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The Bush Life
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I need to make some life changes, just not sure what

First and foremost, I want to thank Wash and her son for coming out to help me. I also want to thank everyone who stuck by me when I was sick and for your concerns and kind words. I have to tell ya, I never want to be that sick again. Today I am feeling great except for a persistent cough I have. Doctor seems to think I have a touch of Bronchitis. She gave me some pills for it to see if it stops the cough but, they aren't working. I go back on the 11th  and will get checked out more extensively. I have quite a few appt. coming up which, includes an MRI to check out my leg pain. The doctor seems to think it is a pinched nerve in the small of my back and may need surgery. Sometimes I think I am falling apart but, I feel I am getting stronger and stronger every day.

After I got sick, I got to thinking, what would have happened if I were at my remote cabin and for some reason couldn't get help. Recently, I decided to put it up for sale on Craigslist and got quite a few answers but, only 2 were legitimate. They were pilots looking for a remote cabin. I do know one went out yesterday to look at it.The other, not sure. I sent him a couple of emails but, no replies. To tell the truth, I kind of hope the guy who went out Tues. decides not to want it. I am thinking either to keep it or add on to the cabin that's out there or build a new and bigger cabin and work on the property a bit more and make it more desirable to sell or I just may keep it. To confused at the moment to make a hard decision. Anyway, I am just taking it easy and hanging out at the town cabin and thinking. { That could be dangerous for me }, LOL.

Here are some photos I took from the time just before I got sick and after.

OOPS! I seem to have a problem loading photos to this post. Guess I will have to figure out the problem. Hopefully, I can figure it out soon. Take care.


CottonLady said...

Dear John, you do have a dilemma, don't you?. I was concerned, also, about what you would do if you were remote and got sick. How close is your nearest neighbor or do you have a way to communicate out there? They are some hard questions and decisions to make. One has to be honest with oneself about those things. IF you are comfortable with the answers, then that is what one needs to do. It is not easy. I have had to do the same. I live on the farm homestead and love it. But it is work to keep up and I am riddled with arthritis that started when I was quite young. Right now, my family comes during the growing season to help out A LOT!! But when the grandsons grow up and leave home, that will all change. I must be realistic about whether I can continue here or not. I have about 5 years to decide...about staying or move to town. Which I really do not want to do. So, in a small way, I understand what you are going through...the difference about what you want to do and what you need to do. It's tough!

Glad you are feeling better and hope all your tests prove you healthy, hearty and hale!!

It was 1 degree here in NW Texas this morning. VERY cold for this area. Hope your temps up there are getting colder, too, after all your warmth up there.

Take care. Blessings!

dawn Hughes said...

Thankful to hear that your on the mend. Please take care..

John said...

Hi Cotton, I enjoyed reading your response, you put a lot of thought and meaning into it. I do have some tough decisions to make. I think it is best to wait until all my doctor appts. are finished before making any hasty decisions. The temps here are 0 degrees at night and 10-20 degrees during the day. I am feeling much stronger every day. Thanks for your concerns.

John said...

Thank you Dawn, I appreciate your well wishes and checking in.

Anonymous said...

Again, your welcome. I always enjoy going out and visiting, I really do love the drive out there. Since my son has a 4 day weekend this week, I will be picking him up some time on Thursday, we will be taking him for his drivers permit test Friday then plan to come out Saturday if that is ok. That is next weekend though not tomorrow. LOL


John said...

I enjoy visits from time to time. Saturday is fine. I'm sure Seth will do fine on his test. See ya Saturday.

Carol G said...

John, are you taking an anti-hypertensive called "Lisinopril"? If so, you may want to talk to your doctor about whether that medicine is giving you the cough. 30% of people who take it get the cough.

John said...

Hi Carol, I am taking it. Curious how you know about this.