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The Bush Life
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally, Fall is here

Hi everyone, I am so glad to see this weather. No mosquitos, cool temperatures, lots of projects. I haven't posted in a long time because of the projects I am doing.

I wanted to wait to post when the projects are done or at least most of them. The Sun has been out for the most part and the temperatures in the mornings have been +20 to +40s. Makes it very enjoyable to be out doing things.

Soon, I will be back to doing some serious cooking and baking. Life is very good these days. I hope to lost this weekend. Thanks for checking in.


CottonLady said...

Glad to hear you are doing well, John. Will look forward to hearing/seeing your projects.

Still hot right now in my part of Texas. Looking forward to the norther coming in in a couple of days. Hordes of mosquitoes here right now! :(

Take care....blessings!7617

Anonymous said...

Hiya John...glad to see you post and that projects are coming along ..happy to hear life is treating you well ..same here :) I'm happy for fall weather in Alabama Fall ! OK .get ta cooking I'm still waiting for my potluck stew and the brown truck.. lol stay well and take care my friend... Bert from Bama

becky3086 said...

Now 20's and 40's are a bit chilly to us but I have to admit we had a morning in the 40's the other day and we were not complaining. Glad to hear you have some projects going on. I wish I had a few myself but right now, just trying to keep things going. Nice to hear from you!

John said...

Hi cotton, you can have those darn mosquitos. The temps here are perfect.

John said...

Hi Bert, I believe a lot of people are glad to see this time of the year. I should start cooking soon.

John said...

Thanks Becky, with the cool temps and able to get my projects done, I'm feeling great. Hope everything is going good for you.

simplyfree said...

Hellooooo..John, The temperatures here are cooling down too. The leaves are changing color. I am glad to here you are busy as a beaver with some projects. Looking forward to see what your up to.

John said...

Hiiiii! Carol, the leaves have changed, the rain is back and life is good. Big changes being made.