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The Bush Life
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Things are starting to get better

 I pretty much think my boredom and laziness was caused from cabin fever and I decided it was time to remedy that. Yesterday, Thursday I figured it was time to get out and cut some wood so I would have some for those chilly mornings. I am pretty much out of firewood and don't want to spend $200 to $250 for a chord for which I don't need that much.

 I woke up Thursday morning to about +12 degrees, added some wood to the stove to take the chill off.

As you can see, it is a nice chilly morning

Before I could cut trees, I had to clean and sharpen my chainsaw. Here I am cleaning it

Now it is time to sharpen it. I am marking it so I will know where to stop.

As many of you know, I have a small refrigerator that I use inside the cabin. Not using the generator all the time, I keep it cold inside using ice. If you look in the top left corner, you will see a bread pan that I freeze water in to keep it cold.
I have 2 of these pans and freeze them outside during the Winter, in the Summer, I put both of them if the freezer above when running the generator. It stays fairly cold.

It usually stays 38 to 40 degrees, the temp. dropped with the door open. Believe it or not, it's still not enough room. I will buy a bigger one when I can afford it.

I did raise the fridge to make access easier, I'm getting too old to keep bending over, LOL

Eventually, I will add shelving below it. I decided I needed a good hearty lunch when I am done cutting so, I decided on soup. I gathered all the ingredients using canned stuff.

That's right, canned beef. A friend gave me a bunch of cans. Although, I did decide against using it because, by the time I got to use it, the soup smelled so good I didn't need it. There was some fresh ingredients

Chopping celery

Peeling an onion, no tears cause I'm tough

Breaking up spaghetti for the soup

Boiling the celery, onions and spaghetti, it smelled good enough to eat by itself. You can almost smell it looking at it

Opening the diced tomatoes with my new opener.This one is really cool, doesn't leave sharp edges like my old one.


Anyway, after adding all the ingredients and simmering while I cut wood, it turned out delicious.

Out cutting wood

Afterwards, came in for that hearty soup, without the meat. Cut me a couple hunks of Everything Bread to dip.

Sitting in my recliner having soup and watching Days of our lives, LOL.

This was the high for that day and Sunset

I know it's  somewhat boring but, it helps me with my getting over cabin fever. Take care


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of life in the great north land.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot in TX

John said...

Hi BF and LF and welcome to my blogs glad you like it so far. Stick around, June gets more interesting when I get to my remote cabin.

Washkeeton said...

Not boring...really not at all. Love the look of the soup, although I'm a meat eater and eat veggies when I have to. LOL. I can't wait to see what my garden gives me this yr. I'm hoping to have some really good and tasty veggies this yr. I can't stand the tasteless junk the store sells. That may be the reason I can't stand veggies any longer.


John said...

Thanks wash, once I get my gardens going at the remote cabin, I can do away with the canned stuff. I really don't want to be filling a pit with metal.

Debbie Schreib said...

the soup looks yummy. (I would have added the meat, but I'm wild that way. lol) do you have a cabin similar to this in your remote location? do you plan to live there eventually? or do yu just go when it's warmer? loved the pictures as always. Debi

John said...

Thanks Debbie, Yeah, I should have added the meat. Now and then, it's good to eat healthy. Actually, my remote cabin is smaller but, will add on to it this Summer. I plan to make my remote cabin my home and use the town cabin for when I go to town.

simplyfree said...

John that soup looks down right yummy! I do believe we do get cabin fever after a long winter. A sharp chainsaw is a good I can't wait to see your remote cabin and read how life is there. Keep posting it is not boring at all to read about a persons life in the north.

John said...

Thanks Carol, things should be interesting when I start work at the remote cabin.

CottonLady said...

Hi John! Love all the pictures you gave us this time!! Thank You!

Your soup looked really good...I love the 'Everything' bread and bagels!

Glad it's warming up for you. We had been warm here until a norther came through Sunday night and it got down to 23* that night and the next! Lots of stuff froze, especially the fruit trees.

Take careful with that chainsaw!


John said...

Hi Cotton, thanks. The bread was really good. The temps are pretty good, time to start cleanup. Soon it will be remote cabin time.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John looks like you've been busy geting things in order.Glad to hear your chipper voice again and that your feeling much better..Just wanted to drop by and wish you a "Happy Easter"... take care my friend.
Bert from Bama :)

John said...

Hi Bert, nice to hear from you. Yep, things are getting better. It will be remote cabin time soon. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

John said...

Thanks Skyline and welcome, like your name. Hope you stick around.

Debbie Schreib said...

so, what's new John? Debi :)

John said...

Hi Debbie, to tell the truth, nothing. It's pretty boring right now. Hoping it will change soon. Very glad you are checking on me, thanks

Washkeeton said...

We have been busy lately with new chick babies, new bunny babies and setting up a new garden system. If it works I should be able to grow a pot load of food in a small space as well as it will be easily (so to speak) to move, so where ever I go I can set it back up and grow what ever I want. It would even be transportable and useful and productive in a remote situation.

Keep us posted how your doing. Missing some new posting. Spring has sprung...


John said...

Hi Wash, sounds like you will be busy and have fun, I haven't posted in awhile out of laziness and other reasons. I can't seem to get my motor started. Hopefully soon, things will change. Snow is melting fast here.

Washkeeton said...

Ya the snow is pretty much gone here as well as the skeeter infested puddles. I'm having to put water out for the critters it is so dry. I spent the afternoon cleaning up and readying the garden is no where near ready to plant but it should be in a month with lots of seedlings sprouted and ready to repot into their new homes for the summer. My goal is to plant as much as I can in the smallest area I can to produce a years worth of food if I can. While I still have this place, I'm wanting to try out this system, if it works, it is portable so I can take it with me and re set it up where ever I go.


Anonymous said...

Hiya John seems like you've got what I have lol my get up and go has got up and went symdrome.Maybe its the long dreary winter that's lingering on im sure it has not one thing to do with aging ;( When will you be going to your remote cabin?You got things in order to leave yet?Did you ever get any reports on your test results?LOL this is just chuck full of questions isn't it ...but trying to catch up on conversation.Hope your Easter was a good one spent mine in bed with some kind of yucky virus.Better now been out getting my screened porch ready for summer siting out on.Love to sit out with my tea and listen to music or read and relax.Seems like I have really conquered the relaxing part quite well.Well my friend stay safe,stay well,and keep in touch...your friend always bert from bama

John said...

Hi Bert, glad you're feeling better. Got those in between dooldrums, can't seem to get motivated just yet. I plan around the middle of June to go out. I think I have everything ready but, you are never ready.

KC said...

Hi! Hope things are looking up, it sure was a long and cold winter. We dug a batch of leeks and cooked a pot of ham and leeks today. The old timers always said that was a spring tonic! Lol more ways than one, and you get outside and start digging and then you can't wait to get the garden in! Do you have leeks in AK? I have a feeling not. Well take care and enjoy that sunshine! KC

John said...

Hi KC, things are looking up, weather is nice. Not sure if leeks are grown here or not. I do make a lot of beans and whatever. I'm busy at Spring cleanup.

Vickie @ said...

Wow - so glad I found your blog! Traveling to Alaska someday is on my bucket list, and it sounds like you are living a wonderful life! My husband and I are in the process of developing our future homestead in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. We will be off grid but will be living with solar and wind power, so we will still have TV, computer, etc. I am learning how to can, garden, and take care of chickens! I am certainly going to check back on your blog often because it seems I can learn a lot from you! Thanks John.