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The Bush Life
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Weather change

WOW! What a change, -20 yesterday to +30 today. Last night it snowed and I woke up to 4" of snow. Went out about 11 am and started shoveling. No sooner I start, it started to rain lightly at first then, it came down heavy. It took me an hour and I was soaking wet. The radio reports, the roads are covered in ice.

Last night I talked to a friend of mine out by my remote cabin and he told me it looks like another 2 to 3 weeks before travel is possible. I had really hoped to get out there sooner. It is what it is.

So, I just wanted to keep everyone up on what's going on. Take care.


wvhiker said...

That's quite a temperature swing! At least you're getting snow. Will your phone work up at the remote property? Hope so. Take care.

John said...

Hi hiker, not sure until I get up there. The cell service I had before. I'm hoping my present one works

Eko said...

Jopas onkin - kovin muuttuvainen sää.
Näin se on meilläkin.
Toissa-yönä yli -15 astetta.
Tänä aamuna melkein +-0 astetta.
Lunta vähän...!
Terveisin Eko

John said...

Hey Eko, good to hear from you. Thanks for the response. Not sure what ur saing but, I'll take. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey John
the freezing rain started at my place about 07:00
about 14:00 we had sunshine, then at 16:00 we had light snow.. What a mess.. Trucks and school buses in the ditch, upside down, etc... Parks hwy closed, lots of fender benders and ditch diving.. Going outside to Colorado for turkey.. and to sample the Engineers fancy liquor locker... Stay dry and warm and have a nice Thanksgiving...

Old John

John said...

Hey John, had the same here. Have a great trip and lots of fun. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Anonymous said...

What confused weather we are having... As Old John said the roads are horrid. I was pelted with ice balls till about 5:30 then it snowed 6 inches from there to 8:30 go figure.
Good to see you post.


John said...

Hi wash, I just hung out all day doing pretty much nothing. Did listen to one book on tape. Hope roads are better tomorrow, need to go to Willow townsite.

Anonymous said...

John, I used Google Translate and this is what is says that Eko said:

Well look at it is - a very changeable weather.
Thus it is we do.
The other night in more than -15 degrees.
This morning, I almost + -0 degrees.
A bit of snow ...!
Greetings Eco
Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

John said...

Thanks, very kool, I will have to look into that.

Anonymous said...

Hiya John just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgivig....Bert from Bama

John said...

Good moring Bert, thanks and wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING also.

dawn Hughes said...

Hi John, the weather up there sure sounds from one extreme to the next.
When you go to the remote cabin, can you just move in for the winter or will you have tons of work to do there? Do you go back and forth between the two places all winter?
Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving..Enjoy

John said...

Hi Dawn, a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you as well. I could just move in but, it is pretty small. I am putting an addition on it. It shouldn't take long. Hoping to find a helper.

CottonLady said...

Hi John!
I was traveling in an ice storm and then 7" of snow! Iowa to Texas and the weather was bad the whole time. Am glad to be home.

It is now 41* here in TX and the snow is melting. Will be in the
60's over the weekend! So from
11* to 63* in just a few days.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, John. What will your dinner be?

Take care.

John said...

Hi Cotton, thanks, sounds like you had to stay alert driving. 61 degrees? Yikes, seeing as I will be alone, my neighbor and I will grill a couple of steaks, have some stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and enjoy the snow. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving also.