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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting back to normal ( I hope )

Well, it's 10:25 pm and I was sitting here watching the stars which I haven't seen in awhile because of weather. The sky is dark and the stars are bright and sparkly. I saw a satellite and a couple of planes traveling across the sky. The temperature is back down to where it should be, last night and tonight was +20 and the day temps are below +40.

Found the problem with my car, it needs the timing chain gasket set, I am having a new timing chain put in while I can and putting a new oil pan gasket on as well. The cost all together is $650. Better than buying another used car, I think it will give me a couple or more useful years.

I spent yesterday, packing food and supplies for the remote cabin, not sure when I can get out there, I got a report that the rivers have a lot of overflow and open water in some spots. Not good for hauling freight. My laptop went dark on me and turned out to be the battery, so, I ordered one. I couldn't use my new tablet for loading photos because, there is no USB cable, I ordered one today.

I have a big day tomorrow, I have to brush my stovepipe, split some wood, do a little early Spring cleaning. I'm starting to get low on firewood, so, I plan on cutting some downed trees I have rather than spend a couple hundred bucks. I don't need much to finish out the season.

I just looked up to the sky and there is a half moon. So peaceful, this is one of the main reasons I choose to live my life the way I do. To tell the truth, many times I feel like chucking as much technology as I can. It is really starting to annoy me, well, it has always annoyed me. I just have to figure a new way. I have been thinking of starting my dog team up again, rather than having to maintain the snow machines, the money I put into them for gas and maintenance , I can but them feed as well as catching fish to feed them.

Ok, I am ready to hit the sack and get my HANDSOME sleep, I really need it, 8-)


Carol said...

Hi John, will you have anyplace to grow a garden at your remote cabin? Will you bring seeds? It is a lot of work, but the fresh produce will be priceless! What happens if you don't get the prolonged freeze that you need? Can you get there by boat later?

John said...

Hi Carol, I have 8 acres to grow any size garden I want. I think this year, I will use starter plants to start. I think the freeze will come. If not I can travel by plane, it's not accessible by boat. It will take a while to get things going. Maybe I'll find a partner by then. Who knows?

simplyfree said...

Hi John...I'm sure the stars are very bright where you are without street lights. Cars, snow machines are all expensive to maintain aren't they. I am glad you are getting things back up and running again. Hopefully it will freeze so you can get to your remote cabin soon. I know you have been wanting to get there for quite sometime now. We too have to do the old cleaning of the flue and pipes this weekend. Looking forward to some more photos.

John said...

Hi Carol, photos will start as soon as My cable comes in. I think I may have to cut down on all these mechanical stuff, where to start is another thing. Oh well, something to think about.

Debbie Schreib said...

hi John! so, is the plan to live full time at the remote cabin (if you can get there)? I imagine the property is gorgeous. geez. bummer about the car expense, but in the end I guess you'll be hugging her again. :) always a perk to peek in and see a post. what is your weather like in spring? summer? have a great day, John!

John said...

Hi Debbie, yes, my plan is to move there full time. The Summers are usually warm to hot but I have a nice cool lake to jump in. My property is gorgeous to me. I'll get there, the cold weather is back. Vehicles can be a pain in my wallet. Stay tuned

Washkeeton said...

Where I'm concerned, the only reasons I would choose a snow machine over dog sled at this time in my life: one, they go faster. Two, I don't have to feed them in the summer time. Three, a snow machine wont decide to chase a moose and take me along for the ride. And lastly if I fall off the snow machine more than likely it wont leave me stranded and keep on going (been there done that got the tee shirt), I can carry a heavier load with a snow machine as well (one like yours anyway...)

The only 3 reasons for the dogs, one companionship, two they can cuddle when it is really cold (as long as they dont fight) and help to keep me warm with out a fire. They can be warning signals for what is around, bears, moose, etc.

Other than that good to see you back posting. Sorry to hear of your troubles with your battery. Boy have I been through the ringer and back. Some time when you have some time the munchkin and I will have to come for a visit...


John said...

Hi wash, it's good to seeing you checking in again. In the years I ran dogs, running away twice is all that happened to me but, got them back fast. One time a snow machiner found them and brought them back and the other, they got snagged in some brush bout mile and half away. It was a nice day to walk. Just need a positive attitude. It would be good to see you two again.

Mary said...

Hi John. Found your blog through another one. Enjoying it. I used to live in Sitka and went all over the interior fighting fire. I do miss it. You have a dream life!

John said...

Hi Mary, welcome. Glad you found my blog, hope to hear from you more. Sounds like you've been around. My life will be more enjoyable once I move to my remote cabin.

Penny said...

What a homey, comforting read, John. You make it all sound sort of dream-like, but real and tough at the same time. You still have a lot of heart for the "wild life," haven't you?

John said...

Hi Penny, thanks. It's good to hear from you. I do have a passion for life, the Wilderness and Nature. The is something magical sitting under a dark sky filled with bright stars. I love the remote life.

Debbie Schreib said...

oh goodness, you do insist on making me nag for an update. :o) what's happening up your way, John? how's life?