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The Bush Life
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Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi everyone, not sure where to begin except, HAPP NEW YEAR, I hope. The bad news, a few weeks ago I woke up around 4a.m. with severe leg pain and had to go to emergency at the Air Force Base. The doctor did some xrays and physical tests and determined that I need an MRI. He suspects a nerve in the small of my back is causing it and may have to have surgery so, that puts the halt to travel anywhere over rough ground until the MRI.

Yesterday, the borough came through with huge brush cutters and took off branches that were hanging over the road and they also did it to some trees that were no threat and put gauges in them. Then they sent a crew to cut down any potential trees that may cause trouble in the near future, within 2 to 3 years. They cut down trees within 3 feet of the property line. This makes me mad that they can do whatever they want to your property.

So, I have decided that I am selling both my town cabin and remote cabin in the Spring. I have a line on a 5 acre remote parcel about an hour south of Fairbanks, no taxes, no restrictions. There is a big lake and lots of trees. The lake has rainbow Trout and it is close to waters with Salmon. I will build a new cabin there and start all over. I feel this is the best thing to do. Hoping the surgery, if needed doesn't interfere. But, I won't let it personally.

I haven't been blogging for awhile as I have been busy cutting tree that had fallen down from the heavy snow and shoveling the roof and chipping ice from the roof edges. I did take pictures but forgot to load them on to the computer. I will admit that I was suffering from cabin fever for awhile and finally forced myself to get outside and smell the roses, well, the snow anyway.

I hope to get back to my normal self real soon and start this new year properly. I think this move will be the best for me, a new beginning, a new adventure. The property mentioned above isn't set in stone. I will advertise both properties for trade for a remote cabin and land of equal value.

So, stick around for a new episode in the life of one man seeking his new life.


CottonLady said...

Sorry to hear about your problems, John. I have been in your shoes with the back issue and had surgery 8 years ago. I'm doing well, but have a weight limit on what I can lift.

What a bummer about the trees! Why would they be so reckless to scar some and take others out that are not in the way? I would be quite aggravated, also.

Keep us informed how you are doing and will hope that the changes coming up will lead to a great New Year for you.


Anonymous said...

John sorry to hear of the back problem and hope things go well for you.I agree with you and CottonLady about how some people can be so reckless with destroying the land needlessly.Hope you get results from your MRI soon and don't be shoveling or cutting trees or anything else to further your back pain.(Orders lol)Take care of yourself and please keep me informed on whats going on.Your friend .. Bert from Bama

Penny said...

Wow. Lots of news, but most of all, lots of courage and fortitude, I say. Just to pick up and start over like that. I tip my hat! Also, hope everything with your health works out GREAT.

grammie g said...

Hi John...What a way to start the New Year!! Hope there are people around to give you a hand if needed,and I also hope the results is such that your able to get around if surgery is necessary! You have been pretty self sufficient so far!!
You do seem to have a lot of fortitude though : )!!
Quite a switch in plans for the future,but I guess there comes a time as we grow older that our living situations, have to change!!
I am hoping to be able to stay in my home as long as possible, but one never knows!!

Keep us in the loop on what is happening!!


PS.. thanks so much for your kind comments on my post : )

Anonymous said...

Wow, when it rains it pours doesn't it? Sorry to hear of all your troubles. I would be furious too having the trees cut down. How are you getting along, wood hauling, water etc? By the way when you end up in the ER it isn't uncommon to get sick, especially if you haven't been out and about being exposed to the bugs.


Anonymous said...

Before I forget, where your looking at the land, check and make sure your far enough away from where they are imposing the new laws of no wood burning stoves. It may only be in Fairbanks proper but they may extend it farther out. ( air quality, you know, takes precedence over warmth now. )


lynn said...

Hope you are feeling better, I am looking forward to the start of your new plans.

Susan Stevenson said...

I am so sorry to hear of your health problems, John. And I'm also sorry to hear about the tree incident. That's just awful that they came in and damaged and then cut down your trees. I would be livid too!

I hope you can make the move to your new place without too many problems. Sending healing thoughts your way.

John said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the kind words. Seem to be healing quickly. New changes are coming.