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The Bush Life
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lots of changes

 Hi everyone, well, Fall has finally arrived and it's a crazy one. Temperatures in the mornings have been 13 degrees to 50 degrees. For the most part the weather has been great, sunny and no mosquitoes. That has changed and now for the past 2 days it is raining and hard. To start off, I will show some photos that may interest you. I salvaged my last tomatoes, not to bad.
My strawberries were the last to be harvested. I will replant them soon and see if they survive the Winter.

Caught some nice Moon and Sun shots

This is an early morning Moon

Now, the Sun

I finished the roof and it looks much better. I will apply roofing cement when the rain stops and it is a Sunny day. I also installed new stovepipe and China cap.

This little guy stopped by to see what I was doing

I'm sure you remember my pole barn and the ground around it.

The pole barn is gone and the land cleaned up.

Now for the new look

No, that's not me, lol

OK, I must have had a senior moment and forgot to take a picture of it finished. Sorry, will post later.

I bought a new 32" television and it is great. Whole lot better to watch movies than my 19". I built a new table to sit it on.

Now for my new kitchen look

I got the cutting board for free and paid $3 for the microwave.

I bought this propane stove for $25, it looks new and works perfectly.

The completed kitchen. The little red table to the left of the stove is where the refrigerator will go. It sits on the porch for now. It stays cold so nothing spoils. I will move it inside when it starts to freeze.

Dinner last night, Ribeye and peas.

Well, that is pretty much it. Now I will work on the living room area and then I will show you how it turns out. I hope this post is entertaining and I and doing great and starting to get back to my old self. Take care and enjoy. I changed my blog heading to " MY ALASKA WAY OF LIFE" sounded better to me.


CottonLady said...

Well, my goodness John, you have been a busy bee!!! All of your improvements look great and to have new-to-you appliances is really nice.

Love your pictures of the moon and sun, your tomatoes and strawberries. I still have both of them producing in my garden. We've had quite the moonscapes here lately with the blood moon and eclipse.

So glad to hear the old John is revived and well. Keep up the good work. Blessings!

John said...

Hi cotton, thanks, it was just a matter of getting my head out of my butt. I decided something needed to be done. The stove is bigger than I wanted but, it works great. Anytime a propane becomes available and cheap, grab it.

Ben Dover said...

Enjoy the pictures keep them coming.

John said...

Thanks Ben, glad you enjoyed them

Debbie Schreib said...

everything looks wonderful, John! love the new look outside, and the kitchen looks great, too. great new stove, and those dinners always look so yummy! you have been one busy guy. great photos as usual.

John said...

Thanks Debbie, I appreciate the kind words. I was hoping you would be happy.

KC said...

Hi! John, you really have been busy and everything looks great, and boy you know how to find the bargains! The kitchen looks really nice ! Thanks for posting the moon picts!! We finally had a freeze, the garden is cleaned up for the winter, have you had snow yet? KC

John said...

Hi KC, thanks. I'm happy the way the kitchen looks and functionality. The stove was a great find. We have snow on the mountains and that's about it. I bet you're glad it's cooler.

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
Your tomoates turned out great.We still have a few left in the greenhouse. I love your pictures of the moon. It looks so big! Pretty little butterfly that stopped by. You certainly are doing lots of work around the place. Nice T.V. you got there. It sure will be nice in the dead of winter. Your kitchen looks great. Great buy on the propane stove! Gotta love that! I have to say I am drooling right now over your ribeye steak. I love steak! Great job!!Thanks for sharing!

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks. I like it when things come together. I things are going to go well from now on.