air

Flying over Anchorage making our approach

That's pretty much it, I took videos of us taking off and landing, but, for some reason, I can't seem to load them on here, I will have to figure it out. It was pretty boring except the plane ride, I enjoyed that. I'm going to call it a night, I have more to say but, I am tired. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. Good night


Washkeeton said...

Hope you enjoyed your alone time... Nice pictures.


Washkeeton said...

For an idea, if your heading away from the highway out to your cabin say ... could you give a short or long list of what you would take with you. Or not. LOL Thanks.


simplyfree said...

John....Wow!! Love the photos you took for us. The cabin you were caretaking is really nice. Loved the polar bear! Yikes!! Really cool to see more cabins. How old would those snownmachines be? Loved the pictures from the plane too they really show the land there. Well get rested up and I am sure you are glad to get back to your cabin too. Thanks John for get photos and a peak into your week.

Carol said...

Looking at your pictures of the old Elan snow machines made me do a little bit of google research myself. I looked up old snow machines. There's some pretty cool ones out there! I was wondering, whether those old Elan snow machines had seats or whether they needed the driver to stand on them?

M. Silvius said...

Great trip and great pictures John. Love the remoteness of the place but I fear the cold, snow and 6 month long nights would do me in. To upload the video the best thing is to put it up on Youtube which can take a while depending con your connection and then use that link to post it.

John said...

It is always nice to go where it's nice and quiet.

John said...

Do you mean supplies or emergency supplies?

John said...

Hi Carol, glad you enjoyed the photos. Those machines were used in the late 60's and 70's. Yeah it was nice to get back, sort of, lol.

John said...

Hi carol, they had seats, some people are still using these machines today.

John said...

Hi Mike, thanks, our Winters aren't for everyone. I will try that.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Nice photos. I knew Mike's place would be something nice. Most people look at it and not realize the effort that has to go into freighting the building material out there, and then building the house and outbuildings.

Those photos of the "other cabins"... about the 3rd one down looks suspiciously like "Gabberts olde fishing camp".. Back in the day, some of us used to snow machine over there for a burger and brew. The cook there made a bodatious burger.

You should explain to Carol why people take the seats off of their snow machines, 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers, etc, and put them up where the bears can't chew on them.... Nothing like a bumpy ride, setting on a seat that has had all the padding chewed off of it....

I've given up on winter John, didn't get 1 snow shoe hare nor any ptarmigan for the table this year. now shifting into fishing and gardening mode. Later, Old John

John said...

Hi John, I guess you just told her lol. I think Carol was just wondering if they had seats or not. I've given up on Winter myself. You are correct, it is or was Gabberts, it's kind of run down now. I'm trying to get in some kind of mode myself, lol.

grammie g said...

Hi John...What beautiful country, and where is the snow? I have a backyard full I will send you Grrr.
The pictures from the plane are amazing, so nice to see what it is really like there!
Well that was nice break, and I like the pictures you took to share with us.
I would not be able to sleep with that bear in the room ...Yikes!!

Take care

John said...

Hi grammie, I'm afraid Winter wasn't very good to us this year. Thanks for the offer but, I'm afraid it wouldn't last very long, lol. That bear is pretty kool.

KC said...

Hi! John, I really enjoyed the pictures of the landscape, on the ground and in the air! How long was your flight? Probably longer to drive home than fly! Moose meat - after it ages how is it prepared for long term? Well I hope you are rested up and your plans are coming along for the trip to your cabin ! We had 5 inches of snow today, Mother Nature's April fool a day early! Take care! KC

Washkeeton said...

Either, or both.


Anonymous said...

Hiya John sure did like yours friends place.... but the guest room would definitely need a few changes...sure would hate to wake up staring a bear in the face...think a lampshade on its head and fishing pole in hand lol ...I'm sure you enjoyed change of scenery and sure your friends were happy to have you stay there..Loved all the pictures...I bet the air view is breath taking to see...I'm sure you were glad to be's nice to get away but nothing like geting home to your own place...hope your dying your Easter eggs I'm sure tha rabbit makes it to alaska lol....just don't make stew out of him...take care my friend...Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi KC, glad you like the photos. It took 20 min. to fly to Anchorage. Can't drive no roads, you have to fly, snowmachine or boat. After the aging it is cut up, packaged and frozen.

John said...


John said...

Hi Bert, the bear is pretty massive, I think it stands close to 11ft. It was nice to get away and good to get back. I'm always in awe when flying, it is very uplifting and you see much more.