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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New life changes

Hi everyone, it is raining still, seems it stops long enough to let you think it's ok to go out and do something and it starts right back up again. which has brought me to rethink everything that is going on. So, maybe the rain is exactly what I needed to make this change.

I still would like to find me a companion to spend my life with and to do things as well as have fun but, I am not going to dwell on it. If someone comes along and is the right person for me, it's a bonus.

As I said, I have been sitting in the town cabin because of the rain and doing a lot of thinking and something has to change in order for me to get right in my mind. I know, I may never get to that point, lol.

I have decided to stop working on the town cabin and live with what I have, except with the roof, it has to be fixed.

Everyone has guessed by now that, I am past my departure to my remote cabin and that's ok. I am looking at going up the middle of July or August. I won't do the addition and all the other work until next Spring. I am just going to start my new life in a new year. My plan is to spend the Winter at the remote cabin and am looking into having Internet there so I can keep in touch with everyone.

I'm feeling pretty good about this decision and I believe all of you will see the change in me and my attitude. Anyway, life is good and it's getting better. Here are some photos I took.
Making special biscuits 

I topped them with melted butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.

The results

When done, I sliced one open and spread with Jelly, Mmmm! Good

My Strawberry plant

My tomato plants

My cucumber plant

Moroccan Mint

These are a mix of sweet peppers and cantaloupe I started from seed.

Don't know the name of this plant but, it is growing crazy since I put it outside.

Well, that pretty much does it, Take care

Monday, June 23, 2014

A new day, a new search

Well, my perspective companion left about 8:30 am this morning. I wished her well and a safe trip. Told her to keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

Anyway, I sit here wondering if I could have done things for her to make her happy and encourage her to stay. Only I would have to become someone I don't want to be.

Pursuing someone who is in tune with my lifestyle takes a lot of thought. For me, it has to be someone who deeply loves Nature and all it provides and doesn't mind living off the road system. I know that someone is out there. Many women might think it leads to being a recluse, which is far from that. I just enjoy making and building things from scratch, whether cooking, baking or producing something simple to make life a little easier and comfortable.

Mainly though, to share a good life with someone. In my younger days, I got along fine by myself and now in my older years, I find it kind of lonely. I don't want to be alone until I leave this world.

I am not going to produce a lot of demands on a woman as far as who she should be or who I want her to be, except:

She must love Nature and all it provides.

She is not tied down to anything or anyone who impedes her freedom.

Her life isn't dictated by modern technology and/or modern amenities.

I'm not sure if I'm going about it right or wrong. I won't be offended by constructive criticism.

That's it for now, I will go on doing my everyday things until it happens for me or not.

Thanks to all of you for you caring and kind words of encouragement.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New surprise? Sorry, no

Hi everyone, I know you all have been anxiously awaiting the surprise and I was happy to bring it to you, only it's not happening. Many of you were right, it is a woman. She lives in Sterling, Alaska and we have been talking online for quite awhile and decided to make our relationship happen. She made the break from her apt. and job sold many things and moved up here on Thursday. We got along pretty good until Friday { I know} and things started going South in the relationship. Turns out she isn't into my lifestyle as much as she thought she was. She really thought she would enjoy the remote lifestyle but, found out she is way to citified to change. So, this morning we talked it out and decided we should part ways as friends rather than enemies. I told her she can stay until she finds what she really wants. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up.

This does mean I am back looking for that special woman who really wants that remote lifestyle and that I will feel comfortable with. WOW! Who would have thought someone could say they are looking for something and figure out it's not what they are looking for. I try to let a person know what remote is and can only hope they understand. I can tell you this, I will be more sure the next time. I am going to make a post soon looking for someone which was an Idea I got from Jenny on Frontier Freedom and no, she and I are not compatible as she is not attracted to me.

I forgot to load photos from my camera, I bought a greenhouse Friday and will erect it as soon as this rain stops. It is raining hard today.The plants are doing good, Got blossoms on the tomato plants and got my first blossom on my strawberry plant. I think they may do better in the greenhouse away from the colder mornings. Hoping at least my celery does better.

This is a enough for now, I'm going back to the cabin, get my composure and look for another gal.

See ya all soon.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Goods times are near

Hi everyone, as I have told you, a surprise is coming and it is near. In about one more week you all will find out the surprise. I am really enjoying the comments from my last post, very humorous, got me laughing at them. In the meantime not much is happening, it is raining again and the mosquitoes are still a nuisance. I took a few photos to show you until I can come up with a better post.

New Cinnamon rolls

I call these "PIGTAIL ROLLS", LOL

Threw this guy some chicken livers that were old. He was happy.

This little guy attached himself to my window for quite awhile.

These flowers are growing in my yard and out front

This is my garden so far, more to come though.
Celery and Moroccan Mint. I am told, the mint is good for making tea.


Well folks, that's it for this week. Starting next week, I will be posting more and more. Many things will be happening. So, have a nice weekend and take care.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeling good these days

I am feeling very good these days because of the weather, having energy and something else that is happening in my life. I can't reveal the last part just yet but, it is a doozy. I'm sure you will like it when it is revealed. I guess you can call this a teaser. Anyway, as you all know, it has been raining quite a bit here. The weather has changed and I was able to start doing things. Among them will be putting in a garden. I have some starts that I will plant today when I get back to the cabin.

There are celery, sweet peppers, strawberries, cucumbers and of course tomatoes. Tomatoes are in the coffee containers.

I got an excellent deal on this deck furniture. Not in the picture is, 2 ottomans and glass top table, like a coffee table.
I plan to take these to the remote cabin.

I broke down and bought a roof rack for my car. I have missed out on many good deals by not having a way to transport them. Eventually, I will buy a truck.

As you all know, I like my beer and soda very cold. My old cooler wasn't doing that so, I bought a new cooler that is suppose to keep your ice for 5 days. So far it has been 7 days and I will add a couple of bags today.

Here a couple of photos I think are very cool

Last night as I was sitting in my chair, I had to laugh watching this squirrel trying his darndest to get in the bird feeder. It took him about 45 min. and finally figured it out.

He actually climbed up the cabin wall and jumped to the top.

Mmmm! I can taste the goodies already

AAAH! Sweet success

Hey! You got a problem?

Dinner last night, rice, sweet peppers, onion, mushrooms and chicken livers.

This little guy showed up this morning

Took these a few days ago. It changed in min.

Ok, that's enough for today, hope everyone's Summer is going well. Take care