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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Friday, July 18, 2014


 Lately, I have been reflecting about my past life experiences. I have done a lot since my youth days and have lived an exciting life mostly. I have learned more about life than any education you can get in a Brick and Mortar school. Most people go to school to learn a profession to enable them to live in a world based on modern conveniences and acceptance. I have been taught how to live without them when the time comes, if it does in what time I have left in this world. 

 Today, I do use some of these modern conveniences and yes, they are nice to have at times. To tell the truth, I am not really happy using them. Television for one, I got along without it for quite a few years and when I built the town cabin, I figured I needed it and I don't. I am working on getting on the roof to take down the antenna. My am/fm is by far the most important tool I own. Yes, it is a tool. I hear what's going on outside of my world but, more importantly, I get weather reports and I enjoy listen to stations that send messages to people living remote without voice and Internet communication. Yes, there are still people living that way. I'm pretty sure that somewhere down the line, I will do the same.

 Every day I am finding it more difficult to be on the  road system. I don't like dealing with people on the roads and therefore, limit my driving as much as possible or find someone close by and ride to town with them. I have been learning to make a list of things so I don't have to spend much time in the stores. The one good thing about Internet is Craigslist, I can look for things I need, close to me without having to go to town or stores.

 I have put my town cabin up for sale and hopefully I can sell it soon, preferably for cash and I have entertained the thought of owner financing with a fair amount down. I am asking $15,000 for it, I will just take personal items and the buyers can just move in and take up housekeeping. If anyone is interested, it is a dry cabin. It would be for 2 people, not big enough for anymore than that.

 I got to thinking, while being on the road system, the way I dress has changed drastically, this will also change soon. I had a friend recently tell me that I am looking like normal people, YIKES! He's right and I never felt comfortable wearing {normal clothes?}, LOL.
I have always been used to worn out clothes that fit loose and comfortable.

 So, anyway, there will be a lot of changes coming very soon and I think many of you will like the new old me. I'm not sure if that will hurt my chances of finding a companion or not, so, I am not going to dwell on it. If there is a woman out there for me, I can offer you, Love, support, companionship and the adventure of a life time. There are literally thousands of people who view my blog so, there's got to be a woman saying to herself, Hmmm! I wonder?

 Enough of this, I got things to do to return to remote life. This is a lot for me to say. Take care 


Anonymous said...

Hey John
What Radio stations still broadcast the Bush lines? I recall one off the Original Radio Stations in Anchorage had a program in the evening sending radio messages to the bush.. Think they called it Caribou Clatter..? Boy that sunshine was nice while it lasted. Could almost see the Strawberries turning red. Yesterday I thought one more day of sunshine and I'd have some peas ready to pick. Maybe tomorrow. We're stuck babysetting the kids dog. They are off to Homer for a long weekend .. Their dog and my dog don't like each other. Are you doing any fishing? I'd bet you have a few go up that Creek behind you. I got my winter supply of Reds, filleted, vacuum packed and resting nicely in the bottom of my freezer.
Stay Dry.
Old John

John said...

Hi John, most all the villages that have radion stations do and you can pick them up late Fall with a special antenna setup that I made. Closer to home, Glenallen does the messages, KCAM AM 790, aka Caribou Clatter. Fairbanks either 680 or 690 am. I will have to find my list.

Anonymous said...

Hey John. I would be interested and learning more about your in town cabin, like where it is, the size of your lot, and anything else you may be able to tell me. I would love to have a get away place for me and my wife.


simplyfree said...

Hi John,
I too think TV can be a time waster. I have a couple of shows I do watch and they are about living the great outdoors. I do listen to the news on the radio too especially during bad weather. Shopping only makes me cranky trying to fight the crowd and traffic so I do it once a week now. I dress how I choose to now. I don't follow trends and buy second hand clothes, like you say comfort comes first.
I take it that selling your town cabin means you are planning to live in your remote cabin year round. I do hope you continue to blog there as I love reading blogs of people living a simple down to earth life.

John said...

Hi Texas, thanks for your interest. I have 2 people interested right now. I will post with pictures and info. Stay tuned.

John said...

I forgot to ask, are you in Texas or Alaska?

John said...

Hi Carol, it's always been my intention to live there full time. To tell the truth, having Internet has it's good and bad. I'm looking at cost effectiveness and maintenance. I don't know. We'll see.

CanadianEH said...

Hi, Ive been reading your blog for a while and think its great. living in the bush has been a fascination of mine for the last few years. I was wondering if i could get the recipe for that soup you have a picture up of. the "elixir" of life as you put it. it looks so flavorful.


John said...

Hi EH, nobody has ever asked for a recipe, I'm flattered. I will go to the library on Wednesday and post it for ya. It is a favorite of mine. Thanks for asking.