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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yep, still here

Hi everyone, sorry for the long moments of no posting. Guess I am in that state of funk and lack of interest. I am kind of exhausted from trying to get necessary things done at the town cabin and going to the remote cabin. The thing right now for going to the remote cabin is, MONEY. There are only two types of planes to get to my remote cabin, Supercub on floats or a Beaver on floats.

DeHavalind Beaver

The Supercub costs $300 a trip in and out. The Beaver is $450. With the Supercub I would have to make multiple trips which affordability is out of the question. I could basically make one trip with the Beaver, although right now, I need to use my money to put a new roof on the town cabin and strengthen the floor. I am shooting for September to go to the remote cabin. I also have to buy a new Snow machine to haul supplies during the Winter. So, I guess I am between a rock and a hard place.  I am taking it a day at a time.

I know everyone has been waiting a long time for me to get there and so have I but, sometimes Alaska has a way of changing your plans. It's kinda disappointing but, I have been  there before. I am hoping you will bear with me and not give up. Another reason is, my doctor has set up appointments for acupuncture treatments for the next 4 weeks to eliminate the pain I have had in my right leg. I have been to one already and it worked somewhat. The acupuncturist says I need 4 more to make a big difference.  I never thought I would ever go for acupuncture.

I did buy a greenhouse and put my garden plants in it and they coming along great. As usual, I forgot to transfer the photos from my camera to my laptop. I will have them for you on Friday. So, until then, hope you stick around. Thanks


M. Silvius said...

Airplanes, now you are talking my language. Suppose what makes sense is to haul in the heavy gear on a sled in winter and thus save some on flying costs. Even if you have to wait a bit to get all your stuff there. Keeping the water off your head is important. It is not easy keeping in good spirits when the chips don't fall your way, but you got to keep the faith and keep small realistically attainable goals every day. Achieving them delivers satisfaction in itself. And remember, as Red Green would say, we're pulling for you and if the ladies don't find you handsome the should at least find you handy.
Michael in Maine

John said...

Hi Michael, LOL, gotta love Red Green, sometimes he reminds me of me. Winter is the best time for traveling to remote areas. It will all work out. Thanks for understanding.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, Didn't know you were in the Market for a SnoGo.. a neighbor sold his fairly new BearCat at give away price just recently when he was between jobs.. C/L probably the best place to look for a good machine.

Are you getting any strawberries yet? The Robins and the Magpies are getting the better strawberries in our patch. Got enough salvaged the last couple days to get the wife working on a batch of Rhubarb/Strawberry jam..
keep your tip up and your lines tight...!

Penny said...

Always hoping for the best for you, John. Delays and unexpected turns and waiting periods may have an important place in our lives. You are right to expect that "it will all work out." You're such a "go with the flow" kind of person, maybe you are being used to teach others something!

John said...

Hi Penny, it's been awhile, glad to see you checking in. I kinda learned that problems are obstacles. So, I go around them. I am determined this year. Hope you check in more.

John said...

Hey John, I scan CL daily. I got lots of strawberries, only 1 red one. The jam sounds good.

simplyfree said...

Hi John I can see where your problem is. Those planes are a bit pricey. You are right to fix the town cabin first and worry about going to your remote cabin later. One thing at a time. Keep in touch when you can.

John said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the comment. You and I seem to think a like. I will be there soon.