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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

AH! Rain

Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I last blogged. It is due to being busy and lazy. I have been a little busy outdoors and got to make another trip up to Hatchers Pass. This time, I was able to drive up a bit further than the last time. I'm feeling pretty good and anticipating my trip to the remote cabin. I am also in the gardening mood as well. I have a few plants started.

Road to Hatchers Pass

This Moose was surprised to see me

When me and a lady friend got as far as we could go, this guy was heading up the hill to do some para- sailing

He had a quite a hike up the hill

He set up a windsock

Took some random photos of rocks and plants up there

Entrance for a ground squirrel

Taking a rest on his way up

He will launch about half way up

Now he is setting up another windsock from the ledge he will launch from

This is presently a working mine

He's waiting for the proper wind to launch in

He did offer to take me for a ride and I declined. I'm adventurous but, not that adventurous

Almost time

Lining up for takeoff


This is so cool, I kinda wished I took him up on his offer

YIKES, he is way up there

Sorry for the blurriness

This is where he landed, just couldn't see him

Probably thinking, Now I have to go up and retrieve my windsock, LOL

On the way back down, spotted another Moose

There is a big fire on the Kenai Peninsula which is a couple hundred miles away and the smoke drifted to my area and discolored the sun

It seems I forgot to take photos of the vegetable plants and the work I did on the inside of the out house. So, will have to do it another day. I will try not to take so long to post again. Hope everyone's Memorial Day was good. I thank all our military past and present for their service and especially those who made that ultimate sacrifice. Take care

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Freedom to live

  Hi everyone, thought this would be a good time to talk a little bit about freedom but, not in the political sense. I am talking about the freedom to be ourselves and live the way we want. You see more and more blogs turning up about living off the grid or very remote living. I see more and more people returning to doing things differently than living in a more modern society. People growing their own food, raising animals, cooking more healthy, making and repairing things rather than buying them and raising their children in a more positive way. Their are more who are embracing the most remote lifestyle than ever in this crazy world.

  It is my belief this is a way better life than living with blacktop and concrete. Cities that keep growing tend to become a colder, unfriendly environment. City people tend to look down on others who grasp a more simplistic  lifestyle as people who can't afford a more modern lifestyle. I have had many people ask why I live the way I do and I respond, why not? They tend to think I live an unhealthy and less than clean life. This makes me think they are either ignorant or uneducated. I try to tell them, I live my way because, I am free to and they are held prisoner to an electronic, political and a want more world.

  In my life, I live not to just live but, to enjoy Nature in its natural state everyday. When I wake in the morning, I see a beautiful, sunrise, all types of wildlife, trees, clean air, quietness and freedom to decide what I want to do that day. They have an alarm clock that tells them they have to get up, they have the regular schedule of getting ready to go off to work, rush out the door to fight traffic to get to work or some meeting of some type. They have to sit in their office or stand up in some factory listening to the drowning noise of everyday city life, the constant reminder of crime around them, worrying about something happening to them on the road as they drive.

  I think you kind of get my drift. People who have decided to downsize and live their life in a fuller and more positive way do tend to healthier and more aware of good things and tend to spend more time together as a family doing something simple and teaching their kids to respect nature and not some electronic gadget.

  I have lived a remote life most of my life and I don't take it for granted. At my age, I have learned a lot from people through their blogs and some have inspired me more and more as I sometimes forget the things I should be doing. Quite frankly, I have been leaning towards a more simpler life than I live already. I have been watching some movies lately about how cowboys lived out in the open range, sleeping under the stars owning just the clothes they have on and washing them when it's time for a bath in a lake or river. Cooking simple food over an open fire and answering to nobody but themselves.

  I have been changing a whole lot of things in my life, I have gone back to letter writing instead of emailing, I send actual Christmas cards to people and I buy old cards from the 30's 40's and 50's from Ebay. I have antique Christmas ornaments. I make my coffee on the stove. Even at my age, I am starting to travel back in time. I am starting to buy things off of ebay I remember as a child, hand cranked coffee grinder, meat grinder so on and so on.

  All I know is, something has to change dramatically and soon. I am thankful to those of you who have remained reading and commenting on my blog, there has been many times I felt like closing it down but, for you few, it has been fun and comforting. I thank you all for that.

  Here a few random photos for you: My old fry pans

Nasty, eh?

New pans, these work very good

Early morning visitor


Last nights dinner, Moose Burgers on toasted English muffins

I suppose this is enough for one sitting, I promise to be back and hopefully entertain you more. Take Care