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The Bush Life
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Monday, June 23, 2014

A new day, a new search

Well, my perspective companion left about 8:30 am this morning. I wished her well and a safe trip. Told her to keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

Anyway, I sit here wondering if I could have done things for her to make her happy and encourage her to stay. Only I would have to become someone I don't want to be.

Pursuing someone who is in tune with my lifestyle takes a lot of thought. For me, it has to be someone who deeply loves Nature and all it provides and doesn't mind living off the road system. I know that someone is out there. Many women might think it leads to being a recluse, which is far from that. I just enjoy making and building things from scratch, whether cooking, baking or producing something simple to make life a little easier and comfortable.

Mainly though, to share a good life with someone. In my younger days, I got along fine by myself and now in my older years, I find it kind of lonely. I don't want to be alone until I leave this world.

I am not going to produce a lot of demands on a woman as far as who she should be or who I want her to be, except:

She must love Nature and all it provides.

She is not tied down to anything or anyone who impedes her freedom.

Her life isn't dictated by modern technology and/or modern amenities.

I'm not sure if I'm going about it right or wrong. I won't be offended by constructive criticism.

That's it for now, I will go on doing my everyday things until it happens for me or not.

Thanks to all of you for you caring and kind words of encouragement.


Ben Dover said...

Thank goodness she came to her senses.

John said...

Hi Ben, thanks for stopping by. I agree, otherwise, it would be uncomfortable for her to be somewhere she is not suited for. Have a nice day.

Washkeeton said...

The only comment I would make is your second statement. Most women in the age group your looking for will have kids and grand kids which will cause seperation issues at some point, I would guess. I know it would for me. To miss a month of my grand daughter is to miss a lot with her at her age. That is just my thoughts. Beyond that, it looks good.


John said...

Hi Wash, thanks. I understand what you are saying, only, I'm kinda looking for that older woman who breaks out of prison and is on the run, lol.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried the dating site. Farmersonly it is for people who like the outdoors etc. perhaps they have an alaska region. Just a thought.

John said...

Hi anonymous, I haven't. I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Debbie Schreib said...

I think the problem may be some people shy away from living remote when they get a little older. loving nature is one thing, but you do have to ask that she also love being reclusive. not saying she isn't out there. do you have places you go in your area where you can meet women? living in your immediate area would be key I think. they would know exactly what you are talking about with your preferred lifestyle.

John said...

Hi Debbie, I have to respectfully disagree. Living as a recluse doesn't necessarily pertain to remote living. You can choose to live as a recluse in the middle of a city. Living in a Wilderness setting is something you embrace and enjoy. Most women today living in Alaska are from the outside or brought up enjoying the outdoors knowing they can still have everything at their fingertips. This goes for men also. It's very hard to find a woman with a mindset similar to mine. Living remote the fun is traveling to visit friends or welcoming friends. OR, I could be wrong. Who knows? LOL

david said...

I bet it is hard finding a woman up there in the north. Heck it can be hard enough anywhere you live. My wife doesnt want to entertain any part of moving up to Alaska. First we couldnt because she was close to her dad, Then she couldnt til our oldest son graduated, then the nest 3 kids couldnt cuz she said it would be tramatic to make them change schools. Now my youngest has a year left in high school but now we have two grandsons who she cant move away from. I guess if i want your lifestyle i would have to leave her here and go by myself. Got any advice for me?

M. Silvius said...

After the initial butterflies and euphoria, when we are all to prone to throw caution to the wind, love is at best a compromise. They say you don't ever find the right one, its just the one you can work with. If the long term objectives are the same you stand a chance. The commitment becomes to the relationship and not the person. To one degree or another we give up some things in order to gain others. Some folks are just not willing to give up those things in order to have company. As the song goes, "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose". Look at me, I even took up ball room dancing in order to increase my odds, and though I became a valuable asset at weddings I got stuck with a stumpy Italian with two left feet.

John said...

Hey David, I feel your pain, the most excuses I get, are, the grandkids and they love their job or have to work. As far as your last question, on no, I'm the last person to ask, lol.

John said...

Hmmm! Interesting, I believe, I waited to long and if it happens, fine.

Anonymous said...

John, I stumbled across you blog early this morning and spend a few hours reading through a lot of it. You are living the life I think I would love to live. I found your blog because I'm wanting to learn what is involved in living that life style. I work in Dallas Texas, and was born here, so I know Alaska would be a shock to my system. My wife feels the same way I do. We live in the sticks on 10 acres and like it but travel to Dallas everyday to work. I hate it. I have been looking in different areas to see where we could get out of the rat race, but still have a lot to learn about living small and what it would take. I've even been looking in Southwest Texas in the desert regions, because land is very cheap. Anyway I have very much enjoyed reading you post, and will continue to read and learn about what it takes to make this move. I hope I can get there before I'm too old. Thanks for posting, please keep it up.

simplyfree said...

Hi John,
You said it in your last reply to a comment "and if it happens fine".
There is nothing wrong with living alone. Sometimes society puts pressure on us that if we are alone there must be something wrong with us. Not true! In the mean time live the life you always wanted to live. I liked what you said " that we can live a recluse life even in the city." So true. I am not a real big social person either. Don't rush it. Enjoy the ride.

John said...

Thanks Texas, I could never have a daily work schedule. I know how you feel. I don't know much about Texas but, there has to be a smaller area for you that will be comfortable. Glad you enjoy my blog and hope you stick around.

John said...

Thanks Carol, well said.