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The Bush Life
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back from my trip

I took a trip a week ago this past Tuesday and it wasn't without incident. I left to go visit with my  friend and his partner Nancy at the remote place on Alexander Creek. It is about a 2 hour trip by snowmachine. On my way to meet them I stopped at 3Bears, a store a long the way. When I stopped, there was oil leaking under my car. NOT GOOD, I needed to get to Point Mackenzie to meet them. I bought 5 qts. of oil and put some in the car and continued on my way. When I got there, Mike was filling 30 gal. drums of gas on his freight sled. Once that was done, got on the snowmachines and headed out.

The trip was pretty rough because of the lack of snow. There was pretty much no snow on the rivers we were traveling on which made it very bumpy, We were running behind and couldn't stop to tack photos. Decided to get some on the way back. Unfortunately, that didn't happen either. When I returned the following Tuesday, there was lots of overflow and slush on the rivers from the warm weather and rain.

Anyway, when we got to their place, we were pretty tired from the long rough ride. We cracked open a few beers and Nancy started dinner. I took them a bottle of Crown Royal with Maple flavor, they did enjoy that. They had some hunters staying at their guest cabin who were leaving the following day. We pretty much just hung out talking about all the people we knew and other Alaska stuff. We went to bed pretty early. They have a cat that took a liking to me and decided to share my bed, lol.

Wednesday was pretty much a non thing day, it was raining. Mike went out to pump the gas into his big tank. He runs a freight business and sells gas out there to other cabin owners. After that, we hung out shooting the bull some more. We went to bed early for, me and Mike were leaving early Thursday morning for the 40 mile trip North to my cabin.

Got up early Thursday, had breakfast and got the machines ready, it started snowing lightly. Mike decided to take a back trail going to my cabin. That back trail was really rough. It was pretty narrow and windy like a snake. I veered off the trail just slightly and ended up sideways, Mike was in front and didn't see me and kept going. I was in about 3feet of snow. He finally noticed I wasn't behind him and came back and helped me get it back up on the trail. I was really glad to get off that trail.

We finally hit open ground and it was snowing much harder, the snow was coming straight at us stinging our eyes. I didn't have goggles with me and it was very hard seeing to stay on the hard packed trail. We finally made it to Alexander Lake to catch the Tripod Trail to my cabin. My cabin is about 6 miles from there. Ok, once again, it was snowing even harder by then. We kept going and I figured we got about 3-4 miles from my cabin but, we couldn't continue, we couldn't see 5 feet in front of us. We sat there about 40 min. and it wasn't letting up, so, we turned around and headed back.

I convinced Mike to go back another route which was easier and faster. We went over to the Yentna river to the Susitna River and then to a trail called Cut Tree which took us over to Alexander Creek. What a trip, we were really wore out and we were so glad to get back to his place. We pretty much just hung out again. We went to bed around midnight and as soon as I layer down, the cat decided to join me again.

The next morning, Mike and Nancy left to go visit Mikes's mom for her Birthday. I had the place to myself, Friday, Saturday and most the day Sunday. They got back nightfall. While there myself, I met an 82 year old woman who lives up the creek and flies her own plane. She flies a Cessna 180. Then a few others stopped by looking for Mike and Nancy.

We left Tuesday morning to come back to where my car was. It was a really nice day, a beautiful Sunrise. The rivers were getting more overflow on them, it was a little scary. When we got back, Mike got right to work loading drums on a trailer as well as snowmachines and freight sleds on the trailer as well. He had a job to deliver 1000 gals. of gas up North to Alpine Lodge on the Denali Highway. During the Winter, the lodge is accessible by snowmachine only. Anyway, I couldn't find my ignition key, I called a friend to give me a ride back to the town cabin to get a spare. While on his way, I found my key but, get a hold of him. I put 5 qts. of oil in my car and left. Driving back, me and my friend noticed each other and stopped.

After we talked, I continued on, I stopped to gas and then headed to the cabin, I got within 12 miles and added 2 more qts. I think my car is toast. I dropped it off at my friends who is a mechanic and see what is going on. I tired of typing, it's 11:50pm Saturday night and it's been raining all day. I'm tired and going to bed. I will continue the story tomorrow. Good night


M. Silvius said...

Sounds like a fun adventure. The leaking in the car is likely a gasket that has got hard with the cold. Could be the main seal, in which case the transmission will need to be pulled to replace the seal.

John said...

Hi Mike, it was quite a journey. With my luck, it will be the main seal. It's a $500 car, I will buy another one instead of fixing it.

M. Silvius said...

Or just drive it as it is and keep a case of oil handy at all times. I bet come summer time it will leak a whole lot less.

John said...

LOL, I would have to strap a 55 gal. drum on the roof and run a hose to the engine.

Carol said...

Did you ever consider that when you aren't sleeping in your friend's guestroom that the cat considers that bed his? Lol

John said...

Hi Carol, actually, she thought every bed, couch and chair was hers to sleep on. LOL