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The Bush Life
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

I have answered your call, here I am

 Hi everyone,  I've been informed it is time for another post. I know I have been very tardy, lol, in doing so but, I have just been lazy and pretty much staying warm. It has been pretty cold here every day. It's been anywhere from 0 to -30 and pretty much all I have been doing is splitting wood every day, eating and watching movies.

We did get dumped on with snow and I went out to shovel, after 5 shovelfuls, I called a neighbor and he came down to plow me out for $20, well spent money.

The green tub is my bathtub 8-}

Got a picture of it snowing

I took this picture of a jet over my cabin, thought it was pretty kool.

Here is a recent photo of Denali, looking over Kashwitna Lake. That's an Ice fishing tent on the lake.

This mornings breakfast, yep, powdered eggs

Last nights dinner, Moose steak, baked potato and sautéed mushrooms and onions in a Teriyaki sauce.
Here are a few meals I have had, Moose meat, rice, vegetables and mushrooms in soy sauce.

Pork steak, baked potato and mushrooms sautéed in worcestshire sauce

This is the Moon coming up

Took this neat picture of the moon last night

The days have been beautiful here, sunny, clear and cooold.

Yep, the greenhouse is still standing

I bought some candle lanterns for the front door and some plumbers candles that last for hours. I light them for 2-3 hrs. Surprising enough, they put out a lot of light.

It feels very soothing with the oil lamps inside and the lanterns outside.

Other than this, not much else going on. I will try not to put so much distance between my posts. I appreciate the concern you have shown. Take care


Washkeeton said...

My kids were out your way this wkend playing on their snow machines. I can see why now. We got maybe 4 inches and the wind has since blown it all away. We have been below 0 with wind chills only.


John said...

Hi Wash, you should have told them to stop by. It isn't supposed to warm up any time soon.

Washkeeton said...

They did an over night in Petersville. They got back late tonight.


Anonymous said...

We look for your updates every day, from Texas.


Bigfoot in Fort Worth

Evano said...

Glad to hear that you are keeping well John.
We just got two feet of snow here too.

John said...

Hi Bigfoot, thanks for stopping by. The posts should be more frequent after this week.

John said...

Hey Evano, good to hear from ya. I love the snow. I will soon be out there more enjoying it.

Debbie Schreib said...

brrrrr. cold! and here I was whining about waking up to a balmy 7 degrees. we also have a lot of snow, but I am hating all the freezing rain we seem to be having this year. not a fan of ice! lovely photos. I'm curious what moose taste like...perhaps deer meat? all I know is it looks delicious! good to hear you are well. since you have been watching lots of movies, any good ones to suggest? stay warm, and stop making me nag. hahahaha!!!! Debi

John said...

I welcome the cold, makes for better traveling to remote areas. Although, I would like +15 to +20. You can keep the freezing rain. As far as what moose tastes like, hard to describe, wild game has its own tastes and is not processed like domestic meat or coloring added. It tastes good and better fot you, my opinion of course. If you enjoy seeing how people leave the city and go remote, I recommend "Arctic Son" Fullfilling the Dream. By Jean Aspen and Tom Irons. You can find it online. Oh, go ahead, nag away, lol

simplyfree said...

Hi John....I see you are getting dumped on with the snow too. Do you ever get blizzards there? We have been having them one after another but better than rain. The picture with the moon that is kinda dark looks Here they use little shacks for ice fishing to catch smelts. I love your lanterns and boy doesn't that cabin look warm and cozy with the glow of oil lamps and candles. Your meals look tasty as always. I especially love the rice, moose meat and veggies. Yes.. the cold makes us want to hibernate doesn't it. You got a good deal on blowing out your driveway for $20.00 around here you pay 320.00 for a tractor and a blower come clean your driveway for the season. Some charge more than that too. Love your photos. Take care and warm.

John said...

Hi Carol, once again, always nice to here from you. Not sure what constitutes a blizzard in Alaska. We get snow, blowing snow, snow storms and heavy snow. LOL, that's all I know. There is nothing more soothing than a crackling fire and oil lamps glowing.

Carol said...

I love your oil lamps. The porch looks so homey and welcoming. I continue to think of you frequently when I cook and watch my birds. We got a lot of snow recently too, but only got down to -9 after that.

John said...

Candles and oil lamps have a very nice relaxing feeling. I don't care for bright light especially at night. Guess I will have to get more creative with my cooking, lol

KC said...

Hi! Glad to see your posts! What a find in your new snow machine , you certainly have an eye for a good deal, it looks like new! Your wood pile looks good, it always feels good to have a nice looking stacked pile and know that you have the means to heat the cabin! As always I love the Picts , especially of Denali, the moon and the snow!
You have a very relaxed way of life, you are very fortunate! The cabin looks nice when lit up with the lamps.
Take care, KC Stay warm, I see it is pretty cold!

John said...

Hi KC, the snowmachine is a great deal. In Alaska, wood is a sure way of keeping warm. 5 things you need to survive, 1. Knowledge of survival skills,2. roof over your head, 3. Water, 4. food, 5. a little bit crazy, lol. Yes, I am very fortunate.

becky3086 said...

The pictures of your meals made me hungry! I am really not missing the snow everyone else is having this year. You all can keep it :)

John said...

Thanks Becky, C'mon you gotta miss the snow a little, lol

Anonymous said...

Hiya john. .you must be updates...hope all is well...looks like you got your snow....we are expecting snow in a few days.Im for staying in and staying warm....take care ...Bert from Bama

Debbie Schreib said...

dude........where are you. LOL there. that is how you ask about someone.

Anonymous said...

Ok john ....getting worried here where are you ????????????? Bert from Bama

John said...

Hi Bert and Debbie, not to worry, I'm at a friends remote cabin and had some Internet problems. I will be back in town Monday.

Anonymous said...

Looking for john.... He lives in skwenta ...eats moose meat....and has been missing from blog..possible Internet issues still going on...or he has found a soul mate and on hope all is well....take care Bert from bama