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The Bush Life
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting 2015 the right way

Well, so far, 2015 is starting out in a positive way except for snow. Many years ago I owned a 1995 Arctic Cat snowmachine that I really liked a lot. This machine was great for hauling logs out of the woods and great on gas. When I retired a few years ago, I sold it to someone in the village where I lived closed to. It ran good but, was kinda beaten up a bit and I didn't want to spend the big bucks bringing it back to the road system with me. I have always looked for another one, only in much better shape.

As the saying goes, "if you wait long enough, good things will come to you" something to that effect. Well, it happened.

SWEET, this machine is basically in showroom condition with 1600 miles and it is a year older than the one I had. I am now the 3rd owner of it. It is hard to imagine how excited I was to see this on Craigslist and bought it right away. I feel like a child getting his first BB gun, lol.

Anyway, we still have no snow and getting a lot of reports about the poor conditions on the rivers going to my remote cabin. Figures. The snowmachine I got for free is running but, I need to do some things to it before taking it on a long trip. $200 or $300 bucks should get it running dependable. I hope, lol.

The weather has been pretty warm and they are calling for rain/snow this week sometime. As you can see, the snow has melted off the trees.

Yep, I did get my wood stacked as you can see.

I know it doesn't look like a lot but, trust me, there are some big rounds there. What a job to split them. Glad I got it done. The temps have been in the 20's to 30's and this morning was a different tune.

This year is the craziest weather I have seen in many, many  years.  I have no idea how this Winter will go. I will close for now and soon will do the post on stocking a remote cabin for long periods. Take care