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The Bush Life
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Still raining

Hi everyone, I am blogging from my phone so, not sure how this will turn out. It is quite different from my laptop. I posted some pictures and hope they show up. If they do, you will see the wood pile and a brief snow we got. Today it is raining. This is nuts, it is really hard to get anything done.

I still don't have a vehicle yet and because of my location, it is hard to go look at some. But, I am working on it and should have something soon.

I am hoping soon, it will freeze up and we get snow so, I can start moving stuff out to my remote cabin. I am going to close out now and see how this turns out. Later


CottonLady said...

Good to hear from you, John. Your photos turned out quite well...just the wood pile was a bit fuzzy, the others quite clear. Love your outhouse! :)

Hope your rain stops soon, must be quite a bog to get around in.

It's harvest time down here, so everyone is very busy. After that we will take your rain!


John said...

Hi cotton, thanks for stopping by.. Let me know when you are ready for the rain.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Wood pile is starting to look good. Getting a little tired of the rain here too.

Stay Dry

Old John

John said...

Thanks John, I have lots more wood to go. I sure wish for freeze up and snow.